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February 26, 2010
Approach The Time by ~SquadGazZz - Amazing!
Featured by archanN
Suggested by rodrigoseroiska
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Approach The Time


Thanks a lot to *rodrigoseroiska for suggesting and to ^archanN for the feature!!!! :la:

Untitled Story as a part of my surreal mind brings you into the deep worlds, without any time counting, without any questions and answers. I'm trying to make you imagine. Keep on trying to see more than just a picture . . .


EXPOSE :bulletwhite: XEROX :bulletwhite: COMEHOME :bulletwhite: FATE ARBITER :bulletwhite: FACE OF TIME :bulletwhite: SERVANT


=night-fate-stock :bulletwhite: *mjranum-stock

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TheArcArtist's avatar
Awesome concept.  nice job!
hare-march's avatar
I crazy like it, I would like to use as deskop photo. Can I?
llamacria's avatar
Hi this is really beautiful! I love the colours and mood :)

One thing though, can you link me directly to the stocks that you used? Im curious to see it for myself :)
kylecras's avatar
I am trying to find a print of this piece larger than what is available. Does anyone have an idea?
SquadGazZz's avatar
what size of print do you need?
felix1982's avatar
kaaaay's avatar
Breathtaking, i really love this work! Great work
DragonSpooker's avatar
crh's avatar
just perfect! I know that I#ve faved this already, but couldn't find it in my collection :confused:
but anyhow this deserves to be faved twice, it's just above perfect!
beautifulreal's avatar
Very good mister ;)
timrfox's avatar
Call I have as a extremely large wallpaper please?
merbel's avatar
Amazing work!
Sonyachka's avatar
SquadGazZz's avatar
в смысле? )
Drunkyy's avatar
I would love to have a direct link to the stock pictures you used!
AllHellDanielle's avatar
sammich13's avatar
i adore this posesses a very deep meaning for me's wonderful.
Mishelangello's avatar
ramji047's avatar
wow...nice idea...
hardyguardy's avatar
это все рисованное?
SquadGazZz's avatar
исходя из категории работы - это фотопанипуляции.
все изображения, 4то вы видите здесь - это коллаж из разных фотографий. 4то-то было людьми, 4то-то было отдельными горами и облаками и про4ее про4ее, просто сильно измененное.
alovernotafighter's avatar
Thanks for submitting in to the #Belle-Art Critique Wanted folder!

I don't really think this piece needs critique, but I'll try my best.

The only thing I think that could possibly, possibly be improved on are the time-people in the far far far background, the mountain slightly misty, maybe they should be too?
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