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MYO Woolyne - Coprino

By Spyromancy
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    Born in the small northern town of Lornesse, Coprino was one of many children who worked the family mushroom farm. Though his mother was once a mighty sailor, she settled down with his father on the farm upon falling in love with him. Coprino’s parents were rather contesting Woolynes, in that they made a bet about their children’s chest markings—the marking they were born with would determine their fate. The father’s mushroom-shaped marking seemed to be more dominant, as every single child born bore it. These were the ones who worked the farm. Then, one day, Coprino was born, and upon his chest he wore a blazing blue anchor marking. A seafarer was born, much to the mother’s delight (and father’s concern).

    Taught by his mother, Coprino proved very competent at sailing the waters of Lornesse, sometimes leaving for long periods of time with his mother on small voyages and returning with fish and occasional interesting bits and bobs found out at sea. Coprino’s interest was piqued, and the moment his family began to entertain the idea of him going off on his own, he stole away on his own small sailboat with whatever he could carry in its small cargo hold, armed only in his mother’s old blue and gold seafarer garb.

    He sailed around, keeping out of the way of pirates and larger ships, hoping to uncover some old buried treasure like in the stories his mother would tell him. Adventurous and brave, he often explored seaside caves and little uncharted islands—most of them empty, but one in particular left a big impact on him.

    Coprino found a cave guarded by old wooden debris—most likely a shipwreck, though the ship was more of a crashed boat—right about the time he was becoming an adult. Inside, he found a ghastly image: the skeleton of a Woolyne passed on, back against the wall, its hollow eyes staring out the mouth of the cave… and gripped in its hand was a very old, very odd-looking cutlass. The tip was black and seemed to drip down into the silver of the rest of the blade, ending in a royal blue hilt that made Coprino’s eyes shine with desire.

    He stole it without a second thought, and found a name engraved on the inside of the hilt: Tippler’s Bane.

    He realized he’d stolen from a dead Warrior, and while the thought at first brought him guilt, he eventually grew excited about the fact that he now held a Warrior’s weapon. He practiced with it when he could (though finding opponents more responsive than trees and tall reeds on the shores of islands was difficult; read: impossible), and seemed to have a bit of a natural talent for it. Naturally, he got very cocky very quickly.

    His travels over the years brought him to the city of Seawynne, where he enjoyed the nightlife luxuriously until one night, he wandered into the wrong neighborhood. A few drinks at a particularly seedy bar later, and Coprino found himself in a fistfight with a pair of shady Woolynes, one of which nabbed Tippler’s Bane while Coprino was distracted and ran with it. Spitting curses all the while, Coprino tried to follow the thief, but was effectively knocked out by her partner and left in an alleyway.

    The bartender found him later and roused him with some water and ice. Plagued by a hangover, Coprino asked about the two thieves, and the bartender was happy to provide what information she knew—but warned him that the band of thieves who’d taken it had likely taken it to a smuggling ring where it would be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

    Coprino made a headache-ridden beeline for the place the bartender had told him, making only a few wrong turns until he finally found himself in the center of a bustling, cramped auction house floor…


    “We have here… my, my, what do we have here? We have here a beautifully crafted weapon, a cutlass I believe,” the voice of a small, but loud-mouthed Woolyne at a podium rang out over the crowd. Coprino’s gut dropped at the sight of it, already so attached even if it hadn’t been made for him. He’d had had to sit through a few of these auctions before finally getting to the sword, but they’d given him a chance to experience just how fast-paced they were.

    The only problem was, Coprino didn’t have enough money on him.

    The moment the call for bids left the auctioneer’s lips, Coprino opened his mouth and bellowed into the air as loudly as he could, “I’ll fight any of you, if it means getting that blade back!”

    The murmur that had risen up quieted as a few Woolynes turned to stare at Coprino, swamped by his mother’s coat and hat, blue eyes glittering with fear at the rough-and-tumble looking folk around him. The auctioneer made a sharp ‘eh? Huh?’ and peered into the crowd as Coprino pushed his way forward. “What’dya say, kid?”

    “I’m not a kid,” Coprino snapped, frowning at the pounding in his head, only aggravated by the noise. “That sword is mine. It was stolen from me by some thugs, and I want it back.” Stolen in the first place, and stolen again, Coprino’s brain seemed to chide him. The auctioneer stared at him for a few beats, then threw back his head and hooted with laughter.

    “Aye! Aye, who wants to fight this wiry little Woolie for this fine sword? I’ll humor you, kid—all betting is off. Ladies, gentlemen, and all others! If you can show this kid some manners, the sword is yours for a flat, fair price. If the kid somehow beats your sorry ass, he leaves with the sword for free, and no one is to give him any trouble, see?” The auctioneer sneered at the crowd, and the crowd sneered back, a sure sign that there was no way he was getting out of here unscathed.

    At first, there was only laughter that burned Coprino’s ears until they lied down flat. Until, finally, it died down, and an enormous white-furred Woolyne stepped forward, his orange eyes leering curiously down at Coprino.

    “You’re smaller than I envisioned,” the large Woolyne murmured, much to the bristling of Coprino’s fur. “For such a loud, annoying voice, I expected more of a challenge.” He angled his head up to the cutlass, eyes narrowing. “That’s an enchanted weapon. I’ll be the one taking it home.”

    “E-enchanted?” Coprino blanched, his eyes flying wide with surprise. “No—no way, it’s just a regular old cutlass that I found in—”

    “It’s a powerful weapon. Wasted in the hands of a mere boy. Whoever forged that for you must have been out of their mind,” the white Woolyne growled, though his face remained steely and civil.

    Coprino stared at him for a few moments, the cogs in his brain slowly turning as everything around him seemed to move in slow motion. He blinked back to awareness as he saw the challenger wind back a fist armed in spiked, golden metal braces, flames collecting around the wicked points.

    He ducked.

    A yelp escaped him as the fist sailed over his head, alighting the tips of his bandanna and charring them. He grabbed them and cried out as the fire sizzled out against his palm, and darted to the side as the fist came down, connecting with the podium and sending the cutlass to the ground with a clatter.

    “Hey!” Coprino screamed to the crowd, who had fanned out slightly to watch. “New rule! You have to defeat him, too, if you want the crummy sword! To get to me, you have to go through him first—GHK--!!”

    The flaming fist hit him square in the jaw, slamming him to the ground. He screeched as the white Woolyne’s hoof came down hard on his tail, but Coprino found it within his good sense to grab the cutlass on the ground. The crowd seemed to realize Coprino was nothing but small fry—the challenger was what they needed to worry about.

    As the crowd rushed forward, weapons and Lyss brandished, Coprino whirled around with the sword and sliced downwards. Pain like he’d never felt before rocketed up his spine as the end of his tail was sliced off, effectively letting him tumble forward with the cutlass held protectively close to his body. He met the crowd head-on, fighting the current until he stumbled out on the other side, the challenger’s roars and fire blasts soaring over the noise.

    He didn’t look back over his shoulder at the scene, nor at the bloody mess that was his tail. He was free, now, if he could get away fast enough. And he would. He didn’t even care that he had no idea how to use the weapon’s true power—it was his, rightfully so, and no one would take it from him again.

    His mind was racing, fighting off pain with a flood of inspiration as the rush of the fight (if one could call it a fight) wore down. He’d stay here. He’d make a name for himself, steal valuables from the likes of these Woolynes and sell them. He’d find a good hiding place, where no one would ever catch him. He could succeed, down here.

    But first, he’d need to find some friends to protect him.


    In time, Coprino managed to prove himself to a small, starting band of thieves in the underbelly of Seawynne after lying to them about how he won the cutlass after subduing a much larger, powerful fire warrior Woolyne in a fight. The tall tale went unquestioned at the sight of Coprino’s broken tail and still-burned bandana, which he wore like a trophy of the “victory” on his head. Now a crime lord, however, he keeps his mother’s coat and hat somewhere safe, and instead wears the bandana tied around various parts of him—the arm, a horn, his ankle, neck, etc. Shedding the pirate persona and putting on the persona of a crime lord was a large step, and one that never perfectly sat with him, despite the promise of new adventure.

    Not long after his crowning as leader of the gang, a young Woolyne, child of politicians visiting the city, named Milkweed was kidnapped and brought to the hideout. After the child escaped his cage, Coprino saw potential in him, and trained him to be a thief. However, Silver’s Thieves Guild was intimidating, its very presence years later scaring off Coprino’s men one by one. Finally, he realized it was time to throw in the towel.

    After giving Milkweed a new name, M, the two—now friends, more than anything—went their separate ways. Coprino lost contact with M, but he himself returned to his seafaring ways, happy to be back where he started, exploring the seas of Andras on his own.

- Warrior (Water Lyss-Enchanted Cutlass weapon) - Level 1
- White teeth [common]
- One-color horns [common]
- Large horns [uncommon]
- Long tail [uncommon]
- Shaped pupils (rings) [uncommon]
Uncommon trait permissions: [x] [x]

Woolynes are a closed species created by Verlidaine! This is my second entry for the MYO contest!
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