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Disneyland - Pluto

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Since I go to Disneyland all the time (and even more frequently now that my pass is expiring in about two months and I'm probably not going to renew), I've been wanting to collect something from there so that every time I go, I have some sort of goal. I get postcards every once in a while for my collection, but I'm not sure I want a gazillion Disneyland postcards, so I need something else.

So I thought it would be fun if I collected autographs from the in-park characters on sketches I did of that character. That way I get a fun little collecting challenge AND drawing practice all in one!

Pluto this time. The reaction this got from the guy in the costume was great. x3 He was all like, ;___; *headwall repeatedly* and it was cute.

>>Click here to see the other sketches/autographs in my collection.<<

Pluto is (c) Disney
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Please draw Pluto with the baby seal from "Mickey's Circus".
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Dude, I would have hugged the guy. :3
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I was all like, "Um.. I'm sure he'll forgive you! Don't cry!" xD
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How cute. :3 *hugs him* I think it would be fun (though a little hot) to run around a theme park and shake people's hands, take pictures etc. xD
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I think it'd be fun, too! If I had good pantomiming skills and could stand the heat and weight of those things, It'd be an awesome part-time job.. But alas, lots of other people think so too. xD I hear it's really hard to get a job as a character.
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I live way too far away to do it anyways. I live all the way in Nebraska. xD
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Aww. x3 Oh well. We can't all have every cool job there is.
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I know. :3 Oh wells. *hugs*
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