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Most of you are in a DeviantArt world with two Watch products. The old Watch, that functions like an email client that you remove what you've seen, and keep what you're still reviewing. And the new Watch (off of Home) that is more of a search based feed.

This mixed world isn't meant to be sustained forever. We're very well aware that this complicates the experience. But we're also aware of the gaps between the products, and we're working to bridge the gaps.

There's a lot more to do beyond this that we're simultaneously tackling. Profile Galleries, the new Sidebar, Post feeds, links to tag pages, Home (For You) improvements, iOS & Android updates/alignments, Mobile Web updates, submission process flows, Notes, the new Chat, Profile Improvements, Fav/Collect improvements (making collecting much more fun/easy), Deviation page improvements, Premium Galleries, more powerful For You systems, Topics improvements, New Writer work, Literature support, Group Admin improvements, Group uplifts, ... to name a few! {There's a lot more I'm not naming.)

But I specifically wanted to touch upon Old Watch & New Watch with this journal for anyone who happens to read this..

The New Watch approach is far more powerful in the long run, it provides features that the Old-Watch approach (literally) can't offer. To put it bluntly: The Old Watch can't learn anything about you, so it always relies on your manual effort to get through it. This can be totally overwhelming. But on the bright side, Old Watch gives you a loving connection between you and the people you care about. You don't have to miss a beat, and this counts big time for many of us.

We have to bridge the gap of that feeling in order to make New Watch the winner. In the meantime, we maintain both. The New Watch actually works better for newer users, and for many of our older members who maintain a more superficial connection to DA. Since the launch of the new DeviantArt, the new feed approach has grown Favorite actions, and +Watch actions by a leap especially because it has helped a large segment of less active folks become far more active.

We know that the New Watch doesn't yet facilitate a caring connection between you and your Watchers. The Red-Dots help to tell you that there's new stuff, but the feed doesn't show you which things are new when you get there. When you comment & favorite, the feed doesn't adequately reflect it. So the next time you visit, you have a hard time remembering what you have and haven't seen.

This is double damaging to Literature, because thumbnails for Literature are not as visually descriptive.

The feeds need to remember what you've seen, what's new, what you've interacted with, and they should even let you filter that stuff out so you can see just things that need your attention.

But once we close the gaps, and we're working on that, then we begin to see the power of search-based feeds. Filtering by Deviants, seeing Tag clouds & Group associations of your watchers, easily learning of relevant events happening in the community and providing invaluable insights into your community is suddenly not only possible, but very much a part of the plan.

In the coming weeks and months you're going to see a lot more feeds on Home, from your Groups, from Tags that are relevant to you. Suddenly you'll have access to feeds of Journals & Status updates, and you'll feel far more connected to the many corners of DA...

.. Right behind those changes are the updates that bridge the gaps with Old Watch. And they should take our collective experience to new heights.

The New DeviantArt has been a first big step towards a new summit, unlike the monolithic rebuild of DA which starved the old site of updates, and produced one giant release. We're now releasing very big, very meaningful improvements on a far more regular basis.

Keep checking up on team Journals for site updates, and look to your Notifications area for updates of bigger changes.

-- A

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We are so grateful for all of you, our beloved members, and we are so happy to celebrate with you today! What a giant milestone!

Every day YOU delight and astonish us with all that you do. We are so proud of you, and so proud of all that we've accomplished together!

20 Years of DeviantArt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank you from my heart for this fantastic 20 year journey. The opportunity to live every day learning so much about the many complex disciplines needed to produce DeviantArt with you has been the greatest joy and adventure of my life so far.

Thank you so much to our team. You are so mighty and so strong! You're lifting the heaviest boulders on the Internet, there's so much DeviantArt, and so much to make new, and so few of us to do it. The rebuilding of a Giant. And you do it with so much more grace than me.

Thank you so much to our team members from our past. Your spirits here persist, and we love you! Congratulations to our co-founders and our founding team. Thank you to our heroes at Wix, who support us with so much passion and love. We are so grateful and amazed by you! Our 50 million members, our million new members every month who are just starting their journey, and our unrelenting and unbelievably passionate long time community members!

We have so much to do! I'm especially proud of our new platform, new and shiny as it is. There are still so many updates that we need to make it feel as comfortable as it's supposed to be; we're are so deeply committed to our mission to Entertain, Inspire & Empower the Artist in ALL of us!

I want to raise a toast to DeviantArt for ANOTHER 20 years of llamas, Fella hugs at Comic-Cons, a kindred home that raises artists, and to the next generations of people who will rise with us!!!


:deviantart: :hug: :love:

-- :meditate:

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I’m so excited for deviants all around the world to share their Start With Love creations and messages. We all need inspiration for how to be during these times, and what better community to ask than the loving folks on DeviantArt.  In just two hours there are already dozens of participants, and over the coming weeks this community activity is sure to be a joy to watch as it evolves.

How do we share love and positivity with each other during this health crisis? At the very least we must find the courage each day to remain connected, to reach each other and relay a positive message.


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If you think about all of the photos, drawings, videos and posts that have ever gone viral, the vast majority all have something very simple in common; their sentiment is deeply genuine.

From kookslams to (the classic) chocolate rain, fisheye placebo, pepper and so on... countless are the examples of massive viral success. What we love about them isn't just the substance of their comedy, drama and/or beauty, it is also their genuine humanity.

The best art allows us to see and ourselves.

By contrast, I can't think of any success on the Internet that came about from auto-responding scripts, cut-paste responses, and phony "Thanks for the fav!" posts.

This kind of thing might increase counters, and get peoples attention for a few minutes because it upsets them. But it doesn't create any lasting value. For anyone trying to build a real audience, remember that your audience is smart. If something feels off with your behavior then you lose all of your efforts in being genuine with just one instance of perceived cheating.

I see a lot of quality accounts using spammy scripts to auto-respond to Llama sends, +Favs, and even direct comments. "Thanks!" "Thanks for the Llama, check out my XXX" - Let alone the many overt attacks that happen.

What a wasted opportunity. Every time you're given a chance to connect with another person, you're a participant in your community and you're creating the environment around you. If you rush through that with an automation and a cheat, you're failing twice. 1st you aren't going to get what you're after, and 2nd you hurt your community causing people to like you (and that community) a little bit less.

If you want other people to see you, to give you feedback, to enjoy your work (literary, visual, or even conversational), then try being that person you want to see out there.

Do you use scripts?

Do you copy-paste responses?

Let's talk about it in the comments. Answer these questions:

What value does this bring you?

Why do you do it?

Do you receive copy-pasted looking posts?

How does it make you feel?


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We're all lucky if we are able to pursue our passions, it's not something that should be taken for granted. So I am deeply grateful for our team to have the opportunity to revisit the one thing we've been trying to do for about 9 years; the completion of Groups and their proper integration into DeviantArt.

For good solid real world reasons, we've not been in a position to try. And today, thanks to Wix, we are.

It takes ~12 years for Jupiter to make its loop around the sun, we're 75% of the way there since Groups launched in 2009. It looks like we'll make it happen with years to spare.

I personally believe it's the most important problem that's yet to be solved in online communities and social platforms. We know how to do it, and now we have the chance to.

Wish us luck. We owe you this.

-- Angelo

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