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Kohta Chwaaaaan

By Squidbiscuit
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...PFFFFFFFFFFFFT HAHAHAHA XD I don't know why I drew this.

Was watching Highschool of the Dead earlier and thought it was time for more fanart...though of course it's just Hirano and Saya again, but whatever.

Saya doesn't know whether or not she should be repulsed or aroused....though with all the pink around him I think she should lean closer to the repulsed option.

Download to properly/full view.
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Fav 4 me. Can't have enough Kotha x Saya.
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Chubby Hirano Heart what a cutie :-3 He is my favourite character
He looks so soft, I just want to snuggle him hug 
And his face is just too precious for words Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] Neko Emoji-29 (Nyaa) [V2] 
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TheFawnFlyingProfessional Digital Artist
I'm not only so!
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How did I not find this or even search for Hirano? the OVA was a great moment for him ^^
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Kam3o-ARTZStudent Traditional Artist
This just made my day lol
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Such a cute picture! U did an awesome job on it! I'm leaning towards aroused...is that so bad?
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Haha every time I see this pic it kills me. lol. Check out my blog, your piece is up :D [link] let me know what you think and don't forget to she with your friends:}
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Ah! XD Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it!
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LOL No problem, you are talented ; I love your drawings :D
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Despite the pink, I am aroused. >3
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x'"D I cant wait for the next episode! Is the manga even finished?
Yes, we all love Kohta x''D
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XD No The manga is still going actually.
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I have only reached chapter 6 or something xD I just love it tough :3
Ecchi and Zombies x'D Damn thank you
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..He ran out of bullets so he was noming on the zombies instead? :iconhurrrplz:
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HAHAHA XD Wouldn't noming on zombies turn him into one though?
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Really? Would they not have to bite him for the infection to spread?
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Well.....I dunno. Some zombies transfer the virus through blood as well.
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Ah true. Meh, anything can happen in anime though :lol:
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Aww he looks like me,just I'm not that fat lol xD
So cute<3
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XD Well thank you!
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lol you're very welcome! : D
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:iconhurrplz: Rwar! I want to eat him! >:3.
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