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Miraculous Ladybug

UPDATE: Speedpaint is up!…

It's such a cute series!! I love them so much ^Q^
Adrien sounds super cute in french o3o hon hon hon

I'll upload the speedpaint later this week to my YOUTUBE!

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Dessert Set: Heart Cookie - Left by RuelleaPrevious works :

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Tablet Wacom 4 L | Paint Tool Sai | Edited in Photoshop

Art (c) SquChan
Character (c) Miraculous LadyBug, CatNoir
Please do NOT repost, copy, or use without my permission.
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God bless ❤️⚡️🖤

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This is a miraculous piece of art :3
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whAaaAAa? What's your problem? If you think this is crap you should see my art....
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Stop being so rude. Even you hate MLB, doesn't mean you should say that to people. You know people worked so hard on MLB artworks and your single rude word destroys them

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You aren't the one who drew and put your soul, sweat tears and blood into this artwork

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Saying that won't change my mind, if you hate MLB so much, just shut your yaps already

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This is absolutely gorgeous! 0 . 0
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Technically Tikki and Plagg won't be there XD
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Beautifull !
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Good evening.   We have found an item on EBay that uses this artwork.…

Art-Defense is a community of volunteers dedicated to notifying artists of possible theft or misuse of their work.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us here or on Tumblr.
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did you know that someone stole your speedpaint?
watch here:…
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Ohh wow rude @ o @
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I watched ur speedpaint on dis cx
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I literally screamed when I saw you did this. Not the Tumblr "I'm screaming" but I actually did scream. OMFG because it's my ultra mega OTP SHIIIIIP. *-* *fangirls*
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this is so adorable!!!
I didn't know you were actually into Miraculous Ladybug
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It's my dark hidden secret
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Aw, this is so romantic! <3
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Miraculous Ladybug, my soft spot XD
I like how their suits are softer colored meanwhile the hair got mor contrast
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Ahh it became my soft spot too, I love them u v u heheh thanks :heart:
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