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I realize there are many people on here who follow me for Tales of Arcadia fanart, but unlike other social media such as Tumblr or Instagram, there isn't a whole lot I can do about hiding spoilers on DA. With that in mind to give anyone who doesn't want spoilers for Wizards a chance without making them avoid DA forever, I will avoid posting any Wizards fanart until September.

If someone knows a way to make the preview image different from the main one when submitting a deviation, let me know. I remember how to do it in Classic Green, but not in Eclipse (if you can anyway...).

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Yugi-Dan-YamiHobbyist Artist i have trouble too as especially with twitter (as it doesn't have "spoiler" filter tag)

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Patchi1995Hobbyist Artist

I think I really liked the Jlaire, probably, an all human version(especially when Jim is back to be human, when the Green Knight is destroyed, while Morgana was sacrificed.) especially. I also prefer Claire on her turtleneck without a jacket(since on a couple of episodes of Tales of Arcadia: Trollhunters, "Wherefore Art Thou Trollhunter?" and "Claire and Present Danger) really the best. Have you ever tried a Tales of Arcadia centaur AU before, probably like this?

Taurhunters: Jim Lake Jr.
Taurhunters: Tobias Dershowitz Domzalski
Taurhunters: Claire Nunez
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SquabasaurusHobbyist Digital Artist

Hmm, not exactly into centaur aus for the Tales of Arcadia series. Maybe one day, but right now just loving the canon

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Patchi1995Hobbyist Artist
I understood my good fellow. ;)
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EuphordepressiaHobbyist Traditional Artist

Now I have got new ideas after Wizards, but also for my SPECIES movie fanworks.