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Under the Sea by The-KOKO-Empire
Squall Rinoa Xmas by Eyes-0n-Me
Squall and Rinoa Christmas version by Eyes-0n-Me
Rinoa Squall Xmas by Eyes-0n-Me
Rinoa - Vanishing Star by CrystalMoonlight1
Pleased to meet you Squall by CrystalMoonlight1
Rinoa - Pretty Please? by CrystalMoonlight1
Rinoa - You're Going to Like Me by CrystalMoonlight1
FFVIII - Happy Birthday Squall by Yuen-Li
Chibi Squall Leonhart by Rutoro
Dissidia: Lion Stare by TheTrueDarkness
Squally:D by Flux010
on group
Family by Arc-Ecclesia
KH II - Three Hearts by Yuen-Li
Dissidia: Deathwish by TheTrueDarkness
Dissidia: HELL YEAH by TheTrueDarkness
Squall Rinoa

Mature Content

Dissidia: Sexbomb Sorceress by TheTrueDarkness
'I will find you' by Anaiara
Squall and Rinoa by Aznwithnolifebutart
Squall and Riona by Shinigamichick39
Yaoi Mature content

Mature Content

Squall Lionhart... O.o by Thyamant
FFD: Strife and Leonhart by prongsie
589 by mixed-blessing
Irvine and Squall by Gunblades-Kill-All
Rinoa and Squall by Eyes-0n-Me
Rinoa Squall Amano by Eyes-0n-Me
Squall by Yoshitaka Amano by Eyes-0n-Me
Squall and Rinoa by Amano by Eyes-0n-Me
Word for word
ff8 lefkada by vasouli1000
Final Fantasy8 lefkada beach by vasouli1000
Squall by Shizomaru-Kun
Light Squall Sign by gibadesign


We are a family! We work as one!








You Above Everything by The-KOKO-Empire
Happy Birthday Son by The-KOKO-Empire
For Stellar Eclipse by Ekeen
'Memory' by Ekeen
just Squall
squall by Elory-Malfoy
Speedpaint - I didn't love you by Hideyo
Leon and his headphones by ShadoDoragon
The Sultan of SHUNNnnnnn by private-ai
with Rinoa
Squall and Rinoa by Kenichi2point0
You'll be Safe Here by muzikmastamaku
-The first night- by Riny-san
Rinoa's puppyeyes by Elezar
Mr. Whatever by RPGirl
Squall Leonhart by Ludichrist
Squall Leonhart by codegoku
party more ppl with him
final fantasy squall + cloud by SoLoretta
The 589's by Zetsurei
My Butler by handsometoufu
Ariel y Squall by Shinta-Girl
Griever ring,silver by Devyatkin
Rinoa and Squall cosplay by Eyes-0n-Me
Blade in Hand by score6
SeeDs by xHee-Heex

Mature Content

Midnight meeting by Brenna-Ivy
Seifer x Squall by Mis--Kitty
78 cheer up by raveeoftitans
FF: 78-pocky by raveeoftitans

Mature Content

Casting Defect? 0_o by wurpess2
Squall Shrine as of 06-2010 by wurpess2
Lionheart by Cloudy-san
Squall Leonhart Stamp by uchiha-itachi111
589 Fukkireta by thekingofqueens25
I LOVE SQUALL stamp by Ari-A
Squall can smile too stamp by MiakaLin
Those randomly selected to become Contributors and CoFounders, randomly.
I had a wonderful idea and felt i should trust my instincts.
And that was to create a family like situation within SquallLionsKingdom . And to implement this; I chose various people and sent them requests to become Contributors.

Now , i dont expect you to do much, nor do i expect you to do nothing. Do what feels right. This is a Family, we stick together. I honestly apologise for the inactivity of this club.

Together as a family, we can make this a great community! I have given 90% rights to Contributors, they almost have the same power as Founder.
You can create journals, and edit pretty much everything.

Do what you will~ In the best interests of the club.

I hope you listen to your instincts and do what would be in best interest for this group!
Thank you!
Thank you! Really!

~Founder <3
More Journal Entries

We are who we are

This fan club has for goal made a biggest gallery with arts from ♥Squall♥ (from FFVIII or Kingdom heart for the younger’s fans).

squall alone: this one is for put art with just squall, in some nice pose, a close up, etc.. even those flurry arts I don’t like it so much but if is a good drawing is very welcome.
Squall on group:with some GF, in battle against somebody, with the any kind of group.
Squall & Rinoa:he can’t leave that lady so we need a folder for those arts, the cute couple going here.
Yaoi: definition of yaoi, is the relationship between man and man, a popular gender of manga in japan, basicly made for female public, sooo it’s a erotic gender, and some people don’t like it for that, the requisite for a yaoi submission, must have the mature filter OK.

Cosplay: Full costumes only please!

So now what can’t enter to our folders?

sketch: must be a full art, I’m a little exigent, I know, but must have a little of time and work dedicate.

dont send photos of you without doing cosplay isnt a foto log

want to join? just punch the button join our group I we going to accept you as fast as we can, everyone are welcome if you like lion from kingdom heart or squall, from dissidia from FFVIII, I don’t care.

and what about the favs? if you have a suggestion for fav+ send the fav and we going to judge, if the art can be add, we are searching the best arts from ♥Squall♥ so don’t get disappoint if the fav don’t appear but you can send all the favs you want.( so how cares isn’t you draw anyway hhohoho)

So guess that’s all for contest and those things I accept comments and ideas but now we are new first we need to grow up so invite friendīs everyone are welcome

affiliates like I said before are the affiliated are very welcome too even if the club doesn’t have to be with FF or Kingdom heart all a welcome just send me a note.





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