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Update: Featured here

The story in process..

Previous chapters:

Approach The Time :bulletwhite: XEROX :bulletwhite: COMEHOME :bulletwhite: FATE ARBITER :bulletwhite: FACE OF TIME :bulletwhite: SERVANT


hippo stock :bulletwhite: #resurgere :bulletwhite:

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This is amazing work! It reminds me of Dali :)
Dzhay's avatar
а почему теней от них нет?
hanashippanashi's avatar
amazing ! It's look like Dalì's Art ... a great painter of Surrealism <3
(maybe someone has told you before... but I have no courage to read all your comments to see if someone told you x)

But it's great art.
blekcziken's avatar
I love it!! Very Dali's style!
ianARTic's avatar
very nice, i love the color
crh's avatar
the whole series is awesome!! stunning colors and lightning and vivid imagination!! :star::star::star::star::star:
KiyaMM's avatar
Deep admiration. The blue and orange are perfect together!

Thank you so much for adding your work to Digital Delicacies! :heart:
xBuscapex's avatar
awesome Lightsource...luvin that kind of work

turbinedave's avatar
very dali, excellent
dunkillyou's avatar
I find this very expressionist. I LOVE IT
Jimaaa's avatar
The depth present within this image is vast. Is the "Pet" The keeper of another world? Inside the weird is calm? Don't answer them. (That's for me to figure out)

Colors push and pull me.

The phrase "I'm just taking my mind for a walk" comes to mind.

This is enjoyed.
PSlayer90's avatar
reminds me of Salvador Dali
mtmac's avatar
woodian's avatar
kinda reminds me of terry prachetts "four elephants atop a turtle"

:aww: x
Tremess's avatar
Ух, мощно!=)
mellcor's avatar
great idea, congrats mate!
ScribalWriter's avatar
Such whimsy and mystery. A beautiful and captivating illustration. :heart:
Nimily's avatar
This is phenomenal!

Still... With the light coming from that angle, you are missing some important shadows on the sand. They would be very pronounced in this particular lighting, and would be angled directly towards the viewer.

I think even adding something subtle (in terms of a shadow) would make this picture 100 times more realistic. It's very good though. I love the rainbow in the center of the creature's sky. I can't figure out why something so big would be following an insignificant little human though!
Lee99's avatar
Fabulously strange! ^^
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