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This is a tribute dedicated to a truly wonderful friend and mentor Jeffery who was known mostly by his character’s name Jaderail. I am truly grateful and honoured to have been a part of his life. I have been very, very, very upset since his passing, it’s really so hard to find the words that express what I'm feeling right now.

Almost every day I would be on skype with Jeff, we were half a world apart, but it never divided the relationship we had developed in that time. He was a man committed to helping others no matter what the subject, and he has shown me the light when all else seemed to me dark, so many times I cannot count them.

He was also a survivor, and in the time since then, he has created himself one heck of a legacy in the Daz community, truly an inspirational gentleman, that I for one am hit with a huge feeling of absence.

For a long time we were engaged in role play, and we had various RP renders spawn from it. He played Jaderail, likewise I was Rue (Spyro), and in that world of fiction I was his ‘adopted son’ , It was hard addressing/referring to the man on the daz forums, for I always found myself calling him ‘Dad’, I was even caught out on it a few times lol. But on that note, he really did become almost a relative to me, perhaps I adopted him in the end...

So anyway this is a simple render, and is the character card accompanying his full scene render (As has been my method of late) I’m not sure when the big one will be completed, as it’s very much an emotional project for me to be doing, but this is a complimentary piece to it. As the first render of him since, I can assure you this is so far the most personal 3d artwork I’ve ever worked on.


As usual, this is a Daz Studio render, Postwork in photoshop. The character is my depiction of Jaderail, likewise my own textures. I made extra care with the shaping to keep it as close as possible to the genuine Jade, more so than in the past. Jeff gave me along with members of my RP group permission to feature his character in our works, though under the circumstances, like many others, I render him in the honour of Jeffery and dedicate this work and the future one to him in tribute. - RIP my friend. You will forever live on through my memory and my heart.

On a side note, This song happened to pop up on TV when I started this render, I instantly felt a connection and it to me sang Jaderail in my mind. I found it on youtube and played it the whole time I worked on it. LORDE Everybody Wants to Rule the World

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tjohn's avatar
Man, I miss Jade. Love this tribute.
SpyroRue's avatar
Yeah, so much changed at that moment... I really not forumed much since. I dont always render to help heal but making this did help me a little at the time. Thanks Tjohn :)
Joltrast's avatar
So sad to just now learn of your friend's passing. I frequently saw his avatar on DAZ forums. He was a prolific poster. This is a fitting tribute and unforgettable face. :| (Blank Stare) :( (Sad) 
SpyroRue's avatar
Thank you for your kind words, he certainly had a big positive impact on the daz 3d community :)
ElleryEmjay's avatar
I am very sorry for this loss. I have benefitted from his posts many times and did not know of his passing. Thanks for sharing this.
SpyroRue's avatar
And same to you. Thanks so much for your kind words, he was a wonderful man, really left such a positive mark on our community and all those who knew him :)
JelenaEllethil's avatar
I still cannot believe he actually left this world. Wonderful image and tribute Spyro. He truly was a great guy and we will all remember him fondly forever. 
SpyroRue's avatar
Thanks very much Jelena, means allot to me :hug:
Kerya-Alexis's avatar
I saw your render before and just couldn't comment just then ...
it's still choking.
The render is a wonderful tribute - it's how I want to remember him.
SpyroRue's avatar
Thanks Kerya! He told me allot of stuff about Jaderail, always had an event that he never told me of, always more details that he would slip in. Has been his primary DnD character for longer than I've lived! The world and the characters back story is so mammoth.
Jeff always said Jaderail was his opposite, I think Jaderail is a character so close to him, in other ways, that it's very much a part of him :) 
Cheers. :hug:
Kismet2012's avatar
I love this image of Jaderail.
SpyroRue's avatar
Thank you very much Kismet :hug:
lucia45's avatar
Beautiful piece and a wonderful tribute. 
SpyroRue's avatar
Thanks very much Lucia, glad to hear it :)
harrylr's avatar
Great render and tribute.  Dramatic image, exceptional textures and lighting.
SpyroRue's avatar
Thanks very much Harry :)
4EYesRoleplaying's avatar
Very good image and a great tribute to our blue skinned friend.
SpyroRue's avatar
Thanks very much mate, that means allot to me :)
NeilV's avatar
great image and touching tribute
SpyroRue's avatar
Thank you very much Neil, and a big thank you for featuring this tribute in Admin's Favorites at daz3delightexp It was his home group of DA, and the best group for his tribute to be placed.
SenaRe's avatar
*hugs*  I'm so sorry. 
SpyroRue's avatar
Sad Hug Extended Many thanks Sena
Pendraia's avatar
Fantastic tribute...he'll be missed.
SpyroRue's avatar
Thank you very much Pendraia, he most certainly will be Sad Hug - Updated 
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