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I'm even further behind than I thought I'd be, but you all know how it is this time of year. Here's a few more pieces I've read that deserve mad love. And I'm sorry to the ones I've missed. Check them out if you have a chance. And if you have more time, mosey on down to the flash fiction gallery:
FFM 2017 Winners!
You've been waiting very patiently, and at last the results of Flash Fiction Month 2017 are here! As ever, the list of people we'd like to thank is as long as our tentacles. But in particular we’d like everyone to give a special round of applause for the amazing volunteer judges who devoted all their time and energy towards making this winners announcement a reality! We'd also like to thank the extraordinarily generous 2017 prize donors, who made it possible to have the full four prizes for the third year in a row! And of course special thanks is due to the magnificently talented joe-wright (, for designing that most coveted flash fict
Literature DD Roundup February 2016
`TheMaidenInBlack ( Features by TheMaidenInBlack ( :thumb587951508::thumb554898855::thumb560453130::thumb571592161::thumb537488407::thumb402700639::thumb571339776: :iconliliwrites: Features by LiliWrites ( :thumb552033369::thumb581323375::thumb588235506::thumb538603650::thumb588123536::thumb581470528::thumb562689498::thumb462250561::thumb589783459::thumb512008167::thumb541945409::thumb592687524: :iconbrennenxr: Features by brennennn ( :thumb591089846::thumb570889403::thumb548451319::thumb430415835: :thumb588118684::thumb585099462::thumb557883920: :thumb555844767::thumb568960700: As always, an extra special thank you to our wond
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Yes, you read that right. Ducktober!
For the uninitiated, that’s the deal I entered into with neurotype about this time last year – for this year’s inktober, I will draw ducks (since expanded to waterfowl in general) for every day, while neurotype has dinosaurs! If that’s not crazy enough, wait until you see what else is going on right now for the Halloween season…

But first up – obligatory photo time.

Img 20180825 154632 by squanpie

Meet Chip, the newest addition to my household. Yes folks, this is what happens when you win the free-buy-in poker tournament at your local LAN party and earn enough points to buy yourself a dinosaur!

Seriously. If more casinos paid out in plastic prehistoric creatures... well, I'd probably be broke by now.


Here we are, two months on in October, and I’ve finally been able to make good on my plan from August. That is, I’m finally reading through the backlog in my message centre from FlashFictionMonth back in July. I’m down from over 800 messages, to 600 or so, and there’s so much awesome I’d love to feature here. However there’s only so much space in a journal, so here’s some of my favourites so far from an assortment of writers:

ff24: A Simple KnotLord Shad was eager for the first time in months. The boredom had been suffocating. He had never believed he could come to resent the Iron City. He never thought he would ache for the time before, when the People lived and breathed in the open air, under moon and stars.
Lord Shad was tired of it all. Bored. Frustrated. He felt stifled by the tedium.
Now though, it was hard to sit through the ritual prayers, to lead the People as he was meant to. He fingered the gold pass card throughout the benediction. The tribute was beautiful this time, a throwback to a bloodline founded long before the Blood Harvest, before the End Days, before the last light burned out.
It had taken ten holy guards just to contain him. Had he stood in the the light of the Blood Moon, it would have been impossible. His power would have killed them all.
When the last note of the last song ended, Lord Shad gathered his silken cloak and said his farewells. The tribute was waiting, after all, stripped and bound to the
  45 Minutes“We’re making inquiries as to the whereabouts of one Hakim Gomez. Sources have placed him in your company, Mr. Bennett. I don’t wish to name the nightclub in question.”
A bolt of ice shoots down Steven’s back, frozen lightning against his spine. His heart is thudding in his ears, his mouth too dry to bullshit an answer.
“We’ll give you forty-five minutes to consider your response. I trust you’ll make the right decision.” Click.
He lowers the phone from his ear, slowly, eyes fixed on the pile of dishes heaped beside the sink. They’ve been building up for far too long. They need washing. He can’t bring himself to move.
He isn’t sure how long it’s been when Hakim comes out of their bedroom, pulling a tight T-shirt over his mussy hair. When he sees Steven standing there, motionless and white-faced, he snaps awake: Steven can see him bracing himself, the sudden tension knotting in his chest.
  Blood and IronThe patrol found her nearly six miles from the village of Stoneford, or perhaps she found them. She was barefoot, dressed in a simple shift, with her long hair unbound and a knife clasped in one hand. Blood had half-dried in tacky streaks across her skin, and her clothes were all but dyed in it. She glided across the ground like a Queen, cloaked in an air of serene grace, and beneath the blood she was impossibly beautiful.
The patrol didn’t stop her. She stopped them.
“Nobody else in that village survived,” she said. “You must take me to the King at once.”
The knight who led the patrol sent four soldiers on to the village to see for themselves, then gave the woman his horse, to spare her feet the rocks and stones of the road. She took the high seat like a throne, though the animal, normally well-trained, sidled beneath her like it sensed a storm, a skirmish, a snake in its path. The knight assumed it was the scent of blood and apologized for his mount

I Ain't Afraida No Bayou (Flash Fic) [FFM 17 2018]They’da told me not tuh go on in there with my raft, but I dun think they’s a serious. Everyone’s of us knows that the idea of something mysterious livin’ out in this old swamp other than a few gator’s is pure poppycock. They's asays that there’s some kinda treasure or somethin’, but treasure or not, I was gonna put their little tale to rest.
I ain’t ascared of nothing, though, so there was no way no how I was gonna be scared of a few tall tales. I used my oar to steer my raft deeper into the bayou, the hanging vines of the weepin’ willows ablack and rott’nin. The scent of life mottled with death hung all around me, but I’s knew these waters, I’s was comfortable on the count that I’s went through ‘em to avoid too many robbers and n’erdowells…
My oar stuck on somethin’ for a moment, and gave me quite a bit ‘o trouble… but I told the bayou I’d swim back if I had tuh, on
  FFM 2018: The TrapWade hadn’t done much in his life that he could be proud of. He had been vain, and prideful, and had taken credit where credit was not due. He’d lied, cheated, bribed, and swindled. And all for what? He was just sorry it had taken him so long to see the truth.
Sitting there in the dirt beside the church, holding his guts in one hand and a bundle of fuses in the other, Wade was struck by the bitter irony of it all. He’d spent his whole life pretending to be something he wasn’t, and now that everything he longed for was finally within his grasp he was preparing to let it all go.
Roe and the rest of the townsfolk would be long gone by now, through the hills and on their way to safety, or so he hoped. For mostly selfish reasons he didn’t want her to see what came next.
He’d never been much of a father to her. Gone too often, and for too long to make anything but the briefest of impressions. The only things he’d ever really given her was her passion
  References Available Upon Request“OK,” said the registrar. “That’s all sorted out. The only thing left is a reference from both of you from a former spouse and then your marriage can take place on—”
“Hang on,” said Mark. He frowned. “A reference? From a former spouse?”
“Yes, indeed.” The registrar smiled at him. “It’s a new requirement. Well, I mean, you have to have references to rent a flat. You have to have references to get a job. You have to have references to adopt! The government felt this was the next natural step. And it will benefit both you and your fiancée. You’re about to link your lives together—reading each other’s references will give you a clearer idea of what you’re getting yourself into.”
“I suppose it’s not that odd an idea…” Miriam turned to Mark. “And I’m sure either Nigel or Eleanor would be happy to give me a reference.”
“And what

FFM 2018 24: A Day More Perfect than YesterdayInside a perfectly spherical room, a boy with luxuriant turquoise hair sleeps. Sunlight filters in through the Venetian blinds as gently as honey drizzles onto a crisp waffle. This is not what wakes him. The boy is woken by the single goldfish drifting languidly inside the water bed beneath him. It presses up once against his right shoulder, once against the small of his back, and once against his left ankle — three taps of a magic wand waving the spell to wake him.
The boy’s hand blindly reaches to his bedside table for his rose-tinted glasses. He pulls them on even before he opens his eyes. A smile spreads over his face as he watches strawberry marshmallow clouds drift across the skylight.
It’s a perfect day, even more perfect than yesterday.

“So how’s Donovan doing today?”
“Dorian, you mean?”
“Is that the new name he’s chosen? Christ, what’s up with that hair?”
“I guess his last hair, which was, and
  HypervigilanceThe Advanced Atmosphere-Analysing Artificial Aphonic Articulated Hypervigilant Humanoid, or AAAAAAHH for short, took one step into the glorified caffeine dispensary and stopped, transistors firing all over the place. The atmosphere in here was palpably tense, and AAAAAAHH tried to alert its human with a buzzing noise and a soft grip on its shirt, but its human shrugged it off and carried on its way inside. AAAAAAHH followed reluctantly, spinning its head around constantly so that it could see all possible dangers at once, and continuing to buzz in it's quiet-but-still-very-noticable yellow-alert tone.
The human in front of AAAAAAHH's human reached the counter and ordered its drink. AAAAAAHH's human was next. AAAAAAHH manouevered itself into a defensive position behind it and continued swiveling its head around. The patrons of this establishment stared at both it and its owner with menace in their eyes and AAAAAAHH felt its danger response go into overdrive, filling its memory with acti
  Prayer of the DustAnd on the sand is the life that we wish - the endless days, the darkest nights, devoid of ourselves and the city lights the stars stare down on us and breathe, and the windless nights make up for the sandstorm days, the clouds that bare down on us.
Braving our own destruction we are ready to become, and what you ask of us is that we be free, ever-moving as the dunes upon the spines of our once-bountiful humanity, dry now like the caked sand that once were lakes.
In the emptiest beds of our late content, we will be the souls that find the greatest distances full, will stretch the canvas of the deadlands into the darkness that surrounds us.
In the most absent of places we will find plenty, and in the void, home.

If that’s tickled your appetite, here’s a few other FFM specific features, and most importantly, the FFM winners’ announcement journal for this year.

FFM 2018 Write-Up and FeaturesFlashFictionMonth has come to a close, which makes this – for me – five years. July has become an indispensable highlight of my year, and once again I’m very pleased with what came of it: not quite every story was a winner, but close to it.
My biggest obstacles this year should, perhaps, have been the three extra challenges heaped on top of the official ones – but in fact they were the heat (which essentially limited my writing to nighttime) and a certain motivational problem around week 2. Of the challenges, I was surprised to find that the anonymously contributed “every character is queer” one made things hardest. Several reasons for that: 1) flash fiction is short enough that usually it just doesn’t come up, meaning that I had to write a lot of transition- or relationship-focused stories in order to make room for it; 2) its influence made the fairy tale challenge harder than it otherwise would have been: I had to select stories to rewri
   Congratulations FFM 2018 Winners!You've made it. It's been an incredible year, with amazing stories written by the deliriously unstoppable you. Yes, you. It doesn't matter whether you participated all 31 days, done every single challenge, or if you've written maybe one or two stories. You were here, you wrote, you participated, and if not for you, we wouldn't be here at all.
We'd like to say thank you to everyone who made this possible:
Thank you to the donors, anonymous and otherwise, responsible for our winners receiving a prize (the fabulous mug!);
Thank you to our esteemed judge panel for reading and reading and reading;
Thank you to the community for reading, judging, favouriting and commenting;
and thank you to the writers who wrote their hearts out.
In the years past, writers have been judged by a secret panel of volunteers and the multi-headed Hydra on a week by week basis. That has remained the same. This year, you all have truly upped the ante as far as quality and consistency goes, therefore we are proud to
   FFM 2018 Community FeatureWelcome to the Flash Fiction Month 2018
Community Feature!
Almost a thousand stories were produced for Flash Fiction Month this year, and that's a lot to sift through, even for a multi-headed quasi-immortal fiction entity like ourselves. ;) (Wink) That's why every year we ask the participants to send us their favorite stories, so that we may gather them together for a final feature.
All the stories below were suggested by the FFM participants (or by a Hydra), so if you weren't sure where to begin catching up with your reading, this is the place to start! We aren't omnipotent (alas), so there's bound to be a few gems that escaped our notice, but you're still welcome to suggest them to us in the comments section.




Once again, the inimitable BATTLEFAIRIES has waved her magic wand of doom, to bring us The Gauntlet 2018. Nine literary challenges to daunt even the bravest of heroes – do you dare?

You have until the 17th October to give it your best effort. I’ll be right there in the ranks alongside you, as I’m determined to go better than the one entry I managed last year.
Already finished? I’ll be coming back to read your entries next month, when I’ve passed every chance to finish my own without being influenced. See you then!

All Hallows Tales

Now in its tenth year, our very own spider king Memnalar has ascended his pumpkin throne once more and from those unhallowed heights sent forth his decree: this year’s theme is to be Sympathy for the Devil.

What are you waiting for? (Okay, if you're still writing Guantlet, I'll let you off for now. FOR NOW) And if you needed any more encouragement, there’s another set of my dragons up for grabs for the lucky winners! Just get your entries in by 23rd October and you're in with a chance. Go go go! :la:

Other News and Events

All Mediums Contests/Events

We've got a number of contests and events on or coming up which accept ALL MEDIUMS. Naturally many of these are Halloween themed - but not necessarily all of them.

Evil Re-Imagined Contest
We've decided to extend the deadline!
New deadline is next friday, Nov. 16th. so you have one more week!
But hurry up! This is the only extension we'll grant.

Many of us grew up with Disney movies, great stories with valuable morals in which good always triumphs over evil that shaped our lives and gave us some of the most memorable characters of all time, heroes and heroines who came to save the day!
However not only the heroes of these movies are well remembered and cherished, in fact sometimes the villain of the story is the character we remember and like the most, because let's be honest, the bad guy is always the most charismatic.

Now is your time to re-imagine the devious villains of your favorite Disney movies, give them a twist or simply depict them in a new way, YOUR way!

How to enter
  LAST DAY!!! Pitch A Project ContestCommunity Engagement Week
The Pitch a Project Contest!
DeviantArt is an online community full of people from around the world specializing in an endless variety of artistic talents. Millions of people around the world have joined this website to post their artwork, sell their product, or even just join to enjoy the plentitude of stunning gallery works! It can be hard to find your place in such a huge community. Thankfully there are many, many deviants who create projects geared to help people find one another, engage on a more social level, and challenge themselves or others.
Some such projects include:
This week at projecteducate, we would like to challenge YOU to come up with a NEW community project!
Interested in presenting to our panel? Keep reading!
The Goal
For our Pitch a Project Contest, your goal is t
  All Mediums Contest: Halloween Mashup!Halloween Contest!
Dear members,
I am very excited to announce yet another contest here at projecteducate intended for all artistic mediums! I am especially excited since this one is in honour of Halloween which is fast approaching! Keep reading to find out more about the contest prompt and prizes! :)
The Prompt:
"Halloween Mashup" - What does this mean?
Time to think about a minimum of 2 (no maximum) horror related or just generally "spooky" films, books, short stories, TV series, documentaries, songs, etc and merge them together into one final piece of art! 
We want to see two or more different spooky worlds be combined together in a creative and unique manner, with your own style and vision applied to them! This means feel free to re-imagine the appearance of characters, objects, symbols or whichever other imagery you decide to use to represent the horror media you'll be combining together. Don't restrict yourself around the term "hor

Supporting Working Artistshow does this work?
Take a look at the artists featured below, add this journal to your favourites and leave a comment on this journal explaining who you would pick if you won, and why. On October 30th a winner will randomly be picked. You will then be prompted to discuss what you would like from the artist you chose. Now of course there are limits to this, as you will see below, the artists explain what you could win from them, so you must carefully read that. The Community Relations team will be paying for the artwork you end up deciding on and receiving. So your favourite artist will be getting paid for their work, as they should. Indeed, this is a big part of this project: supporting local businesses!
This issue's artists:
What does Dark-Lioncourt do?
Where can I find Dark-Li
  Pimps and Whoas - Oct. 5, 2018
News from the Team
:bulletorange: Celebrating Deviousness- October 2018
:bulletorange: Community Volunteer Openings
:bulletorange: Supporting Working Artists
:bulletorange: SYFY and DeviantArt Celebrate Fan Creators
Official Contests
All "official" contests will begin at midnight PST on the start date and end at 11:59 PST on the end date. This applies to all Community Relation run contests and all DeviantArt sponsored contests.
:flagus: denotes US only contest
  Community Engagement Week begins!Community Engagement Week
This week is will run between Oct 8 - 12th, and it's  a very special week - it's totally about you. 
We all wish sometimes that some things on DA were different - there are features we're not big fans of, there's too much of this and too little of that. We find workarounds, we look for solutions, we scour the FAQ and journals for answers to our burning questions. Guess what - this week, many of said questions will be answered in an easy and accessible way. We'll post detailed articles, we'll have challenging and unique contests, and we'll invite you to talk with us in the #projecteducate chatroom for a community feedback event.
This whole thing began with a journal posted by Rowye, in which he talked about his thoughts about DA: 

Writing Prompts

Visual and Auditory Writing Prompts (Volume #5)    Need some inspiration? Need something easy to digest? Here is a brief collection of audio, visual and text based prompts you could use in your next piece! Let me know if you find this series helpful, or if there is anything inspirational that you would like to contribute to the next volume. :love:
Visual and Auditory Writing Prompts (Volume #5)




"They say that the prospect of being hanged in the morning concentrates a man's mind wonderfully; unfortunately, what the mind inevitably concentrates on is that, in the morning, it will be in a body that is going to be hanged."  - Terry Pratchett, Going Postal
Happy Writing,
:iconcrliterature: :iconwriting-rampage: :iconglory-be-project:
  Irrational FearWell, it's October, which means it's time for obligatory horror themed prompts.
Instead of the usual list of trending monsters and phobias, we're asking you to create tales and lines revolving around quirky and unfounded fears.  Papyrophobia, the fear of paper, would be one such fear (don't be afraid to use that one just because it's being used as an example).
And as always, should you use the prompt and desire some recognition, link your deviations in the comments section.
Thank you all, and we hope you have a delightful (and frightful?) Halloween.
  Writing Challenge - 5 - Coldwater:new:
This Challenge is now Closed
It's been a while in the making but we have a new challenge ready and waiting for you to accept it.
The brainchild of :iconvevulicious379:, this challenge will have you exercising your writing muscles in a manner you may never have considered before - should you choose to accept it that is.
Challenge 5 - 'Coldwater'
COLDWATER, TEXAS (POP: 513): A tiny, stopover town typically frequented by truckers, tourists, runaways and the like. The kind of podunk town you wouldn’t live in unless you were born there.
With the transient nature of its population, however, comes a dark underbelly hid beneath its quaint exterior. This is a place of fear, anguish, and suffering. Of horrific things from this world and beyond and the strange befalling people deserving and undeserving alike.
Should you come to Coldwater, do relax and enjoy your stay.
But Be Warned: take the plunge beneath the surfa
 <da:thumb id="764653155"/>

NaNoWriMo is coming!

<da:thumb id="761413359"/> <da:thumb id="763573205"/>

Literature News and Features

As ever, these folks are compiling features and news of everything going on - in far greater detail than I can capture. Take a look:

Litland NewsLast update: 31 Jan 2019
Pixel Star (free to use) HI FOLKS! Pixel Star (free to use)  This will be the last update. Along with resigning as a CV, I'm putting this journal on hiatus for awhile, maybe forever. However, LitPickings is taking up the mantle, so please watch that account and/or CRLiterature for all your future lit news!

Contests, Challenges, Projects
JessaMar is hosting a fiction contest about multicultural fairy tales. Deadline: Feb 10
New It's Flash Lit February at Prose-ject!
New And February Form Fiesta at ProjectDFC!
New Wanna try the The Beatles Medley Lit Challenge
  <da:thumb id="764627560"/>

Over the Moon: Poetry + Prose (Volume #20)Welcome to another volume of Over the Moon, a growing collection of literature and talented deviants! I encourage you to Added to my devWatch! and Favourite Star these pieces and authors and take a look through their galleries! 
Over the Moon: Poetry + Prose (Volume #20)

A cradle song by austin316hellyeah the l word by Potahtochildannie
Happy Writing,
:iconcrliterature: :iconwriting-rampage: :iconglory-be-project:
  Ask Us Anything - October #9Last Month: Ask Us Anything - September #8
The admins here at Nurturing Narratives would like to let all members of :iconnurturing-narratives: know we're always here and happy to engage with your questions on anything writing related. While we don't claim to be experts on all things writing, as fellow writers we have lots of experience between us which we're more than happy to share!
Star!If you're struggling with something right now, leave a question by commenting below and one (or more) of us will respond. Star!
Questions can be about anything concerning the writing process, including, but not limited to: brainstorming, character/plot creation, genre relate
  September 2018 Lit DD RoundupCongrats to all who got one! Keep reading, suggesting, and supporting each other!
Features by BeccaJS

Features by akrasiel
pterophorus pentadactyla ~ catatonia by lithium-cocoonDo You Hear the Forest Speak? by Mattefacelies my mama told me by brokenfragilethingsTargetting - une histoire avec des dents dedans by BelphegorDeLEsip
Features by squanpie
You are a mountain by sentienttreeUp In Me by ShihSnTzThe Little Story Time Traveler by PennedinWhite83 Roses by luxwarMemories by MeliranThe Damnation of Us All by JimmieBeecounting to thirteen by miserabelSummer Grass by Porsheee
Features by BlackBowfin
domestic animals by thesquarerootCrippled Bird by freyaintranslationan offering by moondrums


Unfortunately it's not all bright news. I'm sure most of you have heard by now, but the literature community lost one of its stars last month. I've nothing more to add, so here's LadyLincoln 's heartfelt tribute to our Warrior Princess.

Recommended Journals
More flash fictiony things
I'm even further behind than I thought I'd be, but you all know how it is this time of year. Here's a few more pieces I've read that deserve mad love. And I'm sorry to the ones I've missed. Check them out if you have a chance. And if you have more time, mosey on down to the flash fiction gallery:
FFM 2017 Winners!
You've been waiting very patiently, and at last the results of Flash Fiction Month 2017 are here! As ever, the list of people we'd like to thank is as long as our tentacles. But in particular we’d like everyone to give a special round of applause for the amazing volunteer judges who devoted all their time and energy towards making this winners announcement a reality! We'd also like to thank the extraordinarily generous 2017 prize donors, who made it possible to have the full four prizes for the third year in a row! And of course special thanks is due to the magnificently talented joe-wright (, for designing that most coveted flash fict
Literature DD Roundup February 2016
`TheMaidenInBlack ( Features by TheMaidenInBlack ( :thumb587951508::thumb554898855::thumb560453130::thumb571592161::thumb537488407::thumb402700639::thumb571339776: :iconliliwrites: Features by LiliWrites ( :thumb552033369::thumb581323375::thumb588235506::thumb538603650::thumb588123536::thumb581470528::thumb562689498::thumb462250561::thumb589783459::thumb512008167::thumb541945409::thumb592687524: :iconbrennenxr: Features by brennennn ( :thumb591089846::thumb570889403::thumb548451319::thumb430415835: :thumb588118684::thumb585099462::thumb557883920: :thumb555844767::thumb568960700: As always, an extra special thank you to our wond
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Memnalar|Hobbyist Writer
Oops, I didn't see this!  Thanks, of course! Flirty Devil  And Chip is epic.
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squanpie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
One of those 'everything coming together' moments for the weekend. :D

and no problem!
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LadyLincoln|Hobbyist Writer
There are several things here worthy of note! As always, I appreciate the support. :heart:
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Seems like you got the prize that neurotype should've gotten. Maybe she'll win a duck this month to make up for it :giggle:
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Chip is awesome. :D
and thank you for featuring my piece. You are wonderful! :heart:
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squanpie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for sharing it with us. :heart:
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Aw, Chip is adorable!
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Mythiril|Hobbyist General Artist
Ducktober is awesome :3 
you should make more ducks
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squanpie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I ran out of time to make ducks. Too many Gauntlets killed me :noes:
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Mythiril|Hobbyist General Artist
seems the gauntlet killed Anne too :lol: 
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neurotype|Hobbyist General Artist
You gambler d:
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squanpie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Shocking, I know! :noes:
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TheSkaBoss|Hobbyist Writer
:la: that is an amazing dinosaur!! I would also be broke if they did that! :la: :la:

(and also ty for feature! :la:)

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squanpie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was so stoked to see that dinosaur there. I didn't see the prizes until after I won, else I probably wouldn't have been able to play for hopeful desperate tactics! :la:
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TheSkaBoss|Hobbyist Writer
hehehehe that's fair! xD

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I wonder if Chip up there is also available in my country. Got a couple birthdays coming up soon!
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squanpie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Here's what he looked like in the egg. Good luck!…
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Thank you lots and lots!
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