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Music Moon Tattoo

I drew this tattoo for my friend Katie. I think it's pretty. The music in the staff is Beethoven's Largo. It only took me about an hour and a half.....
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1894x2309px 1.07 MB
Canon PowerShot A540
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1/40 second
Focal Length
8 mm
Date Taken
Oct 1, 2007, 9:57:03 PM
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I really love this! Could I have your permission to use this as a tattoo for myself?
o0wishingstars0o's avatar
I got this done as a tattoo i was so inspired i shall send you a picture at once!
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This is simply put: A super AMAZING idea! :D I love it SOO much! You were so close to the most perfect thing ever just short of the song being moonlight sonata. lol. Still pretty perfect and amazing and your SO awesome for thinking this up. ^^
I'm getting my first tattoo next friday and was wondering if I could use this design to intermix with another. And as a side thought, my name is Katie as well. :)
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Wow, I just got my first tattoo today and I'm already thinking of another one! I think this is an amazing idea and it has me thinking I should do Chopin's 'Raindrop' composition in the shape of a raindrop!
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Are those random notes or is it a piece of a song. If that is the case i would like your permission to use this as a tattoo for my shoulder.
SqueezyCheezeJezus's avatar
It's Beethoven's Largo, and of course. By all means. Send me a picture. :)
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Ive been thinking for MONTHS on what I wanted my first tattoo to be and you just gave me the idea that will make it , thank you so much . This is beautiful :)
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Jazzwolf14's avatar
I so love this! I've been thinking about getting a tattoo and I think I'd love to get something similar to this. Would it be ok if I used your design as inspiration for my own tattoo design? :)
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figures that my friend didnt come up with that on her own ...

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I believe I just might get this tattooed on me.
uchiha-iya's avatar
mind if i use this as a shirt design?
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I did a tattoo (for fun. to my knowledge, no one used this) based off this one. A little different but same concept. Very fun to draw :D

I also designed the logo for a website my mom made that was the same deal (moon-shaped music)

Very pretty
Melancholy-Poison's avatar
AWWW!! i wanna get something like this! do u mind if i sort of jack your idea, but tweak it a bit? it's fine if you do, i completely understand...this is absolutely amazing <3 !!
i didn't have in mind to do any tattoo,but this one is just ME!! :wow: It makes me think about having one,more!! It's JUST GREAT!!LOVELY!!:love:

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this is lovely <3
i love the concept... it does look very pretty.
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