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MYO Hoodbeast - Renoir

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Renoir is a severe and unenthusiastic Hoodbeast with very little time or patience for pleasantries or disorderly folk. He is most at home behind a desk doing paperwork or other such repetitive tasks, and will often work as a kind of secretary-for-hire, mostly volunteer. It's not because he likes helping, but rather because of his fixation with organization and completing tasks. He'll do your taxes, balance your checkbook, or send that awkward thank you letter to your in-laws for the questionably tacky lamp they gifted you. A stable office job would be ideal, but most humans don't seem interested in hiring someone like him. Renoir is a workaholic who is unhappy if he isn't being productive in some way--that being said, even his happiness manifests in strange ways, none of them involving smiling, calmness, or anything that most folk would experience when happy. It's nearly impossible to tell, really, what this Hoodbeast is feeling at any given moment due to the permanent sour expression within his hood. However, when he's particularly feeling down, his face will disappear entirely into the void of his suit jacket body, leaving nothing but blackness.

He feeds off of the energy of the niche Order, and while he is no protector of it, he will uphold orderly conduct as often as he can. Chaos stresses him something terrible, and he prefers peace and quiet above all else. He's also rather fond of the smell of black coffee; even if he can't drink it himself, he'll ask for it to set it on his desk as he works. Though Renoir looks intimidating, he's actually quite easy to embarrass or fluster, though he'll likely resent you for it. He also detests getting dirty and protects his cloth body with his life, hating the idea of having to choose a new one--he's grown far too attached to this one.

Hoodbeasts are a semi-open species owned by Spockirkcoy, who also made this lovely base! Check out the MYO event here! I'll be making a second one myself, but I loved how Renoir just sort of developed as I was drawing him. I love him so much haha, he really needs to chill out tho.
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ah yes the good boy <33 mine is almost done ;v;