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Resume Layout Design

this is my resume layout design for my internship.. fuh.. getting nervous... hope can get some job... haha..
enjoyy ^^
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hi, could you send editable template to, please?
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Nice one i hope you got a job for this one GOD BLESS!!!!!!:)
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Awesome Bro.....God Bless U.
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I like your swag
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It's really good!

Also strangely enough, i think we have the same laptop.

Yours is an Acer right?
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thanks man.. uhm.. nope mine is vaio.. not acer.. hehe
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wedeh.. kapan sih elu internshipnya?
btw, ada typo error tuh.
yg without art life is tasteless.
eu ketiknya witout are life is tasteless. :)
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wah!!!1 iyaa!!! jambbuuu!!!! waduh2... gak nyadar gua.. >.<
makasih ndy.. tapi uda di submit resumenye.. haha.. ya sudahlah.. mei nanti internship.. kalo dpet.. haha
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wakakakaka... okeh, pasti dapet lah,, gegegege..
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amin2.. hehe makasih ndy
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wow?jhajaj.. maksudnye apa ne boss?haha
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