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Havoc Zone - Drone

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an enemy for the upcoming Indie-shoot em up Havoc Zone.
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love the tentacles! 
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could you make some of these into animated cursors
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lovely & creepy at the same time.. my fave...
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wow great job man
chec my gallery im a fan too of the pixel art
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thank you :)

yes, quite a few nice sprites, that you got there.
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Machines from the Matrix anyone?
Nice fluid animation! :)
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yea I got inspired by these for this one ^^;
RamboFox1's avatar
Except it looks more original!
I love the way it moves like a squid, and the way the sides glow and stuff like a cuttlefish (like, wavy glows of light going along the body). :3
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The way you merge organic and mechanical in these alien ships is fantastic! I can't wait till the game comes out!
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Looks fantastic! With all these marvelously made sprites, it'd be nigh, impossible to make a bad game I would hope. So much time and energy put into it ^_^ I can hardly wait.
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:clap: very cool! I wish I knew how to create stuff like this!
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for as small as this thing is, it's pretty cool! i'm excited to see what the finished product looks like. what platform is this game being made for?
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it is in development for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.
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Nice, beautiful movement.
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