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Section 8 - Iocalla's Sepulcher

Bubbles vented from their helmets as their suits' internal oxygen tanks cycled, calmly floating upward despite the tempest far above the ocean floor.
Pillars of wrought stone set with disquieting reliefs marked what was once a road into the sepulcher of Iocalla, matron to many of the monsters that now laid claim to Earth.
The flow of water was gentle but harrowing, a siren enticing the scouts toward its source... toward their place among the dead.

Triangular Ascension - The Throne of Water (excerpt)

I'm enjoying the theme of soldiers, warriors, etc. in power armor beset on all sides by something both physical and incorporeal about the realm of nightmares: the demons we dream up, and the overwhelming emotions that cut across us like blades, just because we know "something" exists. It's extremely likely that this set will find itself with a slew of additional pieces.
This entire thing was inspired by "The Throne of Water" from Triangular Ascension (it was also looped the entire time I worked on this), and I'm quite happy with how the caustics and bubbles came out in particular.

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Looks great! I don't think I paid attention to this one before.
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Thank you. It's a bit older.
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An oldie, but goodie.
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Fantastic job as always squids. Though I had a hard time telling if this was underwater or not. Slight distortion of the image might have helped with that, or even have the lights defract more, but whatever. Still fucking awesome.
SquiddyTreat's avatar
I'll keep that in mind, didn't really consider that.
Thanks. :D
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Honestly didn't see the bubbles until mentioned,
amazing how a detail like that could be missed.
Then again, I was never the most observant one.
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xD Well, I'm glad you did notice them. :D
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