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The Candy Woman

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What? Two more heads?

The Guardians Of Hell

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Navi's Harem End Card

Navi's Harem

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Val. Special: CAMP MAYKAGAL - Tomboy Heart 25/25

Valentines Special: CAMP MAYKAGAL

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Red Page 25: Sunset eyes

RED comic

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S.M.C: Soul, Mind and Claws

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Gajinka Tg part 2

The Queen Of Pokemon

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Idol Power (676) Eventful Day Off (Request)

Kris woke up late in the morning, after hitting snooze on his alarm many times. He had off today so he figured there was no need for him to wake up right away. He went to the kitchen and made himself a quick breakfast. He was thinking of what he could do for his day off, while most people would want to sleep their day off away Kris was a much more active person and wanted to actually do things on his day off. The problem was there wasn’t much he could do around here. A few hours after breakfast Kris decided to just go for a stroll in the park, maybe he would find something while he walked. So Kris left and made his way to the park, the leaves on the trees were starting to change color, red, yellow, orange, it was like the trees were on fire. As Kris walked he noticed a path he never saw before, it was a dirt path that seemed to go deep into the woods. Kris still hadn’t thought of something else to do so he figured it would be okay to continue down the dirt

Idol Power: The Misadventures Of The Cole Family

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Food Virus Data Logs

Day 1, the experiment is going smoothly, we managed to make a tree that allows us to grow any food. We can solve world hunger woth this! Day 3, we have given the seeds to everyone so they can have Food Trees and we can have any food we like without going to restaurants! Day 10, there has been a strange thing happening with our tester, he has started to feel strange after eating our apple from the Food tree, we decided to see what is going on with him. Day 15, we have recently noticed the few of our people are starting to have their skin colors changing, not to mention they are started to smell like the food they have eaten from the Food Tree.

The Food Virus

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Outros New Sister

When species Collide

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Animal World Chapter 3.

Damon begins to explore his new home and new form. He wasn't use, to his new size, being big and all. He almost stomps, on a few things, and lose his balance as he fell and shakes the ground. "I don't know if I'll ever get use, to my new size, and walking on four legs." As he laid there. A female Elephant approach Damon. She had a smile on her face. "Are you okay? I never seen an elephant before." She wrap her trunk around Damon's. "Here let me help." The female elephant help Damon up. "Thanks and I'm not really an Elephant. I use to be human. Name's Damon." Said Damon. "Monica. I use to be human as well." Said Monica. "Oh really? How did you become an elephant?" Damon ask. "An old man, name Alton, change me. How about you?" She ask. "Same." Damon replied. "Looks like we have something in common. How long have you been here?" Said Monica. "Just got here not too long ago. You?" Said Damon. "A month. I'm use to being an elephant. I thought I was the only elephant here. Until I found you." Monica continues to hold Damon's trunk. "I could use a mate right now." Damon blush. "Um that's nice and all. But we just met. I don't know you." Said Damon. "Then let's get to know each other then. Since were stuck here and all." Said Monica. "Alright let's do it then." Said Damon.

Animal World

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The Sister Life?

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Milky Cow

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Queen's DNA Code Pt. 12/Final

Queen's DNA Code

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Commission - The red fluid 7

The red fluid

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Ellie the Slimegirl Preview End

Ellie the Slimegirl

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The Rockin' New Look TG Page 4

The Rockin' New Look

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Sayan Tales 0-13

Sayan Tales

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Slime Friends 1.5 Part 12

Slime Friends

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New Horizons p8 (Isabelle tf tg)

New Horizons

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Story to Commission were-hellhound

This text is to this commission: Commission were-hellhound 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 from: SpyNinja28300 who wishes afterwards a story to it. Holly and her girl clique never though about consequences when they try to do dark magic inspired rituals together, just for fun and without any idea if it really works. One time it seems to working as a lord that says he is coming from hell get up trough a portal on the ground, but he wasn't pleasant about the fact that Holly call him just without any reason and jokes with him. He gets angry and gives her a task to do but no one of the girls listen to it because they laughing a lot. After the demon has been gone, silence come back in the room and nobody knows if it was real, a illusion or just a prank from some of the boyfriends of the clique members, they stop to doing further rituals an everyone going home. Now this night was more than one moth ago and nobody has see the one lord from hell again, so there wasn't any reason to think about it and nothing


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Kaiju April page 6

Kaiju April

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Dive of the Damned

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Ice Cream Parlor - TG Comic (11/11)

Ice Cream Parlor

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Mayhem of Imagination - Chapter 1, Page 30

Mayhem of Imagination

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Sylvan Woods (Sarisse TFTG)

Myrgux mythic

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The World of the Latexians

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Ibuki Mioda (Brina Palencia) 2


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Girl Morphing Star

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Lycanphiliac Page 37


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Molly spores

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Darkrai - Dark Pokemon TF Month

Dark pokemon tf month

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Lime TG

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Cat tf photo manip sequence, final part

The Misadventures Of Sam and Julia

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Magician's Mischief - TG Comic (15/15)

Magician's mischief

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Misadventures of Sara And Jared In Tf multiverse.

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Wild Side (Leopard Girl TFTG) (Request)

Marsha's folder of memories.

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After problems #1 *read description*


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The Wight folk - page 01

Wright folk

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