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#Speedovember 2021 - Machamp


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#Speedovember 2021 - Machamp


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Prisoner of Glory - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Ice Queen WARNING: This story contains major spoilers for Persona 5 Royal, and minor spoilers for early events in Persona 5 Strikers. If you have not finished Royal to the end, including the “third semester” scenario, and Strikers up to the in-game dates (August 8th to 13th) listed at the start of each chapter, please reconsider reading this story until you have done so. ----- Three months ago Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Shibuya Sumire Yoshizawa had come a long way in her life. Presently, in the locker room of her local gymnasium, Sumire was busy making some last-minute preparations for her latest gymnastics competition. Standing in front of one of the bathroom mirrors, she slipped a pair of corrective contact lenses underneath her eyelids and blinked them into place. Her crimson eyes seemed to sparkle and shine even more fiercely, whether by the reflection of her contacts or by her determination. As she rolled her long, ruby-red hair into a tidy bun, she had

Fanfiction - Prisoner of Glory

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#Speedovember 2020 - Group Shot


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#Speedovember 2020 - Group Shot

Contortion and Circus

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#CutieSaturday - Xybru and Farah

Oriental Dance Club

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#CutieSaturday - Xybru and Farah


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#BellyDanceBeauties - Caroline and Justine

Belly Dance Beauties

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Futaba's Unveiling Cover

Fanfiction - Futaba's Unveiling

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Fanfiction - Other

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Local Landscape

Serious Business

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GIMP Tutorial 2


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Dancer Yuri


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