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Free Art LotteRaffleRy 20.1 Winner...
First thing first. So, what is the name of...
<- this chaos sorceress?
According to you, she is Evelynn Faye Gael Kaelin Rina Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Besca IV Orianna Elia Monika Thalia-The-Moghty-Rainbowmancer Romanabanandaiquiri Morgan Nisha Nomi Rebecca Esebeth Servia Tiffany-the-Dazed Talia Belalia Selena Stormmaker Elena Anah-Auru-Anark-the-Amazing-Half-Elf Dissonance Anselma Alenia Dinaki Savannah Sundancer Shiro Ayame Gisidra Kismet Ollina Belladonna Absinthe Chispa Rose Black Juliana Miriam Joisane Surge Aniyah Dae Evos Mirelle Denyris Ramona Veshta Samantha Linnore Radia Kanema Elethunari Rumelia Atocia Mariella Yaroslava Tessa Katerinna Tara... Bob.
But everyone just calls her Whatever.
The dice program picked "3" so the winner is...
Congratulations! The prize will be... free art. :)
Had a free day, so here is the prize already!

FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions
:iconsirtiefling:SirTiefling 10 151
These are stone killers, little man... by LaughingAndroid These are stone killers, little man... :iconlaughingandroid:LaughingAndroid 16 5 Knit Anele by saltytowel Knit Anele :iconsaltytowel:saltytowel 61 40 Eye of Czech Republic by ryky Eye of Czech Republic :iconryky:ryky 1,539 242
A Happy Birthday to Tink!
Oh yes, a big surprise for you dear Tink :iconmitsukitinky:!
All are welcome to wish her a Happy Birthday! <3
Vlad (Salty):
You're the randomness that entered my life and that of many others, a randomness that took shape and evolved into something more corporeal, something more corporeal that has turned into a partner in a pursuit of a personal project together with me and honestly the kindest person I ever met! Seriously. Like, for real. Yo.
Jan (:iconsquirrel-slayer:) and myself organized this small party in honor of your Birthday and invited a few friends over to congratulate you with words and gifts!
I personally wish you a boatload of happiness, a truckload of joy and more different kinds of metaphors with vehicles that are supposed to bring a smile to your face!
We fell in love with your personality and attitude towards life and other people and hopefully you'll continue being our friend after we've embarrassed you so thoroughly.
Jan (Squirrel Slayer): 
:iconsaltytowel:saltytowel 6 92


Czech Republic
Welcome everyone, who has lost his way and came here:)
I am slightly weird guy with roots in Moravia and mind flying in far and unreal lands:) Some people consider me a DnD gamer, sci-fy and fantasy geek, some for tramp (in a sense of hiker), other for an archer and sword-fighter and the most realistic ones for a webdesigner:)
After a long hesitation I have made my own account here on deviant; not for thinking that my pictures have some great value. My drawing skills are not on a very high level and I do not do any courses or training of any kind, I draw (or take photos) only for fun and as a relaxation and sometimes try something new (as a woodcarving for example) just to know if I am able to do it, so I suggest you to take these pictures only as a fun and no art (with respect to your nerves:)). But of course feel free to comment. After some time I noticed, that most of my pictures of characters are girls... Don't know why, I find them more attractive to draw:)
And as to my name... Squirrels are an Evil!:)
PS: I don’t use my English regularly, so be tolerant, please:)

Current Residence: Uherské Hradiště, Czech republic
Favourite genre of music: Czech folk, soundtracks...


Tiny Epic Galaxies game mat (unofficial)
Sooo, I got a bit crazy again:) My friend really likes this game (Tiny Epic Galaxies) and it was his birthday (or actually is in couple of days) so I made this game mat for his so we can finally get rid of the "tiny" in the title:) If you know the game, this game mat counts with all the expansions I know about:
- The basic game for five players (slot for the card of your galaxy, the planet cards, dice activation bay and conventor)
- Beyond the Black (slots for the pilots cards, deep space exploration with the deck card and slot for space ships hangar for each player)
- Drones (the drones factory card slot)
- Superweapons (superweapon card slot)
+ Score tracker (I didn't want to just put there a slot for the card:))

All the natural space objects (planets, stars... Monolyth included) are made from scratch, however done using several grear tutorials found here on DA and occasionally inspired by another art. All the "man" made objects are from pictures found online and I do not own any rights to them. I believe, the credit goes to NASA (ISS, MIR, Voyager), BBC (Red Dwarf, Tardis), LucasFilm (Deathstar and X-wings), Paramount Pictures and Paramount TV (2009 Enterprise, Deep Space 9), BSkyB (BSG Vipers), MGM (2001 Space Odyssey station and the Monolyth), Bioware (Mass Effect Normandy), Joss Whedon for Serenity and Gamelyn Games for Tiny Epic Galaxies! (There are two space stations I couldn't track their original creator, sorry for that.)

The print size should be 90x80 cm - go for download button (it can be folded to A4 size) and I would recommend not to use to glossy paper - the dark areas get too shiny. The original printed mat had a bit darker Universe and some things were almost invisible (the Monolyth especially) so I lightened it a bit.

For personal use only! (Unless you are willing to pay for all the licenses:)) If you are fans of the game and want to get it to your friens, feel free to repost it on game forums or else, some credit woud be nice though:)

Have fun:)
Sketchy elf and a girl
Accidentally, I stumbled over this beautiful picture by :iconcarolinegariba: and immediately thought that it perfectly fits my new DnD character:) So I had to try and sketch it. (Instead of drawing other and more complex and serious pictures like our DnD band morphed into characters in post-apo setting or in US highschool teen sitcom...:)) I found out that my DnD elven ranger, surprisingly enough, likes children and is quite good with them so I imagine scene like this could easily happen. (And maybe even will, as we just chased out a gang of red-cloacked thugs from the willage we are staying in.) Oh, and no war-paint on my ranger's face, which is a nice change too:)
It was just a quick one evening sketch, nothing fancy. And I do hate hands and fingers and thumbs so ignore them:)
Fluffy slippers
I will try to be short... In our DnD game, we have Aika, beautiful elven sorceress who fell into our midst barefoot. Accidentally, my ranger had a couple of skins and furs from little critters she had hunted before so she made a cosy fluffy slippers for the sorceress. Fluffy slippers are the favourite footwear of any self-esteemed elven lady, right:) Couple weeks later, I met a friend (not my character, me) whose wife was about to throw away a bag full of furs so I immediatelly jumped after it with this crazy idea and last weekend on our DnD game I finally gave them to our sourceress' player so I can post them here. Surprisingly enough, they fit:) (Maybe with a little adjustment.)
The soles are made from deerskin, the rest are three marten furs. The right one seems to be very fragile (the skin was thin like a paper) and the right one actually has one part cut in the "mirrored" way so this one goes a bit to spiral... So anyone walking in them will probably be drawn slightly to the left:)


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