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Bombshell Harley

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Amazing Arizona Comiconamazingarizonacomiccon.com/ is coming and so is Bombshell Harley Quinn! If you're coming to the show come say hello at artists alley table #B6. What prints of this that I don't sell during the show will be made available through my online store afterwards. www.mikedebalfo.com

:iconsquirrelshaver: Pencils & Inks: me (Mike DeBalfo)

:iconsinhalite: Colors: Ula Mos

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My favorite thing about this amazing piece, is that you have perfectly captured what appears to be Harley's disinterest in this event...like she accidentally found herself in this Joker-phallus Dream and is just waiting for him to wake up or to just freakin die so she can stop being bored, lol. Well done Artist!
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She's a literal bombshell. ;)
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Quinn is Bae. Yessir. I'm proud of you!
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It could have been more dynamic with the wind in her hair. 
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Harley looks like she is packing some hardware in those shorts.
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Pretty awesome if you ask me 
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Hope you do the rest of the line too
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beautiful work.
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Awesome work, but somehow she looks more cute than crazy... ;P
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Incredible work.
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amazing work Mike!
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You and Ula are such a winning combo. Well done!
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THAT IS AWESOME.....PLEASE do one for black canary and hawkgirl and I will buy both of them at San Diego Comic Con this year,lol
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Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
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Awesome work! She looks kind of bored considering she is riding a rocket.
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