I don't hate Eclipse

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Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of users here are pretty miffed about a forced migration to the Eclipse mode of DeviantArt, but I'll be honest, I don't hate it.

When the option for Eclipse was first released, I was hesitant, but ultimately decided to go for it since I figured the whole site would be "Ecliplsed" before long. There was a clear learning curve, but it was no different from trying to figure out other websites such as RedBubble, Tumblr, or even YouTube. Websites and layouts change all the time, and it had been a LOOOOOOOOONG time since DA had any sort of big change.

And look, I get it. The classic green mode is just that. Classic. It's nostalgic and a lot of us who have been here for a long time are used to it. But guess what? It wasn't exactly the easiest thing to navigate back then either.

It took me years to figure out you could even add custom icons to gallery folders (a feature I do miss from the Classic Green mode and I hope Eclipse will have an update with that soon) and years longer on how to have embedded videos in journals. There was always some roundabout way to have cool features like icons, links to other deviants, or thumbnails. And does it take longer to click a whole bunch of buttons rather than type :iconinsertusername: into a comment or journal? Yes. But the point of Eclipse wasn't to piss off the already existing members, but to make the website more user-friendly for new members. All those features I mentioned can be found straight away when using the site now without having to ask Google how it all works in HTML code.

Do I miss Classic Green? Yes.

Do I think Eclipse is the worst thing ever and should be burned in a fire? No.

I just think a few people could stand to have an open mind about it.

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superkoolaHobbyist Writer

Hmm...interesting. And you've got good points about change in general!

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SquabasaurusHobbyist Digital Artist

It was a little surreal reading this comment, because I usually have such an aversion to change and always want things to stay comfortable, but I guess it's a more flexible mentality to me now...

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PlatypusrocksHobbyist Digital Artist

Finally, someone else who doesn't loathe Eclipse with burning fury.

While it's certainly a challenge to readjust, change is natural, and hopefully it'll be for the better as they continue to update the site.

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Shiroi-majoHobbyist Digital Artist
I do agree that it's really not a big deal, I think it's just learning the new feature just like Youtube and Tumblr. I really think they need to tweek somethings because it's hard to read some post with the way it is, but overall I'm not really mad at it.
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SlingBlade87Professional Writer
My biggest issue is that it is hard to read. 

I have 20/20 vision and I'm having issues navigating it visually. 

It feels really exclusionary to creators with weaker eyesight to make something that is an eyesore for people with good vision. 

And I'm not just blowing smoke, I have three friends on DA who all have varying issues with their eyesight and they've all mentioned how much Eclipse is physically exhausting for their eyes. They have all stayed on DA as opposed to other art sites because it was more accessible to their vision issues. 

I feel like Eclipse is inevitable but I'm not convinced that it is being rolled out with the best interest of the user base.