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The fear of death or dying.
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Not to be a buzz kill, but... Thantophobia is the fear of losing someone you love, not death, I think that would Thanataphobia...... I still love the art!
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Awesome artwork. Looks great.
DemonicDubstep's avatar
Doesn't fit me. XD
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This kinda fits me.... I think I has Thantophobia
NullVolf's avatar
Holy shit!!! I love this!!
I really like the pic alot...but this is crazy I saw something just like that in a dream I had a few years ago ._.
TysonTriggerhappy's avatar
This is really awesome! That monster is adorable i just wanna cuddle it! Now i'm not scared of death after seeing this amazing picture! And i really like your style of hair~ You have a wonderful way with hair~
Lawlpool2-0's avatar
:iconiwantitplz: wow...
*geeking out over this*
TaTheDragonVampire's avatar
This picture kinda reminds me of when I was little the only thing I ever feared was death now I fear nothing ^_^
andrea-koupal's avatar
This monster is glorious.
Dragowl's avatar
wow, that dragon-y monster is so..awesome..
Thanatophilia's avatar
Wouldn't it be Thanatophobia? Two A's. Opposite of my name. :icontardgrinn:

But, I really, really love your art. <3 Symbolism, ftw. Or, at least, that's how I perceive it. >:
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God do I love the visual styling of this, the colors and textures work AMAZINGLY
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i lovelovelove this. so amazing, possibly one of my favorite pieces of yours. honestly, i don't even know what to say. awesome work, however. <33
IceandSnow's avatar
This is really amazing.
I love the girl's hair and how she matches the deathmonsterthingguy. <3
squeedgemonster's avatar
Aww thankyou <3
hee, that's actually me >3
muura's avatar
Birch horns = hell of rad *_*
xxsqueekbatxx's avatar
This has been in my messages for like a week, but I've been meaning to tell you I really love the colors and feel you have going on here. it has kind of a reluctant confrontation kind of thing going on. I like that you limited the color pallet, it has a nice gritty effect as well.
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HHHOLY MOTHER. This is beautiful.
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I especially like the narrow choice of colors. <3
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Awsome work! the monster must be death itself in form!
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this is one of the best renditions i have seen of Thantophobia ( most people i have seen just draw a character looking scared as they bleed in some way) XD
TyMarie's avatar
i set it as my background, if thats okay
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