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Hello there!

I wanted to let you guys know where I am currently at with my flash game projects ^^ yes project(s) as in two eep!)

Pancake dress up game AS2
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I have done 95% of the artwork and most of the coding with assistance from my friend Minyan. We just need to do some more code updates and add in the voice-over

Whale adventure game AS3
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I surprised myself by being so motivated that I finished 80% of the total artwork for the game in just 2 days. I have never done actionscript 3.0 before so I have some big help from my friend Minyan's friend Chris! This will be a very interesting project ;w;

I usually only work on one project at a time but I stepped out of my comfort square and started on the whale adventure game artwork. I couldn't believe how fast I managed to get the artwork done *u*;;

In other news, things are the same old here in Australia. Although, yesterday there were some big bush fires near where my boyfriend Jamie is living which was a bit worrying. Luckily over 100 fire fighters managed to contain the blaze so it didn't affect the housing area where we live ;w; 

Anyways, I hope you are all well and I cant wait to share these new flash games with you all, I am so excited for the whale adventure game ohoho ;3;


Daily Deviations

Also, remember! If you come across any artwork that is in the flash category that you think is worthy of a Daily Deviation send a note my way. :note: I'm always on the hunt for flash pieces to feature.

You can check what category an artwork is in by looking underneath the title and artist name of the deviation. I've added a screenshot as an example :3

How to check a deviation category

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