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I've recently updated my website with a new layout. It's still in process, but it's come a long way. In other news, for ease of selling commissions I put together an Etsy site:…

To sum it up: I do character commissions.
Single figure colored images run $40
Color/Painted busts/portraits run $30
Pencil drawings run $25-30 depending on what you want.

Anything else, message and talk to me!
I made the mistake of looking at old art. Wow, even if I am nowhere near where I want to be? I've definitely made improvements.
In order to force improvement upon myself – kicking and screaming if necessary – I try to make a point to do a daily practice sketch. What I do is this:

1) Find a nice figure drawing. I like The Satorialist for this, and DeviantArt has some awesome stock art photographers for this purpose. I make the image big on my monitor, clear away  my keyboard, get out some printer paper, and then try to do a loose but accurate figure sketch.

2) When the sketch is complete as I'm going to get it, I'll scan that thing and bring it up in Photoshop, then open a copy of the original photo. I drag the sketch over the image, resize it, then adjust opacity so that I can see the photo behind the sketch.

3) From there I can see where I've failed spectacularly at the figure.  I especially need to look at the following:
- Face Proportions.
- Posture.  Contrapposto gives me fits. I have found that if I draw a line from the head right down to the ground area, it helps. Then the angles of the hips and shoulders.
- Shoulders. I never draw shoulders quite broad enough, even on women, so this technique has helped massively in that regards.
- Leg length/Calves. I chronically draw legs too long/calves too big. This practice has helped me scale those down.
- Fabric/Clothes. Realistic representation of how clothes fit on a figure is rough – drawing a figure with clothes actually helps!

4) I take the tablet, and in blue lines, I sketch over my lines and the figure, 'fixing' what I messed up on before, overlayed across the image.

5) If I have time, I'll start over again from scratch, getting a new sheet of paper and resketching the figure after having observed it in detail.

I realize in doing this that I could do the same to multiple figures and how they interact, as well as scenes and backgrounds. Knowing how the figure works and interacts with other figures and the background in life creates a much more realistic view when you are drawing something from scratch or an imaginary scene.
It's a process of continual improvement, and my hope that doing this exercise every day will push that improvement along at a steady pace.…
I am still doing commissions, but I'm going to adjust my pricing structure, so if you're interested, please inquire!
Part of me wonders if dA is going to continue to exist if they pass SOPA/PIPA, which makes uploading copyrighted material a federal crime. This mean fan art? This mean clips of things taken from other things?
I am doing commissions. I am going to make this more in-depth when I have the opportunity.

Pencil or Digital Sketch, Line Art : Head/Bust: $20, Figure: $25
Shaded Pencil, Digitally Colored : Head/Bust: $30, Figure: $35
Digital Painting ('watercolor', 'oil' ) : Talk to me on what you want.

Also, talk to me for additional figures or more elaborate backgrounds since most of these assume the most basic backgrounds.

I prefer Paypal when possible. Send me a note if interested!
Put a deviantID up, I redid my website, I've been busy lately. Also, if anyone's interested, I do commissions. Visit my website for info if you're interested - eventually I'll put some info here as well.
So I finally added a little icon.. not much, and I'll put something better up eventually - but it is fitting for the timebeing!