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Remnants II - Sovereign



Dust the color of bone blasted across the landscape, laying raw the foundations of mountains, of the statues and towers that once marked Korriban.
The black-armored Marauder paced, an army of malicious beasts behind him scarcely able to contain their rage and voracity as his cloak billowed behind him.
Bringing his lightsaber to bear upon the two Jedi, he lunged and signaled a terrible onslaught of flesh and bone to come inundate them in their own blood.

Painkiller OST - Adam "Scorpik" Skorupa - Alastor Fight Theme

The destruction of the trilon refinery gave the Jedi a glimpse at a new Sith plot whose wheels were already in motion.
As the structure came apart at the seams, the mysterious armored Sith Marauder fled the scene, leaving Jedi Knight Asha with questions.
Enlisting the aid of her former mentor, the two Jedi worked together tirelessly to track the warrior's ship down to the wastes of the Sith homeworld..
There, they not only found her assailant, but the twisted form of his ancient, terrible master and an army of monstrosities from Korriban's wicked depths.
Introducing himself as Darth Torgan, the Executioner, he stood at the head of this army, eager to cut down the Jedi and impress his master.

Remnants I - Savage Marauder
Remnants II - Sovereign
Remnants III - Shroud of Apophis

This is an immediate sequel to "Savage Marauder," and second part of the ongoing "Remnants" Star Wars-inspired storyline.
The Sith Dark Lord in the back is a slight remodel of the Vindictus Tier 2 Dark Knight transformation: I thought he would make a great Sith.
The left-hand Jedi (Asha's mentor, also Kurovalan) wields a rare Cortosis Vibro-blade of very high quality, and as such is capable of entirely replacing a lightsaber.
Against lightsabers, cortosis has a variety of potential effects -- it can do anything from combat a saber equally to disrupt the beam entirely and force it to shut down.
Personally, I think the latter is somewhat excessive, and prefer the more modest power of it from Knights of the Old Republic and the Jedi Knight games.

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Awesome work! Where is the Cortosis blade modeled from? Seems familiar and very nicely done