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Yuri Krylenko Outfits


Yuri Krylenko is the newest version of my contortionist character (formerly Claude Clarion).  He won't be showing up in Indigo Children any time soon, if at all, but I'd still like to draw more of him, or even order commissions of him, so I'm putting this up as an informal outfit reference.  Additional costumes and trivia will be added as I see fit.

Full name:
 Yuri Alekseivych Krylenko (Ukrainian: Юрій Алексеївич Криленко)
Gender: Male / Homosexual
Height: 5'2" (157.48cm)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: O
Birthday: 24 April (Taurus)
Birthplace: Odessa, Ukraine
Religion: Christianity (Eastern Orthodox)
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Favourite Colour: Blue

:bulletblue: Recently, I've been using Alexey Goloborodko, (one of the best contortionists in the world!) as a reference for Yuri's style and abilities.  Here's an example of what this guy is capable of:…  Yuri's middle name, Alekseivych, is a tribute to him.  Some specifics:
    :bulletblue: He is an exceptional backbender, to the degree that he can get his head and shoulders past between his legs (i.e. a "Ruppel-bend").
    :bulletblue: He also has exceptional hip/leg flexibility.  He can hold front and middle splits with only his muscle control (i.e. not using the floor and gravity to drop into position).
    :bulletblue: With trainer assistance, he can acheive 270° front oversplits and 360° middle oversplits.  He is trying to acheive a 360° front split as well.
    :bulletblue: He is not so good at frontbending tricks, but he can stretch his hands 12 inches (30cm) forward beyond his toes, and rest with his feet hooked behind his head (as it requires both hip and spine flexibility).

    :bulletblue: He does not do strenuous strength training, as excess muscle mass would get in the way of his flexibility, but can support his own weight (somewhere around 120 pounds / 55kg) with ease.
    :bulletblue: He can hold handstand poses, including backbends and/or splits for an hour at a time, or one-armed handstand poses for 15 minutes at a time.
    :bulletblue: He can perform other advanced yoga poses, such as Kandasana, with his own even more advanced variations.
    :bulletblue: He prefers to train in hot environments, commonly setting the room's temperature to anywhere between 95-105°F (35-40°C).
    :bulletblue: His favourite contortion pose is an elbowstand backbend, holding one foot and stretching the other bent leg back, as in this example by Santeri Koivisto, a male contortionist from Finland.
:bulletblue: Yuri's physique is skinny but toned.  Most of his muscle mass is on the arms and legs.
:bulletblue: Yuri is gay; his boyfriend is Valko Petkov, who is also his trainer.  Valko even takes part in some of Yuri's acts, often as a base for Yuri's hand-balancing moves.
:bulletblue: Yuri does speak some good English; Valko, not so much.  The two use Russian as a lingua franca when together.
:bulletblue: Yuri loves tight clothing.  Naturally, this includes speedos, rash guards, and catsuits, etc., but this also led me to redesign his casual outfits as well.  It now involves tanktops and skinny jeans.
    :bulletblue: If he and Valko are alone, he'll even train wearing nothing but his sweatbands...!
:bulletblue: The symbol on Yuri's casual shirt is the tryzub (Ukrainian: 
Тризуб), a sort of trident, as used on the coat of arms of Ukraine.

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I love his attires fir swimming, surfing and other workouts during the summer. It fits his own personality.
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LOved the surfing one :heart:
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awww, he is such cute char, and looks way nice in his different outfits, so nice being tighty ones ^^ Liked much the swimming, circus and workout X3 Oh, he has a boyfriend, that´s adorable :heart:
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Yes, he really does love tight outfits.
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And so do we, I believe ;)
Love the casual summer clothing - is that a leotard he's wearing under as a top? :)
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Sorry, it's just a tank top.
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Call it wishful thinking :D
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