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Kawaii Penguin Invasion

Sukisshui found the secret ending of our Kawaii Wedding Cake - FLASH GAME by SquidPig (7 months ago... >___<UUU). He asked for a penguin invading a big city with ice cream on his head. Well, here it is. Hope you like it Sukisshui and sorry for the delay!!
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This is amazing!  The idea is so awesome it makes me smile!  I love the expressions of the faces on the buildings and the fact that the giant penguin is topped with cream and a cherry!  Brilliant!  I love this so much.
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thank you so much! I must say that it was entire idea of Sukisshui. We only added some detailes. We're really glad you liked it
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It is pure genius!! <3 Amazing idea and artwork!! <3 
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Eeee! Yay! I'm super happy now.
Thank you!

No worries about the delay I.. actually forgot about it myself until yesterday =v="
Thank you againnnn oh gosh the penguin looks adorable!
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woohoo! we're really glad you like it! :heart: it was really fun to draw
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I'm glad to hear that :0
One thing though, I'm.. um, not a girl >n<
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so sorry!! I went to your page and took a look but did not find the gender
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haha, it's okay. thank you again for the adorable penguin >v<
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hahaha, not that much :dummy: but thank you very much
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this is soooo cute!~ x3
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