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Fringe: Astrid and Gertrud

By sqbr
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Astrid from Fringe stands holding a gun and considering the glowing text "Weh Weh Du hast sie zerstört Die schöne Welt"
(German for "Woe woe. Thou hast destroyed it, The beautiful world") in a strange butterfly and thorny vine filled space based on the barrier of the witch Gertrud from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

For lilacsigil's prompt. I've never seen Fringe but as far as I can tell it's the kind of show where no matter how impossible the weird situation they're in everything gets solved in half an hour. Someone like that at the start of Puella Magi Madoka Magica would have been useful :)

References: Butterfly, illuminated manuscript background.
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If thinks the writing is strange, wait until she sees what's at the center of the barrier.:eek:
Anyway, don't know too much about Fringe but I like the idea regardless and you some more.
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Heehee, yes indeed! I hadn't seen any Fringe when I drew this picture, then went on to watch a few seasons and quite liked them though Astrid was not given much to do. And thank you :)
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Fun(?) fact that decyphering the runes in PMMM would do nothing good to the girls, they're there to complete the madness :D
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Well, if they recognised the Faust reference they might get the hint not to trust Kubei. ...but probably not.
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Homura explicitly told them not to trust QB, and it wasn't enough. At least Walter could convince them that she's really capable of time control, so it gave some weight to her words ;)
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Good point!
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LOL! You made a PMMM/Fringe crossover!
I'm not alone anymore :D :D :D

And yes indeed, in Fringe things get solved so incredibly fast, that it often defies logic...
They definitely have to help those poor magical girls. The girls especially need Walter, Fringe's mad scientist...

(I have an in-progress PMMM/Fringe crossover fiction here, I found too many connections between the two series, I just couldn't resist...)
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Glad to hear it's not completely implausible and made a real Fringe fan happy! Though PMMM crosses over with everything :)
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