I fave and run because...
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because i utterly fail at human interaction.
i'm not being a cunt, i just suck at talking, so i don't comment. :bucktooth:
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KillerTeddyBear94|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i don't so much as suck but much rather don't know what to say sometimes
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KissTheTrash|Hobbyist General Artist
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Rukario-Shirogane's avatar
This stamp defines me when it comes to great art here.

...aaaand I made a comment, which is this.
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Pizza-senpai|Student Digital Artist
108 comments (with mine) and 2,069 favs xD
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dark--miracles|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I favorited this, but had the instinct to comment for some reason.
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LuckyShadow123|Student Traditional Artist
I do too...I'm very shy sometimes... :iconfacepalmplz:
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I cant reply to this because id sound stupid. oops just did
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kbanime|Student General Artist
lol it is 102 ( 103 with me ) comments and 1,945 favorites XD
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AmaraDK's avatar
The truth has been spoken. Cool stamp.
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xsailorjupiterx's avatar
That's basicly me... I occasionally comment, especially if I really like the artwork, but most of the time I fave and run ^^;
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XxLunarXRainxX's avatar
Fav and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! :la: [I try to do this as-well, but I feel bad, so I just say, "Good work!" or something lame...Dx]
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Describes me perfectly .u.
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CrazyMeansCreative's avatar
So i comment and look stupi with the horrible writing... :C
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CrazyMeansCreative's avatar
IT's because immmmmeee frenchhhhhhhh :'(
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I sooo feel the same... sometimes I can only think of "great drawing/art/writing/whatever/", but saying that often is... boring an meaningless, for me at least.
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DramaNacho66's avatar
Yeah, I don't like repeating the exact same thing as everyone else, and yeah I suck at talking

(This is a comment exception)
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Blu3Fir3IsC0ld's avatar
lol that's what I'm talking about. I thought I was the only one... sooo beautiful :iconclapplz: :happycry:
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*faves and runs*

I feel your pain D:
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so true XP
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Schokoloco|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Nicci-Chan|Student Traditional Artist
i do like ur stamp sez
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