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Benjamin: "Garth, you and I, we've never really talked."
Garth: *Stares blankly*
Benjamin: "We're thinking about giving Vanderhoff a weekly spot on the show, how do you feel about the change?"
Garth: "We fear change... "

~Wayne's World

Fellow deviants,

It's almost time! I don't know about you, but I'm anxious and excited. I've got that little bit of nervous :butterfly: and I'm ready!

Are you?

For you new deviants who don't know how things work around here; deviantART's birthday is August 7th, 2000. And we release new versions of the site each year on our birthday, with the exception of the years when we just don't. :O_o: But we are in fact releasing v5 on our birthday this year! :dance: There's a count-down counter on the front page within the "deviantART Loves You" box that you can watch.

Historically new versions have been met with some mild resentment due to attachment to the older version. We anticipate this, and refuse to believe it'll actually happen this time. :paranoid: But it probably will be an emotional process for many members. If it helps; I've been using the new version for about a month now, and I can't switch back to v4 anymore. I simply have no desire to do so. It’s that good!


Stop talking and start talking.

We've planned v5 in anticipation for v5.5 and v6 and every major feature they'll contain. This version of deviantART is about finesse. Our focus was to keep everything the way it is, but fine tune it with a magnifying glass so that the system just works and flows a whole lot better.

And we've done so for the following sections:
  • Browse. And Search. They're now the same thing.
  • Search. Not only the art. All the Journal Entries, all the News articles, all the Forum threads.
  • Completely revamped News. Your news. Post it, the community will +heart it, and it is seen. Kinda like Digg. We love Digg.
  • The Front Page. Customize it with the art from the galleries you like.
  • The User Pages. We polished them. For the most part? They're the same. (This is a good thing.)
  • Navigation. Is so much. Better.
  • The Forums. Yes, there's a jump-to menu. And yes, you can see all of them.
  • The NEW Today page. Browse Journals. See the Community Mood graph, and get a slice of overall deviantART activity.

Here are some other interesting features:
  • Big Thumbnails. For everybody this time.
  • Feeds. RSS/ATOM, etc. for just about everything.
  • Embed tags for mid sized thumbs (the 300 pixel ones) - hot link art where embed tags are supported! Available only for works that are deviantMOBILE enabled.
  • Moods; my favorite new feature! Every time you write a comment, you can set your mood. Everything you post a comment on returns a mood meter. This is great fun; it allows you to communicate how you're feeling, so people don't misinterpret what you're saying. But there's an even more interesting side effect. Browse photographs that make you HAPPY. Read journal entries that make people ANGRY. And sift through News articles that are SURPRISING.


v5 Front Page
Front Page Screenshot

v5 Front Page
Userpage Gallery Screenshot

deviantART v5.5 preview

But we're not done, when v5 launches we're taking a nap, and then we're continuing on to v5.5 immediately. We intend to launch it either one feature at a time, or all at once before the end of the year. (Disclaimer: the stuff below is not launching August 7th, it's coming soon.) deviantART v5.5 will include:

  • Collections. aka. devPacks.
  • The Party System. Including Chat 1.0.
  • The Prints Program. Revamped. Completely.

Along with that cliché phrase, "and more to come!"

And now we wait...

Thank you for your continued support throughout the years. We love you and we are honored to serve you. We all care about each other here at deviantART, so please bring peace with you, and take it wherever you go.

deviantART v5 launches August 7th, 2006.

So, on behalf of the best team I've ever had the privilege to work with,


-- A

© 2006 - 2021 spyed
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ZeroRaptor's avatar
Bring back V5 please!
Incitar's avatar
Can't we have this version [v5] back? This new version is horrible and still has the horrible eye-buring background colour of v6... V5 should be brought back!
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Do you have a link to a description of the party system?
CHANGE it does a body good.
^^^aint that the truth

i,too, just recently became a deviant so i need all the help(or art) i can get
^^^aint that the truth

i,too, just recently became a deviant so i need all the help(or art) i can get
cockatoo-210893's avatar
alot of people don't seem to like the new version but don't listen to them, it's awesome! i'm a beat tester so i know it has alot of bugs but they're getting fixed every day so it's great to see the little improvements to it every day ;)
staindglass's avatar
There are so many things wrong with this version I don't even know where to start. First off, the logout dropdown button on the menu won't disappear, it just stays there. Second, the little button in the top right corner does nothing but show a shadow box. Down in the information bar on my browser, it constantly says "Error on page". I can't see any descriptions at all for pictures (and this bugs me because I actually like reading people's descriptions on pictures.) Every time I try to click a link to go to a picture or click on someone's name to go to their page, it sends me to the frontpage of Deviantart. I literally have to click three or four times in different places to get where I actually want to go. I can't see anything in this mood box next to my comment thing (I'm using the newest I.E. version btw) and when I was submitting a deviation today, there were no buttons, I had to keep hitting enter instead of being able to find a submit button. When I view a page, -everything- is messed up, and I do mean everything. The pictures are in one row on the side, and you have to scroll all the way down to see them, then lo and behold at the very bottom are all the main comments for the user page! You have to scroll down even more to see all of those and they're on a very dark background way down there so they're hard to read. When I get to my user area, where it shows when my esteemed Deviant leaders have given me news, I try to delete it from my message center and it tells me its reloading. And when it reloads... wait.. it's still there!! all the news I told it to delete, it decided not to.

I'm sorry, but you really should have worked on this a -lot- more before launching it. It's total crap, and you should've had some people willing to beta test this on the side instead of just making us all go through the pain of putting up with the constant bugs everywhere.
cziiki's avatar
The latest IE beta is the buggiest bad copy of Firefox. Use Firefox! I ain't got no problems.
Live4Him2007's avatar
Sweet! I'm lovin' it.
ThePuppeteeer's avatar
man, you just cant use all the new things, they make you feel like a dumbass, on the other hand, they make me feel dumb too... Any way, YAY V5 &*$(#&%( SWEET!!!
darkarchon's avatar
How about a site that is stable and actually works? Keeps getting worst with each version to be honest.
helekri's avatar
Yes! I love how much easier and just plain better the v5 is. I've been using the sneak preview everytime I've visited since it's bee available and now its the default. Thanks.

Even though there are some interesting bugs... Like the artist's comments box keeps jumping up and down, under and above.
The only thing that was better before is the submit. It's dragging to first go to my userpage and then hit submit.
Oh, and it was easier when the category of a submission was shown where the views etc. are.
wqe ad sthrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fghsdthsthss h
dr-snoggle's avatar
:confused: :cries: :? :tears: :o :?
ok ok i ask before criyng :P


sorry to scream...
but i come back from holidays 2weeks ago and BANG! no more DD's. since i wondered where they where or i was just waiting for them to come back. BUt now... i give up. :cries:
ok am sure i did not search enaugh for threads about that,(i did, like 15mins) sorry hey!but i give up, i am so :dead: :blank: :no: that i have to ask.
it was SO good. one of my fav thing on dA.
thanks for helping me! :happycry:
Daniel-Hunt's avatar
They've been demoted to the bottom of dA's frontpage =/
dr-snoggle's avatar
yeh i saw now... they are so crazy to have done that thats soooooooooo sad...
it was one of my fav around dA... whatever dev you where looking you saw the dd's. and now what? its not dd anymore. :cries:
Estrael's avatar
a bit late, but i'm so glad that dA is been revamped. i think v4 was just really clunky. =X the site seems to be running faster too!
PinkSnowFairy's avatar
Hmmm....this new format is interesting. I definitely like some of the features, but, like you said, It'll take some getting used to. Although, on my widescreen laptop it all looks a little wonky, so I'm gonna have to figure that out too. I just don't like all that white space on the right, I guess.

Other then that, keep the updates coming!
Leftarch's avatar
Well done DA. I've been a little busy lately, and completely missed the launch, and how pleasantly was I not surprised today, as my browser just found its way to DA... it gently groaned with pleaser as your new page loads. The colours make my eyes water with excitement, and I feel I feel that all to familiar butterflies-in-the-stomach thing people always rave about. WOW....
idyllis's avatar
um. lets take a poll.
the bright bg is a bad surprise.
otherwise, i am really enticed by the userpage look.
the spacing of things are abit too wide to fit into my definition of sleek.
sorry for the criticisms, just personal rants. btw, any customizable themes?
thanks for caring about me guys. haha
Teknosphere's avatar
it's getting better but i can't full view anything. and the message center just looks horrible. the tabs are too small and the bullets don't need to be there.
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