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Big 4 Before And After

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Though I touched on it in the 2020 drawing a little bit, I started really delving into what exactly changed over 6 years in my art:

The biggest difference is my understanding of light sources and how they interact with 3D objects. I had a minor understanding of the differences between form shadow and cast shadow, but I have since learned not to go too overboard with highlights and how detail shadows don't need to be super harsh to be seen. 

Both pictures have two light sources, but I really wanted to challenge myself with two different color light sources in the second one. That can change the colors of shadows themselves and is harder to juggle which is a stronger light source and where shadows really fall. Though one day I will attempt a light source from below like the original pic again. 

My understanding of anatomy and expressions have definitely improved. Unlike the first pic where everyone has the same general pose and expression, I learned a little variety can make a drawing more dynamic and interesting to look at. So I made it a point to not have two of the same pose or expression in any of the characters. I then also had to attribute which poses would work for which character, since the attitude of a character can tell you a lot about their personality. 

Backgrounds have always been a challenge for me, but they have become less of an after-thought and I actually look at reference pictures now! The original drawing was a series of sketchbook designs I just pasted together into one, but I got lucky in how well they managed to come together. Nowadays I often create thumbnails of what I want the final product to look like so I have a plan in how everything comes together. This includes background items so they don't come as a surprise in the end.

There were some things I changed in terms of design, such as Merida and Rapunzel's crowns, or Jack's outfit details. This just came with a better understanding of design weight, cohesiveness, and item functionality. (Plus, I found a lot of Merida's gemstones super annoying and just based her crown on her mother's...)

Things I want to work on in the future:

I'll be honest, I still need to work on backgrounds and how they affect the composition of a piece. As an aspiring comic artist, I'll need to draw a lot of them.

Action poses and dynamic scenes. Though there is an element of movement in the second piece, they are still very static and show a simple sense of foreshortening. 

Value. Shading and highlights are a neverending battle to me, but I would like to implement it with different color lights and with more accuracy. 

For the longest time, I felt too comfortable in stopping at a sketch and never fully completing a drawing. Nowadays I am working to reverse that mentality, but I want to be more eager to color pieces. Color was always a daunting process to me, and if you look back in my gallery you can see many pockets of deviations that are just sketches. Many times that was just because I was too lazy to even attempt to color them, or I was terrified it would look worse than the sketch. But you can't ever get past the "sketch looks better than lineart" stage if you never complete a drawing.
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six years been too long

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SquabasaurusHobbyist Digital Artist

welp, it'll probably be another 6 years before I muster up the energy to draw them again

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Shiroi-majoHobbyist Digital Artist

This is beautiful, I really need to draw the four again. :D

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*Beautiful. Just beautiful.*