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very cool. very mc escher
Charlene-Art's avatar
Amazing concept!
LefthandedScissors's avatar
wow! that's amazing. =] i love the idea... the only things i'd fix are the fact that the moon's chained down but the chains aren't taught... so why's it chained down if it's not trying to escape? so i'd make the chains tighter, unless that had a specific purpose in the piece =] also the notch in the waterfall in the very bottom where it says 'soul gatherer' is extremely distracting. It keeps my eyes from going where you want them to go and disrupts flow. Other than that i think it's fantastic! =]]]
SquadGazZz's avatar
thx a lot =) I'll think about your opinion =)
LefthandedScissors's avatar
np =] you'll be submitting the final to the manipulator group as well? because i really want to see the finished product ^__^
celyneclown's avatar
Wha !! I'm all on one's arse !!!
It is very very amazing!
SquadGazZz's avatar
celyneclown's avatar
you're welcome, it was a pleasure!
4420's avatar
Absolutely stunning,what a fantastic and original idea:)
1-lve's avatar
Sexy dude...Love the depth
Hellman22's avatar
WOW its a great start what else are you planning to add?
SquadGazZz's avatar
I think, there is nothing to add..
Only bug fixes
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