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hey y'all! eclipse has given me... mixed feelings about this site. does anyone else feel like the whole vibe and community of the site has changed a lot or am i being dramatic? i have a lot. a looot of art to post so forgive me for an art spam during these next couple days! i'm going to post a lot of the worse older stuff all at once and then go back to posting my newer better works daily.

oh! during my quarantine, i bought myself my first ever real art tablet, and i feel like it's already helped me improve a lot as well as just making me way more motivated to work. i've basically only made pokemon SWSH fanart on it lollllll but it's so nice to finally be able to work fully digitally instead of just using my mouse and my finger on my laptop touchscreen. i have no idea how i was able to live without a pen before, honestly. after the mountain of work i made here on this laptop is posted, i can finally show off my drawings i've made on Procreate. I hope it will be a notable difference over the stuff i've done on Medibang these past few years. Friendship ended with Medibang, now Procreate is my best friend

that's it! if you've read this far, who's your favorite SWSH character? I played the game late and it's all i think about now. I love hop. protect hop

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I don't know what SWSH is... The DA change, well, it's kind of more of the same.

There are some different things and some other things. I don't really care that much because I'm not trying to build a fan base or sell my work. The only thing I miss is the birthdays feature!

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until you pointed it out i didn't even notice that the birthdays was gone??? smh DA... but yeah, the changes are quite as bad as i get used to it, but i'm still gonna be that old man who hates change lol

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Hey there thanks for Giving llamas to me but can I ask a few questions please

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how can i help you?

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Just asking a information

Do you take art Trade or commission

Are you good at drawing Anime and cartoon character in robot-armor that resemble as costume like a Transformers as long as they a characters shape.