March already?

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Hello everyone!

Wow time goes so fast - it's March already!
Updates hmm.. well I have been on art hiatus (hiatus: a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.) for such a long time. I find that it is always hard to start something up again but once you do it gets easier from there. I plan to start creating new cute artworks very soon and get back into the art that I love creating. I also would like to finish updating the Squeaky Toybox website (its almost there!)

There is a cake flash game project that I have been working on for the past year that will be completed soon as well ;w; I just need that extra push to get myself back into the art scene again. With luck (and a kick in the butt) I should have some new things for you soon dA!

:heart: Kirsten
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Good to see you alive and kicking. :heart:
SqueakyToybox's avatar
aww ^_^ yes! im still around haha :heart:
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I just returned as well, heres to more cute art!
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:heart: I didn't realise I had never replied to this! ;w; Yes agreed!
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Still around! Sincerely hope you're well and working hard. :heart:
SqueakyToybox's avatar
aww ^-^ thank you dear :heart:
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Hey Kirsten I been missin your art ^^ Glad to hear!
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katie!! :heart:
its so nice to hear from you ahh ;__; we should catch up! :hug:
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Glad you're back.
SqueakyToybox's avatar
aww thats very sweet, thankyou! ^^
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:heart: glad to see you around again!
SqueakyToybox's avatar
hey sweetie! lovely to see a comment from you :D :heart:
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