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I'm working on 219347218 things that require a massive amount of research and standards beyond perfection and I finally just snapped I had to draw something easy and hot pink angel dystopia and starts sobbing uncontrollably


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Ahh this is awesome! As an obsess-er over both angels and dystopias I wish this had a story to go along with it!
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Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooohhhh nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo
and my gosh man, the way it's just crumbling and the texture and feel of it all is so beautiful, I love the raw flesh too hhhhhfffffff <3<3<3
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Anyone would snap under those conditions!!  This piece is gorgeous and a great outlet!  I hope you can look back on these difficult times later and feel proud!
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Thank you!  It's well worth the effort, but we all need a little instant gratification sometimes :')
We all need a breather sometimes! It turned out great regardless! the song is pretty darn cool, too!
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Ah I called it! I saw the title and robotically mumbled to myself:
"UN_SUSTAIN_ABLE. ":iconrobotplz:

Ah but in all seriousness this is compelling work. I remember you doing a similar composition before, but the whole positive negative space reversal really stands out to me in this one.
Like from afar the edges look broken like stone, but if you look at it keeping the warped city shapes in mind... it almost looks like the border is melting.

Also I hope you get through all those things as painlessly as possible x,D
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so many people hate the new muse....... but whoops, not me.

Thanks so much!  That's actually kinda what I was going for--the "isolated system" being the caves.  And the angels wonder why they all go insane.

I shall ;v;  Just gotta keep workin'
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Yeah I think people in general don't like Muse doing dubstep.
I will agree that some of it is bad. But not all of it!  The hate for dubstep is quite strong. ._.

Oh yes... That really struck me with this too. I know they are underground but I feel like I almost forget sometimes. Just looks like a dark earth sky I suppose? But yes very true. I lived in a basement this summer and the cramped space and darkness definitely affected me negatively. :XD:
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Oh man yo, that aint good 
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