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As promised I've updated my online store with Mary Jane, Macy Sky, Supergirl and sketchbook merch. I made this little flyer to promote it as I figured that this would be the best way to let everyone know about it. There's only a handful of MJ and Macy limited prints left but I'm pretty well set on sketchbooks and Supergirl prints.
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online store is not working ...
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Looking good man. let me know how those Iphone case do on your store.
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Hi Mike. I asked you a few weeks ago about possible reprint for 'Hot Lead', and you kindly replied "28th Jan!!!" (paraphrased). Anyway, I saw this flyer and just purchased it. Can't wait to get it!
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"Hot Lead" 2012 says it's coming soon and will ship after 31 January. Are you offering pre-orders?
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Oops, sorry about that! All fixed now. :)
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Paypal's fucked right now apparently (says they're having problems with their CC processor), so I can't buy. =_= If I can't get Macy I'll be rather bothered. :/
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Someone else said they were having an issue as well, but it seems to be only effecting a few PayPal accounts. Maybe try giving it another shot today if possible for you.
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It was actually an issue with Visa; all visa payments were down for most of the day. I tried it again yesterday with Mastercard and it worked fine.
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Good to hear :) Thank you!
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Awesome! Thanks for informing us!
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I actually stumbled upon your page and store a while ago, so I'm guess I'm fortunate to run into this, too. I would actually like to get my hands on one of your sketchbooks, so maybe I'll pick up a thing or two, once the ol' finances get back in order. :)
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