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Projekt Melody

The future is now old man 💜

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Tablet Wacom 4 L | Paint Tool Sai | Edited in Photoshop

Art (c) SquChan
Character (c) Projekt Melody
Please do NOT repost, copy, or use without my permission.
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© 2020 - 2021 SquChan
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I like it very sexy and the arm/foot sleeves are great touch to the outfit

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nah, not Projekt Melody... like, I have really ahrd time understanding all that phenomenon, why are people crazy over her, she is just an animated anime-like avatar
but anyway, pic is good, I'm just surprised by your choice of a theme
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Unless I'm mistaken, she's the first camgirl Vtuber. That pulls in some hefty crowds.

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Well, she's mostly known from Twitch sessions. And her popularity mostly stems from her original idea of using an anime-style avatar instead of the girl's actual face. And that avatar was made specifically to appear to the taste of many young men (big boobs, showing off a lot of skin etc.). Other than that, her personality is more likable than many of the typical camgirls so that made her stand out as well. Still, as much as I can approve of an original idea, I feel like it's a step towards detachment from reality. By that I mean that people start being more and more interested in avatars, AIs, anime-styled dolls or virtual reality rather than working on and having actual relationships with other people.
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Even as some that's socially inept, I have to agree. On the other hand, I'm also of the opinion that our species breeds too much, so the gradual increasing realism of artificial intelligence may end up being a boon in disguise.

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While it may be true, on ecological grounds at the very least, I don't know if it's such a big propblem people make it out to be. First of all, nature has ways to regulate population of living beings. Like, right now we experience one of the manifestations of it - the well known coronavirus. If the worlds population is seemingly too high, it's inevitable that some crisis will happen, like the war or some bad disease. While both are terrible, I guess the latter is still better than the former. Besides, even if the planet is ecologically worse off with more people around, the knowledge and technology is pushed onwards and so are the means to fight pollution and find more ecological ways of living. With every cost, there is a reward and vice-versa, people should remember it. It's not like there are lots of people and the planet only keeps getting more and more polluted because it's simply not how things work. And even if you have a mentality such as 'things will be better after the disease because I will be more valuable after so many other people die', you still have to take into account the loss of many potential customers, people with needs that maybe you can take care of and people who could potentially contribute something to make your living better. So in the end, being a survivor of a plague can make you worse-off at the end of the day than if the plague never happened. And I'm still talking about only strictly economical approach. While there are many other ones.
But coming back to the topic, I don't believe disconnecting from reality can be good in any way. It only keeps people more and more gated and closed in their safe spaces. When VR develops further, many will likely be completely detached from reality and prefer to stay in a fake virtual reality instead. As harsh as it may sound, only way to defeat fears and becoming stronger and more apt is to fight difficulties and face those fears instead of running away from them. Or choosing comfort over difficulty because it's easier and more pleasant. But that's what many people would prefer not to hear nowadays.
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She looks lovely!!

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