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harvest moon - claire and the witch

the witch princess has always been a favorite character of mine. did you know that shes the only bachelorette in the series, that i know of, that you have to commit attempted murder for to woo?

some of her marriage requirements include:

litter 10 times (this will make the villagers hate you)
kill 50 of your animals
donate a toadstool to the soup at the harvest festival for 5 years (essentially poisoning your neighbors)
pass out from exhaustion 100 times (idk why she is into that?)

it's something i really find hilarious. hm ds was batshit
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I love them both!! And oh god that game was really bs in general, it seemed impossible to beat
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it really was omg! newer HM games may technically have better gameplay, but theres just something about the older games like ds that was so strange but lovely lol
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I agree! Kinda miss it tbh, but I'm definitely preordering the Friends of Mineral town Switch remake
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yesss me too! i can't wait to have a proper HM game on the switch. i've actually never played the original and have heard good things about it, so i can't wait to see how they'll update it!
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Oh it's my favorite game of the series so I was incredibly excited when I saw they were doing a remake
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thank you! Heart Heart 
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i am vibrating at a frequency you cant even comprehend HOW MUCH i love harvest moon, i own the harvest moon fomt/mfomt remake on switch and it’s in japanese I went out of my way to make a japanese nintendo account, buy a japanese nintendo gift card, just to buy this game!!

Claire and Witch Princess have always been some of my favorite characters by far. They dont make the games like the used to, which is a shame, but I still play them!! I remember going on gamefaq back when i was a kid to look up what the bachelors and bachelorettes liked, and I even got grounded for emailing this girl when all i wanted was to ask for some tips hehe..

Keep it up 💜 i love this
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omg that's such dedication i have respect!!! i'm really excited for the fomt remake and so glad theres finally a release date for it, i can't wait to pick it up aaaa. its so good to see other harvest moon fans because i feel like we're so rare 😭

and that's so cute oh my gosh! they really don't make them like they used to and while that's probably a good thing, i will always miss the strange quirks of the older ones you know??

but aa anyway thank you so much<3
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