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Updates: August 2018

Sat Aug 4, 2018, 9:23 AM
Whee, it's August and it's sunny!

Well actually it's a little too sunny for my liking - and it's been tat way for rather too long for my garden's liking. We Brits don't really understand this not-rain stuff!

Anyway, on with the journal - and here's the obligatory photo for you. How do you like two-month-old turkeys? :love:

Img 20180804 161918 by squanpie

They're strangely the most affectionate farm birds I've come across yet. Always happy to say hello, and they'll sit for hours for cuddles. How much of that will stay the same when they're huge and bald, only time will tell. :D

Latest Lit News

There's been a lot on in LitLand over the last month. In fact, so much that I'm going to split August's journal into two halves. For now, here's a quick summary of what's been happening and what's coming up soon!

DD Discussion Chat - TODAY!

Starting any minute now (maybe... depending on how quickly I can write and post this journal. ;) ), in #CRLiterature, the DD Discussion chats are a great way to meet other writers and writing enthusiasts. Find out more below, and check out last month's crop of Literature DDs too. Remember, you can find each day's DDs here: Daily Deviations - and don't forget to keep suggesting any wonderful artwork you might find!

DD Discussion Chat on August 4Summer is flying by, so this is a great time to slow down and discussion some literature - Literature Daily Deviations, to be precise.
All are invited to the CRLiterature chat room this Saturday, August 4 from 11am-1pm Pacific Time - see what that is in your time zone here. We will be discussing a selection of Literature DDs from July; a list of the works that we intend to include can be found below.
We believe that discussion with friends and peers is a valuable part of how a reader experiences literature, and since the Daily Deviations are some of the best literature that DA has to offer, they are particularly suited to casual and thoughtful conversation.
How is this different from a critique chat?<
    July 2018 Lit DD RoundupCongrats to all who got one! Keep reading, suggesting, and supporting each other!
Don't forget that CRLiterature is hosting a book club-style chat on August 4 to discuss July's DDs!

:icondoughboycafe: Features by doughboycafe

:iconbeccajs: Features by BeccaJS
no easy way by toxic--sunriseA Story In Which Nothing Happens by Rieal-DragonsbaneWhen the engineer sleeps by oviedomedinaBy the Large Old Elm by BoyoWordsThe Caterpillar by AspiredWriterMicrosleep by BlackBowfin
:iconakrasiel: Features by akrasiel
Actions and words by JessaMara new year-ning by heartdialectthirty seven by and-speak(short stories) Soulshine by HorribleWriterLittle Things by creativelyclicheretroperspective by PolarAnemoneUntitled by creightonwritesWashing the Tyger by inkedacrylicOne Bad Day #1 by RhoderSenses of Proportion by Nullibicity

Flash Fiction Month Retrospective...

...Coming soon!

I can't possibly miss out reporting on this year's FlashFictionMonth - but I've been so busy this last week working on house and garden, that I've not had time enough to read through anywhere near as many entries as I'd like to find some favourites to feature. Also, if I wait a bit, the winners ought to be announced, and I can show them off to you all too!

Farewell doughboycafe 

By now, most of you probably know that doughboycafe has stepped down as a literature CV. After a good 25 Months in post, heading up contests, events, and workshops, she has finally hung up her heart in exchange for a medal of service.

Of course - this isn't really goodbye. doughboycafe  is still around. But that doesn't stop all of us from saying a great big thank you for all the hard work she's put in over the last two years as a Literature CV!

A Guide to Writing Combat-Related Mental IllnessComing Back from Combat: A Writer’s Guide to Combat Related Psychological Illness in Fiction
The aim of this guide is simple: plenty of people want to write about war, to explore it, to understand it and understand soldiers they know who are in it or have come from it. But, often times putting the aftermath, the pain, and the psychological impact war has on the mind into words is difficult to do well.
This guide exists to help fiction writers accurately portray psychological disorders in their work, because the people who suffer from these disorders and their loved ones deserve honesty and do not deserve to be misrepresented. The guide is here to help writers understand how these disorders come about, how they are treated, and how to think critically about how they might impact the person who has them.
I. Introduction
1. A disclaimer, and polemics.
2. Why are you writing a psychological illness into your story?
3. Terms you should be familiar with for this
    Thank you, doughboycafe!
Please join me in thanking doughboycafe for being an awesome member of the Community Volunteer team :) We will miss her on the team but know she has amazing things in her future :heart:

Thank you, doughboycafe!
   Navy Property“Those sons of bitches!”
Hank came into Hangar Six howling like a mad dog.
“Sons of bitches, they stole it!”
Ken looked up from the remains of the T34 engine he was working on. “You’re making a racket.”
“As well I should be!” bawled Hank.
“Who stole – “ Waldorff started, but Hank just kept right on going.
“The bastards stole it. This is all because of that damned idiot Kowalski and his grudge against us for the fireworks! This is open war, I’m telling you Ken!”
“You’re too loud,” said Ken. “Can’t hear myself think.”
“Well, I’m outraged, and you should be outraged!”
“Lower your voice and tell me why, I’ll consider it.” Ken rubbed his temple. Shop Super had had a long night the night before, and the vague smell of old alcohol oozing out of pores would be a reminder of it all day today.
Hank stamped a foot and point

Welcome BlackBowfin 

Yes, that's right! The mighty Literature CV team still numbers a solid four, with the recent addition of BlackBowfin !

Microsleepit slips in
through the cracked window
and casual gauze of microsleep
a future memory solidifies
its humanoid weight
onto the empty passenger seat
i keep driving, like always
as if this world
and all others like it
depend on every corner
to be rounded, just so
as if a single wrong pebble
caught in the treads
might hurtle the whole thing sunward
then i wake into familiar dream
just past the interchange
too late to exit
and i survey, from highway speeds
winter-bare forest preserves
clustered in crimescenes
drones buzzing about yellow tape
process and record
while the footprints leading away
erode in a whipping flat plains wind
and the hitchhiker they belong to
doesn't need me to stop
but merely blink, to let them in
their weight collecting beside me
reminds me
there's a reason
why our dead settle where they do
and why our living
appear to re-cut
the same circular trails to nowhere
it's because every earth
like or unlike this one
remembers those steps back into our feet
we think it's a ca
    Welcome Copperein and Blackbowfin!
Please join me in welcoming copperrein and BlackBowfin to the Community Relations team!
copperrein (Chats and Forums)

BlackBowfin (Literature)

Now take a moment and go say hello!
    Our Seadrawn Weightfollow my footprints
to the point where
silver moonlit surf
fills them in
and unpads them smooth
as the land stops
where the distant
darkly upright line
of my shape
steps on heels unpressed
by jetsam shift
toward a quiet kingdom's
call below
follow my movements
motored by music
sung several species ago
in dreams drowned, layers deep
within the countermove
to our subatomic sway
here is where we all return
our emergence- for gills
and our pointedly jointed limbs
for the fluid flail and whip
of the lampreys
we know they've always been
all writhing and latched
to whatever remains of us
still decomposing
at the waterlogged center
of our seadrawn weight
here is where we choke and release
our own neck of tide
where we loll and bunch, transforming
in its heartfilled throat
until weary waters sink us
back to our source
now follow my darkly upright line
follow it flattened, fallen
to the bottom of our beginnings

Game Of Genres Results

theWrittenRevolution once again ran this epic contest. I'll probably say more about this in my next journal, but for now, take a look at the winners here: A Game of Genres 2018: Winners' Journal!

Inevitable - Game of Genres
     Al paused, gooseflesh rippling over his arms as an eerie tingling convulsed it’s way down his spine. He shook his head and fitted the wrench onto the pipe, grunting in satisfaction as he moved the fitting back into place and sealed the two pipes together again.
      “Alright, you.” He said to no one in particular, “let’s see if that did the trick.”
       Placing the wrench back into his toolbox, Al reached up and clasped the valve on the pipe above his head; easing it slowly to the open position. After waiting a moment to make sure there were no leaks, he grunted again and packed up his toolbox.
       “There we go,” he muttered to himself, “who says I can’t fix a broken geothermal alone?”
       All around him on the catwalk heat pumps hummed to life, their motors responding to the sudden increase in water flow. Al rubbed at

Mature Content

    The Land of the Red DragonHuang Zhi came into this world with a designated job as a construction worker and a number that was tattooed behind his ear. Once he had developed a sense of self, he was taught to appreciate the high tech exo-suit that was issued for him an hour after his birth. A standard gift that all newborns received to aid their survival. 
That suit was his skin. It wasn’t allowed to come off. It grew with him, stretched with his limbs and never tore. It had special, intricate systems that took care of his needs and a self-activating helmet. Its digital visor relayed all sorts of communications through the day. This suit was marketed as the pinnacle of human development. An 'If you take it off, you die!' slogan accompanied it. Huang counted once. There were fifty-three variations of that sentence splashed across billboards and large screens along the street he crossed to get to work.
The smog had been at a catastrophic level for years. The giant air filtration units that we

Remember to check out the journal for the whole list of winning stories. With three winners for each week, and three stories for each of the overall winners, there's plenty of awesome stuff there.

projecteducate  Publishing Week

We had our most recent Literature Focused projecteducate week last month in July. Again, loads of great resources there. Check out a couple of highlights below, and see the wrap-up journal for the full listing of links!

Deviants in Print: Connor PetersonPublishing Week

Connor Peterson
, (WriterOfStuff) writing as Peter Dawes, the USA Today bestselling author of The Vampire Flynn Series and Deathspell, published through Crimson Melodies Publishing, LLC., of which he is one of two founding members. He is a Philadelphia Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and an assistant for the Philadelphia Free Writers Association.
When not writing and revising, rewriting and revising again, Connor spends his time on the road showing off Crimson Melodies wares at conventions in the Northeastern U.S., moderating or participating in panel discussions about the LGBT+ writing community, LGBT+ themes in comics and fiction writing, and fiction writing in general. While doing all of that, he’s also trying to keep up with his four children. My first question is obvious…
Connor, ho
    Publishing Week: Wrap-UpPublishing Week
Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!
In praise of those deviants who gave us some of their time so we don't lose too much of ours figuring out how to publish, let's hear it for all these fine people providing material for and shouldering this week's Educate! You are treasures, one and all.
We hope this has been an informative, inspiring and encouraging week for everyone reading these articles and we shall leave you to it with a flourish and a hearty 'goodbye, and until next time'!
Publishing Week
16th Monday - INTRO
AM: Intro by akrasiel
PM: The Do's and Don'ts of Submissions by TheBrassGlass
17th Tuesday - POTATO FESTIVAL
    Please STOP ME: publishing for potatoesPublishing Week
Being dreamers, we sometimes imagine our stories featuring prominently in our favourite magazine or lying in a bookshop’s window waiting to be picked up. The idea of getting published appeals to us... and our egos. Ego is something we have at least a little bit of, or else we wouldn’t trust our prose and poetry to paper to begin with. And as writers we also have a very vivid imagination, but sometimes these two perks can play tricks on us when it comes to the world of publishing.
For this guide, I spoke with:
:iconfuzzyhoser: FuzzyHoser,
professional editor, and
:icongdeyke: GDeyke
:iconakrasiel: akrasiel
:icondamonwakes: DamonWakes,
authors in print.
They're here to stop me from being an absolute starchy root vegetable when jumping into the wonderful world of publishing and doing something regrettable.
Let's get this potato rolling:
Icon - Potato A publisher is someone who publishes stuff. You send h

DeviantArt Birthday!

Yes, it's that time of year again! :party:

Watch out for a whole lot of fun events in the forums, chatrooms, and other competitions, as DeviantArt turn 18 this year. Some of them have even already started...

DA's 18th Birthday Caption ContestTo celebrate DeviantArt's 18th birthday, the Community Relations team is hosting a caption contest and inviting you to engage your sense of humour! It's time to fire up your wit and caption the (mostly) graduation-themed photos below from staff and volunteers!
How it works
Visit each individual photo linked below to leave a caption in a comment. Click on the photo to open its own stash page and leave your comment THERE, not here on this journal! Each caption is your entry to the contest. You may leave a caption on any or all of the photos - it's totally up to you.
The prizes
The best caption for each photo wins a one month Core membership :boogie:
The deadline
7th August at 11:59 PM PT. (LA, California time). Any comments left after that time will not be considered :excited:
The photos
    Happy 18th Birthday DeviantArt! (now with winners!

UPDATE: The Winners !
Please join us in congratulating the winners of our DeviantArt Academy Scavenger Hunt!
Also, a special THANK YOU from our team to SmolSalty for creating our Graduation Fella mascot for this contest!
Thank you to everyone that participated, it was a lot of fun for us :heart:
Welcome to DeviantArt Academy!

Let me introduce myself! My name is Danielle and I am your dedicated Guidance Counselor. It seems we have come to the end of your high school experience -- Senior year! I have come to see you all as my children and as such I will miss you but I know you're about to embark onto bigger things. That said, we still have something special to experience together -- Prom! This year's prom is themed around success, growing up and achieving t
    DeviantArt's Birthday Chat/Forum Events!Howdy there!
This Tuesday, August 7th is DeviantArt's 18th Birthday! To celebrate this, the CR team has a big scavenger hunt game you can find out about here: Happy 18th Birthday DeviantArt!
But we also have some chat and forum fun in store for you as well! A great chance for you to have fun but also possibly win lots of prizes! Indeed, we like to make it rain on DA's birthday ;) many :points: and 3 month core memberships will be up for grabs! Even participants who don't win will get rewarded.
Chat Events Schedule:
On August 7th in the :#communityrelations: chatroom you will find the following events:
10AM PST - Rock paper scissors with The Janitor
11AM PST - Trivia Competition with The Principal
12PM PST - Scavenger hunt with

Remember, if you don't want to miss out on the festivities, make sure you're following communityrelations . And Get Ready! It's gonna be awesome! :eager:



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We're halfway through the first week of Game of Genres already. Time to get writing!

Don't miss out on this fun community game. Write a poem with your friends - no previous poem experience required, apply within! 

Sign-ups close on Friday, so get your name on that list before then!
Come on guys, just one week left to enter this awesome historical fiction writing contest!
How well do you know your fandoms? Pop along to the Trivia challenge in #ProjectEducate in half an hour to find out!



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