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October 27, 2004
Xul 5a - gatherborg series2 by *spyroteknik is great example of a quality digital painting. The detail is amazing. Check out this whole gallery you'll not be disappointed.
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Xul 5a - gatherborg series2

4000x2611px psCS no ref

Cyborg scavengerbot, sent out to gather items of interest from the junkpile, part organic hybrid of the pol nation i'm building for a future project

speedpaint - [link]

*major revisions* darkened the background, added more contrast to separate subject from surroundings more
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Stepbeyond's avatar
I really like this. Your gallery is super.
silver881's avatar
been trying to figure out who did this one a long time ago, saw that you got another DD and then i saw this one in your gallery. I love this pic, awesome looking!
kermet43's avatar
I think the background got thrown to the wayside on this image. The character is very detailed and awesome but the background is lacking.
313x4's avatar
Superb work...very detailed....specially the colours are awesome...
epileptic-raver's avatar
holy freakin' crap, that is awesome
Malach's avatar
fuckin' aya.. this baby is wicked
RapNation's avatar
This is amazing, +fav from me :)
LoneDesperado's avatar
dark-euridice's avatar
incredible work....... :)
mox3d's avatar
wow! great painting Dude
SlLVERandCOLD's avatar
simply amazing,good job
adrian88's avatar
that is something id wear on my wall, nice work mate :D
Battooo's avatar
Just too damn ipressive, you got some -serious- talent there.... It's.. awesome.... makes me speechless..... great job. O.O
SpuuG's avatar
Detail level is awesome
Duffy32Bit's avatar
Generic Deviant Art comment!
dj-designs's avatar
A feature that you so dearly deserve! :nod: Excellent as always. Kind of reminds me of the beginning of the first Terminator movie, or is it the second? Perhaps both even? *bzrk*
leo-darkheart's avatar
very interesting.
sanfranguy's avatar
Big fan of anything with this crazy abstact wiring meets technological crazyness.
Beautiful piece, very well executed and congrats on front page view.
Revmmix's avatar
oh wow! Kick ass artwork! +fav
Anti-Otaku's avatar
Holy crap! I have a piece in that nature
xEXILEDx's avatar
The biggest problem i beleive is that the metal and the skin on the forehead have no devision at all. It needs to be more distinct. Great stuff.
DanLuVisiArt's avatar
about fucking time bro, about fucking time.

You deserved this fav more then anyone on this site, =) im proud!
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