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#CutieSaturday - Riley Dancer Outfit by SpyHunter29 #CutieSaturday - Riley Dancer Outfit :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 36 4 Clara X Nonna (for Emperor Niro) by SpyHunter29 Clara X Nonna (for Emperor Niro) :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 17 0 Yuri's Ruppelbend (by roemesquita) by SpyHunter29 Yuri's Ruppelbend (by roemesquita) :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 23 9 Gilsterverse Aisling Brannon by SpyHunter29 Gilsterverse Aisling Brannon :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 7 1 Gilsterverse Caterina Ravenna by SpyHunter29 Gilsterverse Caterina Ravenna :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 12 3 Obscuri-Jam 2019 - Tanya by SpyHunter29 Obscuri-Jam 2019 - Tanya :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 15 3 Hypnotic Muse by SpyHunter29 Hypnotic Muse :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 41 4
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Futaba's Unveiling - Chapter 13 :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 11 0
Futaba's Unveiling - Chapter 12
Sunday, 16 October 20XX, Early Morning
Cafe Leblanc, Yongen-Jaya

In the waxing light of a Sunday morning, Ren Amamiya awoke to the sound of his smartphone chiming.  It was an incoming text message from Yuuki Mishima, which he read through bleary eyes.

MISHIMA: Good morning Ren-kun!  I’ve got a juicy Mementos scoop for ya from the Phan-site!

REN: OK, what’s up?

MISHIMA: There’s this shady nightclub owner in Shinjuku who’s been recruiting dancers with promises of high-paying gigs,

MISHIMA: only to force them to wear really skimpy costumes, steal a huge portion of their pay,

MISHIMA: and threaten to blackball them, or worse, if they try to quit.

MISHIMA: His name’s Takashi Aramaki and he runs a place called the Shag Pad.

MISHIMA: I think he might even be yakuza too.

:iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 10 0
Futaba's Unveiling - Chapter 11
Friday, 14 October 20XX, Evening
Yongen-Jaya Dance Studio

After their chance encounter the night before, Ann was disappointed, but not surprised, to find that Atsuko had failed to show up for their following dance class.  Ann figured that she must have been embarrassed about the whole ordeal, unable to bear the hypocrisy of believing in raqs baladi as a serious art form, only to perform it as anything but, even if through no fault of her own.  She tried to keep her concern for her friend out of her mind, but it proved to be a subconscious stumbling block.  Maiko introduced hand motions into the torso-and-step combinations they had learned before, but the coordination required proved to be too much for Ann at the moment.

As the class closed, Ann managed to get some time alone with Futaba.  In the locker room, she relayed her findings from last night, describing the club’s seed
:iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 9 0
Mature content
Futaba's Unveiling - Chapter 10 :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 10 2
Mature content
Futaba's Unveiling - Chapter 9 :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 12 1
Mature content
Futaba's Unveiling - Chapter 8 :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 12 0
Mature content
Futaba's Unveiling - Chapter 7 :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 10 1
Samba de Orihime by SpyHunter29 Samba de Orihime :iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 22 2
Futaba's Unveiling - Chapter 6
Wednesday, 21 September 20XX, Evening
Yongen-Jaya Dance Studio
After a full, hard week of sleuthing work to find both Morgana and a target for their next big change of heart, Futaba and Ann were looking forward to their first belly dance lesson with Maiko.  In order to make time for them, they needed to ensure they would not be headed to the Metaverse on the same days as their lessons, or else they would be in no shape to do both in one night.  However, they still weren’t confident enough to share their true intentions with the other Phantom Thieves.  Instead, Ann just said that she had modelling work to take care of on Wednesdays and Fridays.  As the leader of the Phantom Thieves, Ren consented, but warned that if it got too close to the deadline, he would need them above all other priorities.
In between their thieving exploits and practising to keep their dancing skills honed, they managed to find time to shop for new workout wear.  Ann took Futaba out
:iconspyhunter29:SpyHunter29 12 1

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8 facts about my girl Nadia Rubanova:
Nadia Rubanova Profile 2018 by SpyHunter29

1. Nadia was named after Nadia la Arwall, the main character of the anime series The Secret of Blue Water (1990-1991), and Natalia Fyodorovna Simonova from the James Bond film Goldeneye (1995).
2. Nadia’s appearance was inspired by Taylor Swift and Emma Watson, the latter being my vision for her voice.
3. Nadia’s hair is parted on her right side, and falls to chest-length in the back.  She likes to hang parts of it over her breasts.
4. In Moscow, Nadia’s home is in the Arbat District.  Example: [link]
5. Nadia was trained at the Soviet State Psychic Academy outside Moscow.  Should I ever get to depict it, the academy would be designed after the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius monastery in Sergiev Posad, Russia ([link]).
6. Nadia performs as a fortune-teller under the name “Princess Ruby” (Russian: Принцесса Рубина, Printsessa Rubina).  Whilst her readings are true, their true purpose is to secretly identify dissidents via mind-reading, who would later be arrested by the KGB.
7. I had originally envisioned Nadia as a secondary protagonist alongside Thomas Wolfram, or a previous iteration thereof, but felt her backstory was more interesting, so I made her the main character.  Plus, the world could use more female-led-but-not-necessarily-feminine stories.
8. Nadia has taken up gymnastics for physical training and as a hobby.  Her best and favourite apparatus is the balance beam.

1. EArthurMillerIII - Heather
2. rongs1234 - Violet
3. Luipunker91 - Fang
4. Mayze33 - Mayze
5. Filter-GX - Nida
6. Sensuax - Mathilda
7. Drawing-4Ever - Deborah
8. Patriot1776 - Deborah


Kevin M.
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I DID IT!!  I finally broke one hundred thousand pageviews!  Only question is, how many of those were my own...?

Never mind.  Commemoration pic coming soon!
Coming soon...

...My first new fanfiction in a decade...

..."Futaba's Unveiling".
Reposting a couple of commissions I got from hermengarde a year-and-change ago in honour of her birthday.  Happy birthday Hermy!

[Commission for SpyHunter29] Dancer outfit Shantae by hermengarde   [Commission for SpyHunter29] Kamala Khan by hermengarde
Coming soon...

Oriental Dance Club...

the dA group.


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