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We Be of One Blood, Ye and I

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Mowgli-the-Frog and the Poison-People

I found a compilation of "The Jungle Books" at work, and promptly started reading the awesomeness that is Rudyard Kipling.

p.s. It looks better small

p.p.s Mowgli is a badass in the books, Disney made him a total pansy.
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I haven't read anything of his in a really long time.
Like... since Elementary school.
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He's amazing.

And Mowgli's a badass.
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Very cool. Love the glowy eyes and Mowgli's pose.
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Mowgli is so much more badass in the books...
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=D that's kick arse! Awesome job! <3
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Great work!
I like the unique technic of sketching!
Just crazy!
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Awesome work!

I love it!
This is great! I like it. Well done!
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hey dude. nice squiggly lines.
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Squiggle wiggle wiggle
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Ooh, nice. A bit freaky too... very cool.
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I actually thought those were ostrich heads until I full viewed it and ralized they were cobras. What are the jungle books? I'm not too sure? I know that disney did that cartoon, but disney didn't do much justice to alice in wonderland and Peter Pan, seeing as how he combined alice in wonderland and through the looking glass and was unfaithful to the book and how peter pan was originally a girl.
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The Jungle Books are a collection of stories based in colonial India (when England was colonizing the country) The most well known stories are Mowgli's tales as well as the tale of Riki-tiki-tavi.

Check through old used book stores, you way be able to find a copy there.
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