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Assassins Creed - The Birds of Truth

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Oct London MCM Expo 2013
Assassins Creed - birds of truth
Photo by Kurnikoff
edit by :iconragemoreroberts:

the Birds of truth assassins though time project.
You can see the whole group in sneaky zebra MCM vid here…
For more info head to
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Terrific!, I love how you did all the cultural warrior stuff!
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Awesome. Kinda ironic though. Birds of Truth, but "Nothing is True", remember?
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thank you!

the name came from a in joke. we where messing around after a shoot and something was said and 1 of are assassins replied with "and that's the bird of truth" and flapped his arms.

from that we now have are name, a greeting motion of flapping instead of waving and the worlds "flap flap" are used as a agreement/acknowledgment.

we did then think after that it contradicts the code but meh, we thought it was funny. 
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Ah. That explains it :D
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Hell, I may just make a fic off of your Cosplay. The Mayan and yours are my absolute faves!! :)
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that would be really cool to read! and thank you!
dont forget to check the FB page for all are shoots…
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Trust me, I already have :) They're fantastic!!!
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well thank you. (if u do wright anything, the western assassin is called Roy, from a joke when drawing concept for him) ;)
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I would seriously have to come up with a hell of a backstory, but the challenge would be fantastic! I will place that name within my notes, thank you! :hug: :plotting:
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Just saw the video, found this.
All of my yes!
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ty. dont forget to check out the face book page. there is more there and more to come!
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The Western and Victorian are amazing. One has a winchester the other a cane sword.
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holly grail of the assassin´s order :o (Eek)  this is flipping awesome  :happybounce: La la la la  and cool Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] lol
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there are more of us. some of us couldn't make that event.
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more? :o (Eek)  you people are awesome La la la la  lol love the creativity usually when i go to a con or something it´s just ezio or altair maybe connor but you and your friends took it to the next step it´s badass :D (Big Grin) 
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yep we have a Islamic Persian, Spanish Armada, Napoleonic Wars, Vietnam and Utopia
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dang that´s really awesome :D (Big Grin) 
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This is pretty great!
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This is awesome!
Great work from everyone involved!
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This is so focking awesome!! o-o
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