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Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, I've been drawing a lot of short comic strips about the funny things that happen to me in real-life... sort of real-life. The real-life portion sort of gets distorted by a quest for funny. I'm posting these comic strips on Instagram first, and then elsewhere as I have time. To make sure you see them all follow: @ Squidmantis on Instagram.
2017-09-23-copterdoctor-1 by SquidMantis

2017-09-23-copterdoctor-2 by SquidMantis
  • Reading: Fellowship of the Ring
  • Watching: Studio C
  • Playing: Octopath Traveler Demo
  • Drinking: Water
NormanShurtliff-FacebookShowcase by SquidMantis
I have an Artist Alley table at Fan X in Salt Lake City. March 17 and 18th. I'm at Burgundy 4. I'll be selling mini comics of my webcomic Dragon Chaser and talking about my latest project, the Amazing Scriptures. Come on by! -ns
  • Listening to: Sneak Attack Podcast
  • Reading: Nextuus Omnibus 1
  • Playing: wishing I had Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Eating: ice cream
Later this year my doodle comic Norman's Day At Work (aka Warrior Party Tribe) turns 10 years old!!! To celebrate I have an event going on over on Instagram. It's a choose-your-own-adventure type story, where you can vote on what happens next. It's called New Year's Quest and when it's finished I will draw it into a comic and it will become Issue #12 of Warrior Party Tribe. Come and join the fun. @ Squidmantis on Instagram! -ns
New Year's Quest 2017 by SquidMantis

  • Reading: Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai
  • Eating: lasagna
  • Drinking: egg nog
It's October, and that means I'll be doing ink drawings all month for Inktober. I post my Inktober drawings first on Instagram so if you want to see them first follow me there @ Squidmantis. I also occasionally show my process as I create the drawings using Instagram Stories so make sure to check that out too. -ns

Inktober 2016 #5: SAD by SquidMantis

Inktober 2016 #4: HUNGRY by SquidMantis
  • Reading: Margo Maloo by Drew Weing
  • Playing: Leap Day by Nitrome
  • Eating: cereal
In August 2016 I made a board game about capturing slimes and turning them into delicious desserts. The game was a semi-finalist in the Gamehole Gauntlet Challenge. It's available for purchase in the store for $45. The game's a lot of fun... if you like rolling dice and stealing coins from your teammates. -ns
Slime Lords Card Backs by SquidMantis
  • Reading: Nnewts by Doug Tennapel
  • Playing: Super Dangerous Dungeons
  • Eating: Pancakes
I compiled all my hourly comic strips from 1 Feb 2016 so you can read them all in one place. Enjoy! -ns
Page1-600 by SquidMantis
Page2-700-1000 by SquidMantis

Page3-1100-1400 by SquidMantis
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  • Reading: Understanding Comics by Scott McCLoud
  • Drinking: Water
I was recently interviewed by Salt Lake City Weekly and the article is now live! I talk a lot about my two biggest projects, Dragon Chaser and Norman's Day At Work. I also share a few of my thoughts about working as an artist and publishing comics. It was a lot of fun! Gavin Sheehan asked some great questions. You can read the article here. -ns
SLCWeeklyInterview-grab by SquidMantis
portfolioShow-invites-01 by SquidMantis
I will be showing my artwork at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City Portfolio Show next week. If you missed me at Comic Con I'll have mini comics at this show too. See you there! -ns
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  • Eating: Hashbrowns
Dragon Chaser Process by SquidMantis
  • Reading: Seconds
  • Eating: Hashbrowns
Salt Lake City Comic Con by SquidMantis

My school is hosting a booth for its students at this weekend's Salt Lake City Comic Con. Which means I will be at booth #2934 all day Friday. Since I'm sharing the booth, I will only be at the booth Friday, so make sure to stop on by during that day. I will be selling Dragon Chaser mini comics for $3 and I will also have some art prints for sale as well. Oh! And our booth is right next to the Delorean and the Batmobile :) Stop on by and hang out!
  • Reading: Seconds
  • Eating: Hashbrowns
DCiss1cover-ad by SquidMantis

My webcomic, Dragon Chaser, has begun! You can read it online on Facebook or Tumblr. Hope you enjoy it! -ns
  • Listening to: Chiptunes
Dragon Chaser Coming Feb 10th! by SquidMantis
My super cool webcomic starts Feb 10th! Help spread the word and unlock some sweet bonuses while you wait! -ns
I'm happy to announce that the webcomic I'm doing for Ravania Entertainment will be going online soon!

Dragon Chaser Coming Soon Ad by SquidMantis

Check out my new Youtube Channel!

I've been doing some animated work lately for class, and they have been collected here. Enjoy! -ns