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Writing Commissions 2022Decided to refresh my commission info! Here you go: Examples of my work: ( 1, 2, 3 ) I also have this tumblr account specifically for my writings.As you can see, I am capable of doing both short stories and multiple-chapter stories. I am very flexible in general.Fandoms I am most familiar with:Dragon AgeMass EffectAssassin's CreedWitcherAmnesiaOkami RWBYDisneyTransformers (specify universe)Historical fictionLOTR/the Hobbit/The SilmarillionGoT X - FilesHarry PotterPercy JacksonTwilightWarriorsSilent HillSupernaturalATLA/ATLKHetaliaPokemon/DigimonStar TrekStar WarsMLPThe LabyrinthLovecraftian horrorMortal KombatMarvel/DCUSteven UniverseFNAFLeague of LegendsDon't StarveKingdom HeartsSonic the HedgehogFinal Fantasy (VII/VIII/X)Dragon Ball ZBleachFullmetal AlchemistSailor MoonTomb RaiderDnDSkyrimOverwatchResident EvilAlienPredator (franchise)Fire EmblemDoki Doki Literature Club!Yu-Gi-Oh!And if you don’t see a fandom here you can ask me and I will tell you if I know it or not! I didn’t list them all here.Things I will write:Your OCs/Self-insertsLGBT+NSFWOriginal Fiction (as long as enough information is provided)AngstFluffHorror/CreepypastasCrossovers (If I know the series)HeadcanonsTorture/GoreBDSMOmegaverseAUsRape/DubconTentacles/AliensVampires/Werewolves/Monsters etc.Furries/Anthro (both SFW and NSFW)Fetishes (please specify so I can see whether I’m okay with it or not)If I haven’t mentioned anything that you wish to know feel free to ask as well!Things I will NOT write:Pedophilia/UnderageDD/LG (Daddies/Mommies and littles)Vore/CannibalismInflationWatersports/ScatBestialityNecrophiliaEven if I haven't mentioned something, there are still things I may still not like and will not write it.Prices:Short and simple! 1 USD for every 100 words, which I think is pretty fair. I take payments through PayPal. PLEASE NOTE that I have every right to reject a commission, even if it fits my rules. Send me a note if you have an offer! If you have a question about a commission please send a NOTE (it is in the same section as your chat or you can just click on the link here). I very rarely check my comments and I have the chat option turned off, so I most likely will miss your question or won't reply anytime soon. Thank you!
King of kings: Chapter 83"It looks fine …" Malefor thought, staring with slight suspicion at the life force in his paw.This time …Hopefully …It just had to …All his efforts …The teachings of Zenya were shaken to their core to make this life force …The crystal was real, taken directly from the edge of the original realm.The purest vessels of chaos, accepting of almost everything …In a way, this was cheating.The results would no longer be artificial.But still …If the method worked, he could work on the flaws later …Unfortunately …There was only one way to find out.He inhaled deeply with his eyes closed, filling his lungs with the fresh air of Tohoria, hoping to clear his head of all doubt.Levitating the crystal and the red life force, he began to bring them together slowly, chanting the spell as he did. The life force grew brighter as it approached the crystal, which began to grow hotter.A good sign …The two entities were recognizing each other as viable objects.The second the crystal came into contact with the life force, there was a sudden burst of red light, followed by a loud clang. The purple dragon yelped as he quickly covered his face with his wings. The crystal exploded, sending tiny pieces of hot crystal everywhere.He checked his body immediately afterwards. Some pieces of the crystal had pierced his hide, and he could see the tiny drops of blood dripping out, but the damage was neglectable. There didn't seem to be any serious damage.Only to his pride …The one place that truly hurt …His mind was not easy as he chanted the healing spell.Another failure …What had he gotten wrong this time?The crystal was one of the finest he could find, pure and clear as glass.The spell was so much more complex than the basic one he used to practice. It barely resembled any Virith magic by this point.Then …What was he missing?What was the secret?Why couldn't he reconcile the two forms of magic?Despite years of work, nothing had changed …But why?"Why?" He asked himself, his tone a little more aggressive than he thought it would be, which surprised him.He shut his eyes, inhaling deeply again.There was no need to let his temper gain control.He held his breath for a few seconds before letting it out, slowly.Again …And again …In a short while, his nerves no longer commanded him.It was not impossible.It could be done.The two elements had recognized one another.This was the first time it had happened.That was progress.He had done something right.A few more years …Another few hundred failures …It didn't matter.No matter how many times he failed …One, single success was all he needed to figure things out.It could be done …With enough perseverance …"It can be done." He mumbled under his breath.And after that …It would be a great service to dragons all around the world.Disease, wounds, blood loss, all would belong to the past.He smiled at the very thought."What then?" He mumbled.He … he could perfect his creation.Of course.But once that had been done, what then?He could not just create one thing, and be done with it.He had to go further."Hmm …" He scratched his chin.Well …He had already stepped into the path of artificially making one aspect of what constituted a dragon.If the life force could be made from nothing …Perhaps he could tackle the next two, the spark, and the spirit.…Could those two even be artificially made?Maybe …The liquid the guardians gave him to drink …Back in Warfang …After each class …One healed him. That was the life force.The other strengthened him …Could it be …The spark?If so, then perhaps, making one of them was possible.But the spirit was far too complicated. It was not something that could grant life, nor was it a power to wield one aspect of nature. It was a being with a will of its own, one that eventually dominated the will of its bearer.Could such a being be made using magic?Perhaps …Zarakhan had created Convexity …He had made an entire realm capable of granting life to dragons.Then …Both of them could be made …He just needed to figure out how …It would take him many decades to understand the nature of each, let alone create them and their crystals.Things would be so much easier if he had some help …Suddenly, something came to mind …Something among Vinaha's many notes …Something about the order of Godakis …He summoned Vinaha's notes, skimming through them. Unfortunately, finding what amounted to a few words among the hundreds of notes was anything but easy. The purple dragon found himself meticulously reading paper after paper.Eventually, after what felt like an hour, Malefor smiled, having found the page he was looking for."The Godakis, hidden within the swamp of Velikaius in Rotra, is an order that studies and attempts to organize the secrets of the dragon spark. It is not a school, nor is it a temple. It is both and neither, a point between the two and far from each. The swamp is hostile, and so are its inhabitants. Following centuries of persecution, the order has opted for seclusion."Malefor skipped a good portion of the note, searching instead for the directions to contacting the order."… The contact crystal must be planted in soft earth before the spell is uttered, and the message must be addressed to shadow breather 'Patrachio', the title of the head of the order. Once the message has been said, contact must be severed immediately. If the order deems one worthy, they will respond. They will not be in a hurry."Malefor nodded. He understood why the order could have reservations about outsiders.He planted the crystal in the soft earth, uttering the spell. He saw the familiar black smoke appear in front of him, shaped like a mirror."Shadow breather Patrachio …" He spoke in the tongue of Zarakhan. "I am Malefor, a former pupil of master Vinaha the sage, friend to master Artewesk and his student, Agruas. I have questions regarding the nature of the dragon spark. I humbly request to visit your order in Velikaius. Please let me know if I have your permission."Suddenly, before he could pick the contact crystal up, he saw a face appear in the mirror. It was a blue dragon with four curved horns and amber eyes."I am shadow breather Patrachio." He introduced himself, speaking back in the tongue of Zarakhan. "Are you the dragon Master Artewesk had set out to study?""I am.""Is master Artewesk there with you?""He is dead." Malefor answered. "Agruas too."The shadow breather nodded solemnly, his face twisting in pain."We guessed as much, but …" He said, before a tear fell down his eye, unable to speak."But it never ceases to be painful …" Malefor completed the sentence for him, knowing all too well how the dragon felt at that moment.The dragon nodded."How did he die?" He asked."The holy Warfang empire." Malefor answered. "They attacked in the cover of night. I was the only one to survive.""Your request has been granted." Patrachio said, sniffing hard. "You may come and visit us.""Thank you." Malefor smiled. "May I bring a friend?"The dragon's face now had a taint of suspicion."He is completely trustworthy." Malefor assured."What path does he follow?""None." The purple dragon stated. "He follows any path that is fruitful. He has worked with both Virith magic, and dark magic.""Humph." The shadow breather muttered, not entirely convinced."I guarantee his reliability.""I cannot convince the rest of the order that such a dragon is not an enemy." The dragon shrugged. "You must come alone.""Very well." The purple dragon conceded, not willing to push his luck."Goodbye." The shadow breather said as his reflection faded.Malefor took the crystal out of the ground, contemplating the steps he needed to take.First, the question of how to get to Rotra …He could use his shadows, but …It would do him good to take a small break. The same could be said about teleportation. Of course, him having never visited Rotra eliminated that option entirely.He would keep the shadows in mind, and use it if there was any need. But he preferred to experience sea travel. If Gaul could arrange a trip to that continent, things would be so much easier.If not …A trip to an eastern shore was in order …In disguise …Luckily, he still remembered those times he'd had to change his appearance and voice."Radwa …" He chuckled. It was the name he had picked for whenever he took another form.After that …He had to ask if Shaiath could come with him. It was an opportunity the mage would not pass if he had the time.He would try to convince that unyielding shadow breather later …Even if he remained unconvinced, Shaiath would still see the continent, maybe pick up a few books, spells, or catalysts that he could not find in Warfang.At the very least, the two could have a bit of fun.He sent the contact crystal to its hiding place, summoning the other two.He held one in his paw, focusing on Shaiath. In a few seconds, he saw the mage's face appear in front of him."How's my favorite dark mage of all time?" Shaiath greeted."Still alive." Malefor answered heartily. "How's the world's undisputed greatest mage of all time?""Working his way up to touch the steps of the title he was just given with the tip of his claws!" Shaiath laughed."Sorry if I bothered you …" Malefor politely added."No bother." Shaiath interrupted."But I was about to go on a trip to Rotra via Konosa. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.""I would love to!" Shaiath answered almost instantly. "Can you wait until next week? I have some stuff to take care of, and I need to inform the academy that I'm leaving for Rotra.""No problem." Malefor smiled. "I'm not in that much of a hurry.""Great! Our adventures continue!""And this is just the beginning!" Malefor joked."Good!" Shaiath shot back, half-jokingly. "Life is too boring!"The purple dragon laughed with his friend."Let me know when you're ready, then." Malefor said as the laughter died down."I will." Shaiath winked. "So long.""Bye." Malefor waved his paw as the smoke faded.Once he was alone, Malefor found himself smiling involuntarily.It was almost funny, how the two still acted like juvenile dragons.A good thing, though.Juveniles, hatchlings even, had a lot to teach.Few of them ever had committed the crimes that adults dismissed so easily in the name of one thing or another.Unbridled kindness and infinite curiosity …No limit to their capacity for forgiveness …No rules for friendships …No reason to be happy and feel joy …No grudges …Just a few of the many things adults could learn from hatchlings.Just a few of the things they pummeled under their weight as they grew up.As they learned from other adults …He shook his head.He had work to do.On to Gaul …"Hey!" He cheerfully greeted his friend as he saw the reflection."Hello!" Gaul waved his hand."How are you?" Malefor asked. "How's everything?""As good as it gets." The ape sighed. "Still no war, at least. How are you?""I'm alright." Malefor answered. "I need a favor. I need to travel to Rotra with a friend. Can you arrange a ship for two?""We have ships regularly patrolling Konosa." Gaul nodded. "If you want, I can arrange for one of them to take you to Rotra.""That would be great." Malefor's smile widened. "When does it leave?""To reduce costs, only two ship travel at each given moment." The ape king explained. "The next pair will leave in almost two weeks.""Fantastic!" Malefor smiled. "Just remember, I will be travelling in disguise. I will change my name, my voice, and of course, my appearance.""No problem." Gaul shook his head."Thanks. I will make it up to you.""There is no need." Gaul assured."Not everything has to be born of necessity." Malefor answered. "Some things are just the right thing to do.""That is very thoughtful of you." The ape chuckled. "But still, there is no need.""I'll keep that in mind." The purple dragon grinned, rolling his eyes. "Sorry I bothered you.""My pleasure." Gaul answered, his image fading.A trip to Rotra …Not an easy one …If they could cross Konosa in the first place, they were faced with a continent they didn't know.A completely new set of challenges …A completely new set of ways to have fun …Such as …"What tongues do they speak in Rotra?" He thought.
King of kings: Chapter 82The purple dragon watched from the shadows as the ape king stood still in the middle of a courtyard, his left hand behind his back, and his right hand on his hips. In front of him there was an ape, aiming a bow at his king's face. An audience of no less than thirty spectators were watching in awe. Gaul's eyes were focused on the ape in front of him, a taunting smile on his lips.Suddenly, the ape let go of the string, shooting the arrow at his king. The sudden, sharp whistle startled Malefor as the arrow flew at an incredible speed towards the target.However, there was no change in Gaul's face.Quick as lightning, the ape king turned his hip slightly to the left, leaning back, and raised his right arm. He grabbed the arrow in midair, the sharp tip a claw's length away from his face.The other apes applauded their king, clapping their hands and vocally congratulating him for his speed and focus. Gaul sat down next to a female ape, most likely his mate, nodding in appreciation. He picked up a few pieces of different fruits and a few cuts of meat, letting the night's entertainment continue.Malefor smiled. His friend seemed to be enjoying himself.Just then, he saw another ape appear from behind Gaul. He brought his head closer, whispering something in the king's ear. Gaul turned around, staring at the ape with concern. He got up, and the two apes left.Malefor followed them into a treehouse. It was humble relative to Warfang, but majestic compared with other treehouses."Are you certain of this?" Gaul asked, sitting behind a desk."I'm afraid so, my lord." The other ape answered. "Our scouts saw general Tipasari themselves."The ape king closed his eyes, shaking his head slowly. He sat down, holding his head with both hands."Your highness …" The ape added after a few seconds of silence. "Might I suggest putting our forces on high alert, just in case she tries to further her adventures?""Such an act can be perceived as a sign of war." Gaul answered as he opened his weary eyes. He shook his head for a few seconds before slamming his closed fist on the desk."Why can't I shake the feeling that all of this is intentional?" He spat out. "The general is doing all of this on purpose, I can tell. She wants an excuse to start another war.""My lord …" The advisor stuttered. "She might be tempted to invade our lands if she sees no strong resistance at the borders. She may also report our inactivity as a sign of weakness to the council of Warfang.""If we strengthen our defenses, she might think we are preparing for war." Gaul answered. "We cannot afford another encounter with Warfang.""If I may, your royal highness …" The advisor asked for permission. "There is a delicate balance between the two. She must learn that we will not invade their land, so long as they respect the sanctity of ours. We can send a message of warning to Warfang, expressing our concern over this entire situation, and of the frailness of the peace treaty. At the same time, we strengthen our borders, just in case the words in the message fail to deliver sense into Warfang's head.""I see …" Gaul mumbled as he scratched his chin, sitting on this throne. "But war is still a possibility.""An unfortunate one, your highness." The advisor nodded.The ape king exhaled loudly as he rubbed his eyes. He held his forehead with eyes closed, simply breathing in and out. There was silence in the room."Do it." Gaul ordered a few seconds later, sounding defeated."Right away, my lord." The advisor said as he left the room. Malefor saw Gaul's mate climbing the tree as he did."Are you alright?" She asked, entering the room. "Is there trouble?""Warfang." Gaul sighed as he got up from his chair. "Their forces have attacked ours at the border.""It is nothing new, then.""Their commander is what concerns me. She despises not me, but all apes. If war breaks out, it will be a bloody one.""We can buy mercenaries and assassins like last time." The mate hinted."They seldom interfere if their lives are truly in danger." Gaul shook his head. "Gold is sweet, but not at the cost of the life to spend it in.""Your concern will not win us the war." She stated, lying in the large bed. "You need rest and a clear mind."The ape king walked towards the corner of the room, where there was a locked chest. He unlocked it, taking out a large piece of paper from a chest and locking the chest back before unrolling it on the desk. He sat down, staring at it.Malefor watched his friend follow trails with his fingers on the paper, presumably a map, mumbling things under his breath, and rubbing his eyes and forehead. He did not seem entirely pleased with what he was seeing. Occasionally, he got up and walked to the chest, taking out other pieces of paper and eyeing them carefully. Judging by his facial expressions and the disgruntled noises he made, they were no more reassuring than the map.Eventually, after what felt like an hour or two, the ape king's head grew heavy, and he fell asleep moments later.The purple dragon grabbed his friend's shadow, dragging him into Horomuga. The ape king was fast asleep, and did not notice this. Only after the purple dragon had made a new bonfire did he wake up.He was uneasy at the sight of being brought out of his kingdom. However, his eyes widened in shock at the sight of the purple bonfire, as well as the dragon standing next to it."Gaul …" Malefor said with a warm smile."Malefor …" Gaul almost gasped. "You … you""What?" The purple dragon chuckled."I … I thought …" He stuttered, approaching his friend. He hugged the dragon when he was close enough, a gesture Malefor returned willingly. "I thought I'd never see you again.""Why would I leave my friend alone?" The purple dragon asked, poking his friend in the chest lightly."You were gone for over five years …" Gaul said, his eyes still wide. "Not even in my dreams could I see you …""Well, I'm here now." Malefor shrugged. "I'm sorry I had left you for so long. I had too much to do to even think of leisure."The ape king's nod was as sincere as could be."Same here." He said, bitterly. "How's life?" Malefor asked, hoping to make up for lost time. "You look great."Gaul stared at Malefor for a few seconds, as if he was thinking if the question was worth his time. He shook his head a few moments later."I am sorry my friend, but this really is not the time for friendly chat." He sighed. "As king, I have certain … duties others have no obligation to suffer through.""I … see …" A dejected Malefor uttered. "I was hoping we could pick up where we left off … but I understand if you are busy …""I do apologize." Gaul said, sounding sincere. "I would not have said this if it weren't of utmost importance. I have to prepare for war. To no one's surprise, against Warfang, again.""What's the concern?" Malefor smiled. "You've beaten them before, haven't you?""If you can call that beating." Gaul said, closing his eyes and sitting down. "Luck was on my side. Warfang had other uprisings to crush, and the victory left us in a truly sorry state."He took in a deep breath, letting it out as slowly as he could. Malefor simply watched his breaking friend."They turned nearly a third of my lands, my forests, to salty deserts …" Gaul continued. "Nothing grew there anymore. There were no trees, no animals, no water. We had no choice but to abandon it. And the casualties …"The ape king was staring into the purple fire in front of him, barely aware of anything in his immediate surroundings. He was trapped in place by the memories."There wasn't a single ape who hadn't lost a relative or a friend …" He said. He wasn't necessarily talking to Malefor anymore. "They killed nearly half of us …""Half?" The shocked purple dragon almost yelled.Gaul nodded."If not for the mirror you gave me, we would have had no hope for victory." He managed to say. "But then, immediately after the war ended, Warfang enforced a new law on the land, preventing anyone from trading with us, under penalty of never being able to make trade with Warfang again …""That sounds like a blessing." Malefor joked."This 'blessing' has left us with no allies." Gaul answered, furiously. "We have no one to turn to if something … anything … happens. We cannot even buy fruit from the poorest inn.""I'm … sorry …" The purple dragon apologized for his poor attempt at humor."But … but …" Gaul managed to say before breaking into tears. He wasn't simply shedding tears. They were streaming down the loudly moaning ape's face."Gaul!" A shocked Malefor gasped, watching his friend with wide eyes."I've failed the apes …" Gaul cried. "When my father was king, we were prosperous. We had friends, allies, riches, food, land, we had everything! Now, thanks to me, we have nothing … now … now … our food supplies are running dry, our water is limited, we have lost a great portion of our lands, no city would even talk to us, the only thing we have is gold, and we cannot even spend that! If it weren't for the pirates, who occasionally throw a piece of foreign goods at us for ten times the price, all of our riches would have been useless …"He punched the ground next to him in anger."I thought I could save the apes from bowing down before Warfang." He managed to say amidst his tears. "He never wanted me to be king after him. He never taught me how to rule. I had to learn everything myself. I made mistakes … so many of them …"The purple dragon was simply watching his friend with an open mouth. The Gaul he was seeing in no way resembled the fun-loving king he had seen mere hours ago."Thanks to him … thanks to me and my dumb mistakes …" He sobbed. "We are on the verge of being wiped out from history … Gaul the foolish … Gaul the inept … Gaul the failure … Gaul the … Gaul the …"The tears were too much for the ape king to speak anymore. He was on his knees, his face touching the ground, crying pathetically, punching the ground in frustration."Foolish … inept … failure …" Gaul's words rang in his ears.Familiar descriptions …Familiar reactions to a desperate situation …The purple dragon walked towards his friend, sitting down next to him. He draped a wing over the weeping ape, bringing him over for a hug. For a few seconds, Gaul did nothing. Suddenly, he buried his face in Malefor's neck, continuing to cry."You know, when I was exiled from Warfang, I used to think it was all over." Malefor smiled at his friend. "I had everything before my exile. Riches beyond my wildest dreams, a loving family, a future as a general, a beautiful dragoness to be my mate, everything. Then …"Malefor let out a single chuckle."With a few simple words, all of it was taken from me." He continued. "They even took my name, even though I've chosen to keep it. I had never felt so miserable."He sighed, remembering exactly how he had felt."But …" Malefor smiled, staring deeply into his friend's eyes. "It made me realize the things that truly matter, and those that are worthless."His smile widened."I was granted the freedom to live my life, to read and to learn without Warfang keeping a constant eye on me. I was given the wonderful opportunity to realize my friends, my freedom, my independence, my knowledge, were far more important than whatever means Warfang uses to blind his slaves."He chuckled."I apologize for saying this, but I think you are mistaken about your father." He shook his head. "He was no powerful king. He was no king at all. He was a slave to Warfang."The ape king simply kept his gaze locked unto Malefor's as if the latter was insane."He was a good slave." Malefor repeated. "He obeyed every order given to him, regardless of what it meant for him, for his family, or for his subjects. To me, it is not a matter of whether he could have won a war with Warfang while suffering fewer casualties than you did, but that he never would have dared to think about disobeying Warfang, let alone starting a war with them. He was gutless."His eyes narrowed."Unlike you.""What do you mean?" Gaul asked, confused and shaking his head. While the fires of rage were still burning in the ape king's eyes, Malefor could see that his words were putting them to rest."He had riches to spend, and the means to spend them, because Warfang allowed him to." He continued. "He had friends, those Warfang let him keep. He had fertile land, lent to him by Warfang. He had warriors, as many as Warfang wanted, and so long as it was in Warfang's interests. But you …"Malefor brought his friend's chin up. There was a glimmer of hope in Gaul's eyes."You have gone against all odds and not only did you survive, but you succeeded in liberating the apes." Malefor said, his tone proud. "Not your father, not his father, and not a single ape had managed to do that in the past four centuries. You challenged Warfang's supremacy, and declared to the world that the lands to the south belong to the apes, not anyone else.""That is very kind of you." Gaul said, visibly not convinced, as he broke free from Malefor's hold. "But even if I were to grant you all of that, it still does not address the fact that the apes are short on food supplies, that our lands are dying out, that we cannot trade but with the vilest animals ever to stain the earth with their presence.""There are solutions." Malefor shrugged. "You can seek help or alliance from other continents, you can use earth dragons to remove the salt and bring life back into your lands, you can …""We have tried." Gaul interrupted. "They would not assist us.""Find hungry ones." Malefor suggested. "Hungry dragons do not care who provides their food as long as it is given to them.""We've tried …""Try harder." Malefor stated. "You can seek them out from other continents as well."Gaul exhaled loudly."I suppose I could try some more.""That's the spirit!" Malefor nudged his friend. "And what about seeking allies from other continents?""We have tried every major city we could reach in a few months' time." Gaul shook his head. "Not a single one of them came to our aid.""Not even the Sakrani?" Malefor asked. "They are powerful enough not to be intimidated by Warfang.""They preferred to keep their trade with Warfang." Gaul shrugged. "Guess what their decision meant for the apes.""Hmm …" Malefor scoffed.If no city would help the apes …Individual dragons were different.They could be swayed.But cities had relationships to maintain."There is another alternative." Malefor suggested. "You can seek help from dark mages.""Are you mad?" The ape king screamed, staring into Malefor's eyes. "My subjects worship the light of Warfang. I will lose them all if they see me talking to dark mages, let alone given them food and shelter in our lands!""Did they object to your use of the alchemy catalyst?" Malefor asked. The look on his face was one of confusion."They never learned of its existence."Malefor simply grimaced at that answer."Dark magic came to your aid when you needed it." Malefor said. "And the opal I gave you continues to protect you today using dark magic.""I appreciate everything you have done for me, my friend, and your continued help to the apes." Gaul said, sounding honest. He approached the purple dragon, placing his hand on his shoulder. "But I cannot declare any of it. My subjects are all I have left. If I lose them to Warfang, everything I have managed to accomplish will have been lost."Malefor felt a deep pain in his throat.He was well-aware of the fact that too many creatures in the realm were terrified of dark magic.He himself had been no exception.But still …He thought his friend would be different …After so many years of knowing him …Of course, he had a point.One's subjects were not to be ignored like he was suggesting.They could even assassinate him, or help Warfang do so, if he heeded Malefor's final advice.Even if they enjoyed the full benefits of dark magic, they could not know what it was.Not unlike the Guardians of Warfang …"I'm sorry." He heard Gaul say. "I hope this doesn't affect our friendship.""N … no, of course not." Malefor forced a smile. "I have only one piece of advice left.""Go on.""I know it is not much help, but never assume the worst." Malefor smiled. "There is always hope."The ape king smiled at his friend, an appreciative look on his face."I also have a gift for you." He said, summoning the black crystal."What is it?" Gaul asked, looking at it."If you hold it and focus on me, it will summon a cloud of smoke through which we can talk." Malefor explained, levitating the crystal to his friend. "It will save us the trouble of having to meet in our dreams, or late at night.""Huh …" The ape king uttered, grabbing and eyeing the crystal. "Thank you.""No problem." Malefor smiled warmly."I should go now, though." Gaul said. "I need my strength if Warfang tries to wrest control away from us again.""Sorry I kept you up." Malefor apologized. "I could not think of a time of day to see you.""I'm glad I saw you again." Gaul grinned."Same." Malefor grinned back as his friend disappeared from view. The second he was alone, his smile faded.He had come to accept that many creatures had reservations when it came to dark magic.But when it was someone so close to him …"I'm sure Vinaha felt the same way, when he first saved you." He reminded himself.Over time, he had learned that dark magic was to be appreciated, not feared.Especially after consuming the memories of the progenitors …Very few creatures had been born to dark mages.Very few had seen dark magic used around them.And yet, many still practiced the arts.They had learned.Gaul was no exception.He, too, would learn.When he was ready.Vinaha had cured his fear of dark magic not by words, but by his righteous actions.If Malefor were to do the same, he saw no reason for Gaul to remain frightful.The purple dragon sat at his desk in Convexity, staring at the massive book in front of him."Now, where was I?" He said out loud, picking up his quill and dipping it in some ink.
King of kings: Chapter 81The purple dragon put his quill down, and stared at the book in front of him. He let his breath out slowly, stretching as he got up.History was difficult to write!Even when one was trained in the art, and it was definitely an art, it was still a matter of utmost care.Too many things were obscure.Too many things were filled with gaps.Too many things were left to the scholar's imagination.He had no hope of success, if not for Vinaha's masterful teaching and brief but clear style of writing.Vinaha …A bitter smile formed on his lips.If he were here, he would have told Malefor how he'd improve with time, and laugh at his earlier attempts.Vinaha would have been here for him.If only the opposite were true …The sage's life had been nothing short of cursed …Because of him …How could it all have gone differently?Part of the blame fell on Roohbidh's shoulders.The other part …On his.Could things have been different?If he had used another power …If he had chosen other tactics …If his final attack had been anything but a beam of Convexity …He sensed tears swelling up in his eyes. He shook his head, sighing loudly to drown out the voice.It was all pointless now.Nothing he could do would bring them back.Vinaha, Agruas, and Artewesk were gone forever. All that remained of them now were the memories.The memories …Their legacy …He had learned much from the group. Not just about the spark, or magic, but about life.Child-like joy of discovery from Artewesk.Patience and persistence from Agruas.Hope and compassion from Vinaha.But most important of all, he had learned the value of friendship.The warmth he felt in their presence, and the lonesome cold of their absence …They were the reasons why friendship mattered.Friendship …He grimaced, remembering his other friends.He hadn't seen Shaiath or Gaul since his departure for the original realm.Not even when he had gone back to earth to hunt had he looked for them.He was busy, of course, but that was no excuse.Neither was the fact that he was adjusting to the new life.He smiled.He was taking a short break that very instant.Perhaps he could see his friends right now.This time, however, he would go prepared.He summoned two blank crystals and focused on the necessary spell.***The purple dragon grinned with pure joy as he set his eyes upon the beautiful surroundings.The mountain, strong as ever.The forest, lush and green.The field of flowers, painting the earth a thousand colors.The wind blowing on his neck, cool and fresh.Tohoria truly was a haven.It was the perfect home outside of Convexity.If only he hadn't been forced to leave it …"Roohbidh …" He uttered, bitterly.That stinking lizard …That rabid slave …He took in a deep breath, hoping to calm his nerves.Not only was that rancid fish gone forever, but so was his master. It was a dark chapter of his life, but it had ended.It would not help to let it command his emotions.Like so many other things in his life, he had to let it go. There were few things in life worth clinging on to.Friendship, for instance.He began to land. Once on the ground, he summoned a piece of parchment, some ink and his quill. He began writing a note."Find me in our place of reunion at your leisure."He smiled as he thought of his friend.Shaiath was intelligent. There was no need to explain further.He watched as five shadows rose from their depths, bowing to him."Rise." He uttered. The shadows obeyed his command instantly. "Protect me."He sat down, focusing on his shadow. He could have the shadow take the letter without commanding it directly, but he wanted to see how the city had become."Always pay close attention to the turning tides." Vinaha always said.In just a second, he began seeing the world through its eyes. He could see the surroundings, himself, other shadows, and everything else. It was similar to his own vision, but everything was highly contrasted with their shadow. He could also see deep into the ink of shadows, clear as day to him.He could also sense nearby creatures. He could sense some small animals near him. There was also a pack of Prathals, but they weren't close enough to smell him. Even if they were, they would be no match for the powers of shadows.He grabbed the note, sinking deep into the ink, and hurried towards Warfang.In just a few seconds, he found himself staring at the city gates. He took a moment, having forgotten how imposing they looked. They were sturdy, very heavy, and guarded by an entire garrison. He couldn't help but smile in disappointment.So much security for such a rotten place …What was worth protecting in that city?No wonder the guards were always so grumpy.They knew they were wasting their lives.He slid past them, slithering towards his friend's old home. He was in no hurry, however. He crawled slowly, taking notice of the surroundings.It did not surprise him to see the city hadn't changed all that much. He could see ordinary citizens walking from here to there, street urchins trying to steal from them or sell them things, or both at the same time. There were some merchants boasting about the quality of their products in their typical enthusiastic voice or stubbornly bickering with a non-conforming customer, guards vigilantly patrolling the streets, and other typical sights one expected to see in the city.Of course …The city was not meant to change.Change was dangerous to those who fed off of the rot of stagnation.He found himself at his friend's doorstep in no time. He entered the empty house, stopping to take a look around.It was messy, as always. Shaiath never cared enough to do a proper tidying or cleaning.He went to his friend's bedroom, leaving the note on the desk. It was the first place Shaiath went to in the morning, and the last place he saw at night before he slept.He was sure to spot it.With his task done, the purple dragon jumped back into the shadows, arriving at Tohoria a few seconds later."Thank you." He told the shadows. They politely bowed once more, happy to have served their master. "You are free to go."With the shadows gone, he turned his gaze to the mountain once again."I will return." He promised his home, focusing on Horomuga.***The purple dragon was lying on his back, staring at the moons in awe and admiration.Their beauty was only surpassed by their sheer might.It was enough to drive a dragon to insanity.Even the mighty progenitors had reservations about them.It was said that merely gazing upon them was enough to curse the weak-willed.So far, however, he felt nothing.But of course, it could be that they simply did not care enough to harm him.They stared at the entire face of the earth, among the thousands of realms.He was only a single dragon, one of multitudes, not counting the innumerable dead, the shadows, and plains of existence dragons had yet to discover.How likely was he to grab their attention?He escaped their attention, similar to how most ants would escape his.Suddenly, there was a strange sound. He got up immediately, knowing exactly what the sound was.A creature was about to teleport to this place.He could not stop himself from smiling, nor could he stop his body from shaking in excitement.After all this time, he would finally see his friend again!It may have taken only a couple of seconds, but to Malefor, it felt like an hour until he saw the faint, blue mist disappear and be replaced by a dragon. Malefor's smile grew wider when he saw the dragon in the light of the purple bonfire."Malefor!" Shaiath gasped, pacing towards Malefor with open wings."Shaiath …" Malefor said as he ran towards his friend, his own voice breaking. He warmly embraced his friend.The mage broke the hug after a while, staring into the purple dragon's eyes. His eyes were still brimming with passion.Passion for knowledge.But there was a strange glint in his eyes, one that Malefor had seen before.Like he had seen a ghost …"How …" Shaiath shook his head. His voice hadn't changed at all since their last visit. "How are you still alive?""Why wouldn't I be?" Malefor smiled."They … they said you were dead …" He said, his tone bitter. "They said you were defeated, and then dragged to the afterlife by the shadows and the spirits of the dead …""If that is their understanding, then they are mistaken." Malefor shook his head."But how did you survive?" Shaiath asked."Well …" Malefor shrugged with a joking smile. "I am not so easy to kill."The mage kept his eyes locked with Malefor's. He kept quiet, however. Most likely, he was still trying to comprehend how his friend was standing before him."Malefor …" He uttered once he was ready to speak.He laughed, shaking his head."You're still alive!""So it would seem!" Malefor laughed with his friend. He was not entirely sure why he was laughing, but it felt like the proper thing to do. It felt good, and he could not stop himself."How are you?" He asked once their laughter had died down. "How have you been these past … how long has it been?""It's been almost five years since last we met." Shaiath answered."Five years?" Malefor asked, shocked. It was longer than he expected.Of course, it made sense.The original realm was by no means small.His journey in that realm must have taken two or three years.His friend only nodded once."As for me, my life has remained more or less the same." Shaiath continued. "I've been made a member of the Warfang academy. I've been reading, writing, teaching, occasionally fighting the generals and their halfwit grunts, arguing with Kavas over what the academy should and shouldn't be, journeying, discovering, and so on.""That feels like quite the adventure!" Malefor commented."I suppose so!" Shaiath smiled back. "I wish I could say all of it has been fruitful.""What about your goal?" Malefor asked."That's gonna take me a long time!" Shaiath shook his head, but his smile did not fade. "There's nothing in particular stopping me from recreating the broken life glass, but it takes time, effort, and extreme focus.""How long do you think it will take?""Honestly? I don't know. But I would not bet on the next decade.""… Wow …" The purple dragon exclaimed.At least twenty years to fix a broken glass …His friend's dedication was exemplary."What have you been up to?" He heard Shaiath say."Quite a lot." Malefor answered. The memories that had suddenly flooded his mind gave him a somber tone. "I'm afraid I owe you an apology. I haven't been upfront with you for a long time. A lot has been going on in my life, but I did not find the courage to share any of it.""Why?""Hmm …" Malefor mumbled, scratching his chin.Where to start …If Shaiath were to reach a good understanding, from the very beginning."You might want to sit down." He suggested. "This will take a while."***"Wow …" Shaiath sighed with an amused smile. "That was quite the story!""Every bit of it is true though." Malefor smiled back. "You have my word.""I believe you." Shaiath stated. "For the first time since Fraghia, your life made sense to me!"The mage got up and stretched before beginning to pace back and forth."You're something else!" He said in a few seconds. "To consume the memories of Miragas, Darhig, Tiraga, and Zarakhan …"He let out a single chuckle."You will be the answer to any historian's prayers!" He continued."Well …" Malefor chuckled back. "No one knows I'm alive, and I intend to keep the knowledge limited to you and Gaul. So all those historians will have to make do without me!""You could write it all down, though." Shaiath hinted. "It will be a book for the ages.""I will, in due time." The purple dragon assured. "But I have more important things in my mind for the moment.""Like what?""Making artificial life crystals.""Still?""It's not so easy." An embarrassed Malefor answered. "The crystals reject artificial life force."Shaiath nodded in understanding. He turned his head to the east as the sun began to rise."I'm sorry, but I should be going soon." He said. "I have two morning classes to teach.""Oh … sorry to keep you from sleeping.""It's okay, we were talking." Shaiath brushed off with a smile."Take this with you." Malefor said, summoning the black crystal he had made. "Do you remember how it worked?""I hold it in my paws, and focus on you, right?"Malefor nodded."I still go on different journeys." Shaiath added. "Most of the time, the aim is to gather resources, but we also look for secrets lost to time. Do you want to come along, for old times' sake?"Malefor smiled.Shaiath was still the teenager he remembered from all those decades ago.Filled with devotion, love for discovery, and an unyielding effort to perfect his skills."Absolutely." He answered. "Keep in touch.""Good to have you back." Shaiath smiled, waving his paw goodbye as he disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke."Only one more friend to visit." He thought. If he were to visit Gaul tonight, it would serve him to get some sleep.But not here.His home was elsewhere.He inhaled deeply the freshness of Tohoria, traversing the familiar caves and tunnels of the mountain. In no time, he reached his destination.His old cave.One of the few places in this realm that brought him joy.Had he been a few years younger, he would have wished to have the simplicity of those younger days back …But not anymore.The world was never simple. He was simply far too naïve to see the complexity.As evident by his complete confusion, and his crippling fear, upon seeing the truth of his own spark.That, was how life treated its fervent followers.With fear, sorrow, confusion, rage, and ever-increasing pain.Life …Desired solely due to fear of what came after it."Get some sleep." He told himself as he lied down in his old bed.He summoned his shield for protection.There was no need to bother the shadows again."Tonight, my friend." He stated in his mind before his eyelids closed.
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