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Welcome to #Squeenix

Welcome to squeenix !

Cover art by shrimpHEBY

We're a group of fan artists and art appreciators who take an interest in games developed by Square Enix (previously known as Square Soft). If you love their games and hosted Manga, feel free to join our group, Anyone can join~

We hold contests and events for everyone regardless of art skill (as long as you're part of our community) and sometimes watchers to participate and spill their creativity & imagination occasionally.

It's Squee Time!

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Gallery Folders

Edward by pananada
Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning by vaxzone
KHII - Two Sided Story by ProdigyBombay
Red Reaper by KeiLumo
- Final Fantasy
Cloud and Tifa Stained Glass Advent Children by SorasPrincesss
Celebrating FF7 Remake's one year anniversary by Vera-White
Cloud and Tifa Stained Glass Under The Highwind by SorasPrincesss
Lightning Farron by xKamillox
- Kingdom Hearts
Olympus Coliseum - Preliminaries by SorasPrincesss
KH roxas by P7arctic
Two Worlds One Family by SorasPrincesss
Night Sky by HetemSenar
Cosplay and artisan crafts
Aerith Gainsborough - The Flower girl by Narga-Lifestream
Snow Villiers - FFXIII - The Promise II by DashingTonyDrake
Final Fantasy 7 Aerith - Cross Stitch by shingorengeki
So Let Me Come to You.... by sarifromwonderland
- Chrono Cross and Trigger
[Chrono Trigger] Lucca! by misellapuella
[Chrono Trigger] Royal Family of Zeal by misellapuella
CC Arni village by MicehellWDomination
Robo (Chrono Trigger) by gibs-arts
- Dragon Quest
Ameruda Bust by debureturns
Make me feel sad by Cesar-Hernandez
Dragon Quest Builders Megafan Stamp by debureturns
we are da sistah by Troyd-Straviouche
- Parasite Eve
Parasite Eve-1 to 3rd birthday AyaBrea by softsai
Type II Aya Brea by softsai
AyaBrea in sombra`s room by softsai
- Star Ocean
-- Commission: Rena from Star Ocean -- by Kurama-chan
So happy and so young by raspberryDA
Rena Lanford by Prophosphere
Meracle Star Ocean by laucha95
open up your senses by zetina
Drop the Moon by driftwoodwolf
Lapin Angelique by driftwoodwolf
Neku Sakuraba by SugarPopBlossom
- Valkyrie Profile
Valkyrie by kowan
Lenneth Valkyrie by Narxinba222
Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth by dczhang
Fighting the Shadowy Gods Tribute by ObstinateMelon
- Other Game Series
Exploring... by xKamillox
- Durarara
Chibi Shizuo by Thata-chann
- Full Metal Alchemist
Crimson Lotus by FleurdRae
- Kuroshitsuji
Sebastian by Shilozart
- Pandora Hearts
Connected by Darkness by Twist3D--Mind
- Soul Eater
Death the Kid- Soul Eater by Espevoirvee
- Other Anime and Manga
Tsunayoshi sawada/ vongola primo sky guardian  by Djbugz212
Lightning and Kairi - Commission for Z98 by SorasPrincesss
Games and animation
2B - Glory to Bunny-kind by Mythro
Comics, Doujinshi and Manga strips
Kingdom Hearts Ch 2 page 6 by SpookyDonuts
Line art, pencil work and sketches
Fran's portrait. Sketch by amorphouscarpus
Past contest entries
Kefka having fun by Chewymunch
Art fest
Sadness by Clock-Dream

Random from Featured

Whatever art you have of Square you want to share; do it here!
Even if it's not in our gallery, regardless of your skill, share it here!




Read Me!

Just a few things you might want to know!

- Please keep in mind that our group has a quality standard, so if you can't accept possible declination, then please reconsider joining! You should read our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

- Although we accept all fan art associated with Square Enix, the group was originally created to focus on Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. If you'd like to see more news on other Square Enix fandoms, we appreciate if you would like to submit blog entries/news regarding them or note us with a moderator application. :D

Want to be part of our moderators? Please send a note to apply!

Thank you!



Hi :iconbunchiesplz:
Want to be part of us? Please send a note to apply!

♛ Time Guardian

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The Keyblade's Chosen One by demonoflight The Keyblade's Chosen One :icondemonoflight:demonoflight 52 3 Lightning by Cra-ZShaker Lightning :iconcra-zshaker:Cra-ZShaker 14 1 Aerith lingeria by Angy89 Aerith lingeria :iconangy89:Angy89 21 0 Tifa Final Fantasy 7 by metal1416 Tifa Final Fantasy 7 :iconmetal1416:metal1416 56 0 Magic in the Black Winds by SugarPopBlossom Magic in the Black Winds :iconsugarpopblossom:SugarPopBlossom 104 11 Graffiti Angel 007 by SugarPopBlossom Graffiti Angel 007 :iconsugarpopblossom:SugarPopBlossom 55 2 Reverie by SugarPopBlossom Reverie :iconsugarpopblossom:SugarPopBlossom 13 2 Screams of the Soundless by SugarPopBlossom Screams of the Soundless :iconsugarpopblossom:SugarPopBlossom 44 7 Bamboo Forrest 02 by SugarPopBlossom Bamboo Forrest 02 :iconsugarpopblossom:SugarPopBlossom 31 4 FF7 Remake Tifa by FlyingPrincess FF7 Remake Tifa :iconflyingprincess:FlyingPrincess 181 14 Tifa - Final Fantasy 7 by digitalninja Tifa - Final Fantasy 7 :icondigitalninja:digitalninja 114 4 Thank you by silnohm Thank you :iconsilnohm:silnohm 9 0 Jessica's Puff Puff by Medusa-the-Eternal Jessica's Puff Puff :iconmedusa-the-eternal:Medusa-the-Eternal 389 50 Jo Kotomura (hanging n struggling) 2 by Jo-Kotomura Jo Kotomura (hanging n struggling) 2 :iconjo-kotomura:Jo-Kotomura 8 0 Jo Kotomura (hanging n struggling) by Jo-Kotomura Jo Kotomura (hanging n struggling) :iconjo-kotomura:Jo-Kotomura 11 3 Jo Kotomura (hanging) by Jo-Kotomura Jo Kotomura (hanging) :iconjo-kotomura:Jo-Kotomura 8 1


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Heatray2009 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2020
Think you guys missed a submission that was over a week ago. Had to submit again.
SoruKurisutaru Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2020
Hi there. My drawings of Sora and Warrior of Light were declined. Why are they declined?
Jaz-Saxx Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, fellow FF fans! I was looking into this group and there was something I found rather concerning about your submission rules.

You say that you have quality standards, which is all well and good, but then do not elaborate or give clear guidelines on what that entails. To, this seems like a breeding ground for bias and personal preferences. Everyone has biases after all, and without objective guidelines, what measure is there really besides whether or not you the reviewer think its good?

This lack of specific guidelines seems less like a measure of effort and more of a measure of whether the admins personally like it. While it may not be your intention,the effect seems quite elitist. Elitism is already rampant in fanart communities as and is one of the many toxic elements of fandoms in general.

Your intentions may be good, and you may think rejecting things and giving people art advice will foster improvement, but consider if it were turned around. That you worked extremely hard and put your heart into this fanart for a fandom you love, only to be told "you're not good enough". The intent of your words may be pure, but the effect is the person's work feeling devalued. This is not only disheartening, but also frankly a form of gatekeeping. There is nothing fair about denying a fully lined colored and shaded piece from a less experienced artist that spent many hours on it, while accepting something an experienced artist did in a few hours just because you think it looks better. Of course it looks better, they're an experienced artist.

Fanart is for everyone, and having "quality guidelines" without clear objective standards is doing a disservice to inexperienced but passionate artists. It sends the message "you don't belong here". Even if you allow any submissions in 'favorites' but not in 'gallery', this still creates a ranking system where "everyone in the fandom is equal, but some people are more equal than others." It feels like a very weak attempt to make the group seem more inclusive.

Because of these concerns, I strongly encourage you to adopt objective criteria for evaluating submissions, and make this criteria PUBLIC for transparency. If you want a quality standard, make the rules "must be fully and cleanly lined, colored and shaded" or something. Make backgrounds a requirement, it doesnt really matter the exact guidelines. The big thing is to make it objective and known to all who want to submit, instead of a mysterious blackbox with no clear guidelines. It would likely lower the amount of disputes with submitters over if it is a good enough quality, as well. If you want to represent your fandom respectably and do right by your fellow FF fans, make quality about effort and passion, not about how much experience someone has. To do less is an insult to what fandom is supposed to stand for.

That's all I have to say on the subject. Jaz-saxx signing out
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HetemSenar Featured By Owner Edited Nov 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Everyone please note:
This group isn't dead! We've just had a decline in the amount of active moderators over time.
So don't be afraid to join & submit deviations for review. :D
Thank you and have a great day!
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