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DTA Entry - Disrupt

By Spyromancy
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"Eh? My birthday wish? Well, I wished for…"

"I dearly hope that this upcoming year is…"

"Gods, if you’re listening, all I ask of you would be…"

"All I need is just a little more money to help pay for my…"

"Please, please, this can’t be happening—please, save my child…"

    Soft, distant voices drifted along the golden thread of light, vibrating gently against the taum’s eardrums. The intimacy of hearing the deepest wants and needs of beings far and wide warmed Disrupt to the core, fighting the lonely hollow in his chest. Delicate fingers tangled at the end of the string, absently fiddling with it as his glassy eyes gazed at the stars around him.

    The voices thinned to a tinny whine before fizzling out completely, the thread dissipating into nothing. The golden light in his hands, encased protectively behind thick, dark claws, began to buzz and hum. He blinked back into awareness. Ah, he should cast his line again…

    It was a simple spell, to be sure, and one he’d devoted his time to perfecting. A kind of spying spool of sparkling thread that he could cast out into the world, hooking and soaking up the prayed thoughts of whatever his line could catch. Metaphorically, of course. Disrupt had seen fishhooks, and he didn’t very much like them. Far too sharp.

    Disrupt concentrated, watching the golden light form a ball between his palms. He tried to ignore how lonely the light felt. Soon, it would be filled with voices, well-wishes and pleas and high hopes. He promised it. Soon. With a whispered spell beneath his breath, the taum raised the light outwards, his chest aching as it moved away from him—and bright tendril shot out of it, rearing like a snake and shooting through his ears and skull as quick as a flash. Feeling lightheaded, the taum watched as it shot across the inky sky, and arced downward to parts unknown. Disrupt sat back and waited, watching the ball of light shrink further and further as more of it extended into the thread. Ah, it hurt, it hurt—

    He wasn’t naive. He knew that this light was, in the most layman's terms he could think of, a manifestation of his soul that he was toying with.

    —but already, he was beginning to hear the sounds of voices once more, filled with emotion that should only be heard by someone who actually had the ability and power to help grant those pleas.

    He knew that, in letting these wishes and prayers fall upon his ears, they were falling on deaf ears—figuratively, and literally. He couldn’t help it. Just by knowing these prayers, by the nature of the thieving spell, he knew that they would never reach their destination. Ah, the gods must be so angry with him… but the voices of other beings were so beautiful, truly, even if he couldn’t hear like others could.

    Disrupt’s eyes welled with tears that spilled over, beading in the atmosphere and floating off towards the stars. He blinked rapidly and brought one paw up to lightly rub at his eye, fingertips cold in the freezing atmosphere. Perhaps one day, he’d find the courage to venture down and speak to those beings directly. Perhaps he’d make a friend.

    Perhaps… perhaps…

    "I want to help them. I want to talk to them. But what can I do?"

My main DTA entry for H-appysorry's Taum giveaway! Go check it out! <3 I've never drawn or owned a Taum before but they're such a cool species, and I immediately fell in love with Disrupt ahh. ;v; I'm also not familiar with this style of painting but I had such fun with it! Good experiments all around. Good luck to everyone entering!

If it wasn't too clear by my little blurb, my character idea for this lovely taum is a kind of interceptor of people's prayers and wishes. He's lonely and has trouble relating to others. He's also deaf (and has poor eyesight, but he can see well enough to get around), so using this magic spell where he extends his soul out to catch and intercept people's thoughts is the only way he can hear others' voices. I suppose this could work short-range, too, as a slightly altered spell—which wouldn't hurt him as much... it would be an okay way to talk to others, if they didn't mind the odd nature of the magic! He usually wanders as a kind of hermit up in the stratosphere, because it's the easiest way to reach the most people with his spell. That long range can't be good for his soul, either—take care of yourself, Disrupt! D:
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