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After finishing the giant bucket full of shit that my sister generously provided for me, I decide it is fitting to get some sleep, after all, my sister would be having me run all her demands tomorrow morning, so it was a much needed rest.

I can’t say I slept well, digesting all of that shit, just thinking about it forced me to get up out of bed at least 4 times to vomit, and I tried my best to forget, believe me. Other than the frequent interruptions of my own vomit, I was awoken by my alarm clock at 4:00am; time for my duties to my sister.

First things first, I feed my mother a bucket of shit in the basement so she can live on and make more slaves for my disgusting sister’s enjoyment. This is only the first few minutes of my long day, after this, me and my dad begin preparing her breakfast before she wakes up.

“Son, get those cakes in the oven… oh and I bought a few dozen ready-made ones to speed things up, they should be in the fridge.” He tells me, as we both struggle to keep our eyes open. I often wonder what horrible things my sister did to make him this submissive. I guess I will find out eventually, but I dare not ask. As I transport dozens of cakes around from oven to table and table to cart, my dad starts preparing another: loading it up with various disgusting, sugar filled foodstuffs and meaty animals barely dead that will inevitably end up in my sister’s huge stomach. I add the rest of the cakes to a second cart, and we both wheel them into the lift, strengthened of course for my sister’s benefit.

On the way up, no words are spoken. We both know the day is about to commence. I am lost in thought as I glance at my father, who is rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Why is he doing everything for my sister? I contemplate the consequences for a moment, before taking the plunge.

“Da-” I am cut off as the elevator door opens. The smell hits us right in the face. Like 7 million morning breaths have just been leaf blown towards us.

She wakes suddenly as we stumble our way in.

“HOW FUCKING LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BRING ME BREAKFAST!?!? I’VE BEEN AWAKE FOR AGES!” We are so used to it, the abuse, that now we normally ignore it when we can by stuffing her face with delicious treats. It sure takes her mind off punishing us. She grunts and snorts as she devours each cake quickly and moves on to the next.

“Put the TV on NOW, daddy.” She orders. When turned on, a documentary asking for donations to starving African children is airing, consequently, the instant Amelia hears to word ‘food’ her attention is drawn to the screen. No surprise.
“£5 is all it takes to provide a starving child with a decent meal. Please, donate now on our website or send the money via envelope to 321 Chester Street.” The advert goes off. My sister stops eating for a moment, and we all know that she’s about to ridicule the starving children and laugh at them.

“Daddy, get an envelope, I want to donate to those poor skinny kids…” She declares. What in god’s name would my sister donate for? She forces her own family to eat her own faeces for fucks sake! My bewilderment is stopped with I see her smirking a little. Who knows what she is going to do. My dad returns out of breath with her envelope, meanwhile my sister turns herself on the bed and takes a huge runny shit into her hand. Amelia puts the faeces into the envelope and instructs my father to send it off to the charity while she wipes the rest of it onto the mattress beside her.

“Er… Am.. Amelia I. I don’t think that’s very nice to send i.. is it?” My dad pleads, only just audible through my sister’s uncontrollable, sadistic laughter, which stops instantly as her underworked brain realises her own father is defying her.


I won’t go into detail about what happened after that, but let’s just say it might have made the news and possibly made my sister laugh her ass off as my dad received a hefty fine for indecent exposure.

About 7 months passed since the fine, and all of the neighbourhood started throwing nappies and eggs over the fence at us a few weeks ago. Their intention was to of course cause us to get annoyed, but my sister only enjoyed it as she could lick the shit out of all the nappies and have us wear them so she could laugh at us. Bigger news, however, was that my mother had now given birth to the child my father inserted into her womb, Slave #1 (We gave Amelia the liberty of naming her, so, yeah, you see what happened there.) Since his birth, he has been fed with minimal portions of food; just enough to keep the poor bastard alive until he can live off shit – a long, long life of the malnourished nature was ahead of the boy, not to mention hard labour and forced sex.

Amelia demanded that her father impregnate my mother again straight away because she was still convinced she needed more slaves. He did so, with slightly less remorse for his wife than the previous times, but he did it nonetheless. Her screams could be heard from the bedroom, where my sister continued to devour a whole wedding cake as if unbeknown to the marital rape ongoing underground.

Another 234 boyfriends had fucked Amelia and then been thrown out afterwards, her continuous lust for going to clubs left us with the only time we had of our own, which would sadly not last. I’m sure she won’t be leaving the house much once she discovers we could be bringing the boys to her rather than her to the boys, or when she gets too fucking fat to move from her bed. Whichever comes first, I’m sure neither are that far away as she is already 400lbs.

In the evening, as our shift reaches the end, her monstrous breasts bounce up and down on her stomach, as her lungs struggle to operate underneath all of the fat. Her belly flops down onto the mattress, if you could call it one in its state, and her huge thighs sit there rife with cellulite. Father is feeding her a whole turkey, she is completely stuffed and I can see her belly is hard as nails, but she keeps on eating, almost as if she has lost all senses for being satisfied.
“Moooooore!” She groans, as father feeds her the last bite of the turkey. He looks left and right and spots a pizza box with half left. This is also pushed into her stomach and she STILL demands more.

“Feed me fucking more noooow!” My father starts to worry: there is absolutely no food left in the house and my sister is normally asleep by this time. I search downstairs in all the cupboards, fridges, microwaves and ovens. Nothing. I have to inform my sister about it before she screams her head off.

“Amelia, my big beautiful sister, there is no more food in the house. You’ve eaten it all.” I respond, shaking as I take the wrath for once and let my father have a break from it.



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Thegrumpymadman Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Professional Writer
love this - so upset i didn't see it uploaded - suscribed so now i will! can't wait for part 2 - and for the incest / sexy stuff - this was hot as hell!
GhastlyGluttons Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
Very nice part two! I like it! well written albeit I would say feels abit shortened. I would also suggest upping the sisters weight as my gf is about 400 pounds and not nearly as big as one might think it to be ( though still pretty big) . ANywho, good work!
Squire57 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
Thanks very much! I'll take it into consideration to lengthen my stories. I will say I was rushing to get this one out because I worried people would lose hope in me xD Glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback.
GhastlyGluttons Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
lol no problem dude!! You do good work regardless of length, just  no need to rush it. I know some writers who  usually only put out once a month but your left with a good three pages or so to read. Do whats comfortable for you though lol. Again, great work, and I cant wait for her to  stuff herself on her new born sibling!
Bloxxerstudios Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015   General Artist
Is it okay that I want that fat tub if lard to die?
Squire57 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
Generally, I dont care how people take my story. It's entirely up to you. I will say that the story is aimed at arousal and for a select few fat admirers.
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