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i was galaxy-apple!!!
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just a quick update - i changed my username from galaxy-apple to squiddlyn! i've been galaxy-apple for so long that it's weird to be anything different, but it was time for a change. sorry if i confuse anyone!

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hey y'all! eclipse has given me... mixed feelings about this site. does anyone else feel like the whole vibe and community of the site has changed a lot or am i being dramatic? i have a lot. a looot of art to post so forgive me for an art spam during these next couple days! i'm going to post a lot of the worse older stuff all at once and then go back to posting my newer better works daily.

oh! during my quarantine, i bought myself my first ever real art tablet, and i feel like it's already helped me improve a lot as well as just making me way more motivated to work. i've basically only made pokemon SWSH fanart on it lollllll but it's so nice to finally be able to work fully digitally instead of just using my mouse and my finger on my laptop touchscreen. i have no idea how i was able to live without a pen before, honestly. after the mountain of work i made here on this laptop is posted, i can finally show off my drawings i've made on Procreate. I hope it will be a notable difference over the stuff i've done on Medibang these past few years. Friendship ended with Medibang, now Procreate is my best friend

that's it! if you've read this far, who's your favorite SWSH character? I played the game late and it's all i think about now. I love hop. protect hop

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hello everybody! hope you are all doing well during these... not so well times. i just wanted to post an update on here!

i sort of accidentally went on a hiatus, if y'all haven't noticed. my attention hasn't been on here, but with quarantine i've had time to really focus on art and finally developing my own story, which has been fun. i really dream of making my own comic with it but i know once this is all over and life is back to normal i'll be left with my last two semesters which i know are going to be total hell, so who knows when i could work on it consistently :/ it's frustrating, knowing that art is what i want to do, but i really have to take responsibility and finish college and get the good job and all that...

that being said, ironically i have been working on a ton of art in the background. i actually have a backlog of art that i'm gonna be posting. outside of the comic thing, ive spent the past few months drawing tons of fanart and it honestly brings me so much joy, but...
a big reason i havent been on here much is because i feel like i dont know what my audience is here for. has anyone else felt this way? i notice a lot of the popular fanartists really stick to a certain fandom or two, but i feel like i tend to get stuck in random phases way too often and i feel like people will watch me for certain fandoms and be annoyed when i draw something else. its ok for the most part bc i usually just draw fire emblem or harvest moon, but when i have the urge to draw dragon ball i dont want to alienate people, you know?

this ended up being me rambling and i hope some of it was coherent. i ranted a bit but DONT WORRY life is good. i have a bunch of comments from the end of last year till now i havent answered so heads up im gonna start answering those!
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it's a bit late but, i'd like to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes this year!! unfortunately i don't have the luxury of time to thank each of you personally but i just wanted to let you all know i read your comments <3 it really made my day to come on here and see all the messages!
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edit: closed for now!!

hello everyone, for the first time i'm gonna be taking requests for your favorite characters from my favorite games!!!
i'm going to try to start building a good portfolio and i would love to have a list of ideas on hand so this should be mutually beneficial ^_^

so yeah... comment below if theres a character from harvest moon/story of seasons or fire emblem whom you would like to see me draw!!! i will consider drawing ships as well if you have any
other series that i will consider requests for at this time:
fossil fighters
other HM/SOS-family of games, like rune factory, little dragon's cafe, innocent life etc
potentially any other nintendo series if i happen to know it...?

things to note:
-i'm super busy with college, this is just a side project
-i probably won't answer your comment sorry :/ if i answer i'll feel obligated to do your request and i don't like that >_< but if i do it i will answer with a link once its posted!!!
-those considered sorry if i end up fulfilling your request like... months from now lol

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