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By spyed
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(ER: Having some trouble with news, and the team has deservedly gone to bed. So I'll put this here for now and we can move it to news tomorrow.)

If you have concerns or questions about features please post them in response to these release notes. We will review every comment, we will respond appropriately to the comment either with words, with action or with consideration.

Please be nice. We deliver v5.0 with love, and we hope to discuss how to improve it with you within a similar context.

Release Notes:

:bulletgreen: Upgrades include the header, footer and overall layout structure. Browse, Shop, News, Today, Forum, user pages, front page, search, Friends, deviation pages and all comment areas.

:bulletgreen: Untouched features that we've converted slightly but may still appear in the v4 look include: deviantWATCH, Notes, Chat, shopping cart, error pages, settings, profile, print administration, submission process, update journal, update wishlists, deviantMOBILE, about us, contact, help, policies and various low-hit pages.

:bulletgreen: Revamped or brand new features include: forums, news, today, moods, search forums, search journals (via today), search news, friends list, category navigation, deviation pages including embed tags, thumb tags for within dA and Browse.

:bulletgreen: The Front Page

* The front page is art only for now. Later we'll let you further customize.

* In the next day, two, couple, something.. days, a front page "customize" button will be added as planned. Bug delay. That's all.

:bulletgreen: Browse & Search

* Functionality is now merged.

* Search results will soon look near exactly like browse results, including popular/newest sorting.

* You can narrow-down search within any gallery. :thumbsup:

* +frontpage features will (soon) exist all throughout for easy adding to home page.

* +RSS

:bulletgreen: Deviation Pages

* Navigate search streams on the deviation pages. (top right)

* Art that is a part of the deviantMOBILE program also now displays EMBED tags on the deviation page for use on blogs, etc.

* More about embed: produce a flash file that displays a mid-view thumbnail of a deviation with links.

* Deviation pages also include thumbnail short cuts for use within deviantART.

* Full-View and Mid-View toggle without reload.

* Addition of Favorites also require no reloads.

:bulletgreen: Shop

Shop hasn't actually been redesigned, it's just been made to look v5ish. Active development of the new prints program has been underway for some time now, and we anticipate a complete prints overhaul to launch well before the end of the year.

On the plus side however, navigation of prints and searching of prints is far, far sexier!

:bulletgreen: News

deviantART News is still beta, we intend to add a lot more functionality, but at its core it is a system that the community can submit to, and the community can dig through to find the news articles that are the most interesting for the day. Inspired by

* Just In shows you all the submissions ... just in..

* Popular shows you what's become popular throughout the day.

* +:heart: the things you like!

* Submit news about you or your group, your friends, your gallery openings, deviantMEETS, ANYTHING you want!

:bulletgreen: Today

* Powered by MOODS (below) watch the communities range of emotion fluctuate throughout the day!

* A quick slice of deviation activity.

* The deviousness award and community statistics.

* Plus the ability to browse and search journal entries.

:bulletgreen: Forum

* Jump-To (Category) menu

* Paginated posts, no more browser crashing!

* Gallery Forums merged in to jump-to menu!

note: We will be revisiting the forum with a magnifying glass in the coming week after launch, but due to the passion of hardcore forum users we wanted feedback first.

:bulletgreen: User Pages

* Paginated comments and comment moods.

* Newness.


:bulletgreen: The Site Poll

We're waiting a few days on the devious poll, it will come back and will appear on the front page and news.

General Disclaimers

:bulletred: We will be proactively sensitive to your feedback on user pages. Glad to implement changes that make you mood:happy. :P

:bulletred: Gallery Pages no longer exist but gallery forums are still accessible on the forums page.

:bulletred: If there's anything major and obvious missing we intend to bring it back. I don't know what that might be, but if you notice something obvious don't freak out, just mention it in the comments below, we'll likely bring it back.

:bulletred: We are aware of various bugs including some funny sorting options with the news and journal search and various others. Take them light-heartedly if you report them, we're be on'em!

:bulletred: Anything dealing with the deviantWATCH is a part of v5.5 and not v5.0. Keep in mind that includes adding people to your watch, managing your friends list, and absolutely anything else that falls in to message center land.

:bulletred: Suggest away! Whatever hasn't "made it over" from v4 to v5 is likely a very easy addition we probably anticipated making after launch. But other small features around the place aren't too tough either, make suggestions below! We will be actively working on a few more features and fixes over the coming weeks so this is great timing to perhaps get a feature you've wanted added.

Enjoy deviantART v5

To create technology that meets your needs as deviants is our joy in life. This is the beginning of a new road, and we hope we've opened your eyes to a glimpse of what is ahead with v5.

Be devious,

:heart: mccann
:heart: pachunka
:heart: chris
:heart: starvingartist
:heart: dionyziz
:heart: micahgoulart
:heart: dStruct

:heart: :spyed:

© 2006 - 2021 spyed
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77rx7's avatar
Good ol times
xue-az's avatar
Transparency on ID (and it's preview) is not working.
Please fix the gallery-scraps bug soon (:
Sheona's avatar
For the most part, I like the new version. However, I've noticed that since it was put in place, there's been a problem with uploading new deviations. Occassionally, the newly uploaded deviation will appear in the "recent deviations" section of my profile, but when browsing the gallery it's nowhere to be seen! (Such as with [link]).

Is there anything that can be done to fix this?
baba49's avatar
Please try to fix the bug concerning the function of the reply window on the deviation pages. It works fine with firefox but would like to be able to use IE for everything.Thank you.
LazyLinePainterJohn's avatar
Hello. I hope you are well and in chipper spirits and not too hot or cold. I wanted to draw your attention to the recalcitrance of the past-journal-navigation button. Users can't see their old journals. I haven't noticed anyone else point this out, so I'm sorry if they have and I'm wasting your time. Or if you have Issues with being too hot and I'm being Insensitive.
Marquise's avatar
Well... It surprised me a bit! Especially my one week trial subscribtion (I dunno wich part of V5 is part of it tough... but, since I can't use internet at home anymore I'll know it soon!), and whatever the changes you'll do, I'm sure it will have this bit of goodness; no one can improve by staying arm crossed so continue the evolution.

Anyway, you've always been the internet oasis of art and the gentle safehouse of delirious mad artists like me! ;) It"s not everywhere that we feels home :*
LeoLeus's avatar
I've had a problem since a loooooong time ago...
my message centre always shows 9 messages that don't exist... when I log in, maybe it says "16 messages" but when I click it, after the message centre is loaded, it says "7 messages"... and there are times when it only says "9 messages", I click it and then there are no messages...

another pretty bothering issue I'm having is that I have to remove manually every message that I get... the remove all does not seem to work for me

these are the problems I've seen so far :)

The new version is way better than the old one, I'm really happy with it ^^

laurelena's avatar
Where are the descriptions of the deviations? You know, the ones that tell us what kind of art or deviation it is?

Also, I don't like how my messages are all lumped together. On the last version you separated them out, and now you lumped them again. Why?
statichavoc's avatar
i've made a few suggestions in the forums... but not so easily seen if you're busy actually fixing the site. but here's the highlights.

1. be able to add your deviations to a short (5 or so) list that can automatically rotate out as your featured deviation (very easy to do, just copy that random favorite code :P)

2. Journals/News Items - grant the user in question the ability to draft news articles (like scraps) with a selector for "Published" and "Unpublished" allowing a storing of news / journal entries that just aren't quite ready for viewing. I normally draft in notepad or wordpad and save it, which becomes tedious... if the articles are stored on deviantART i can access them from anywhere and work on them at my leisure. Lit based deviants can use scraps in this manner so why not journals/news.

3. On news posts, make the 'rubbish/spam/not news etc' go away, we just need 1 reason to remove news and that's "Not News"... and make that just as prevalent as +Love perhaps -Love aligned left and bottom of the new summary.

4. dA collections - where perhaps it could be an offshoot of favorites... but in this example. Say i'm working on a 3d project about aztec designs/architecture... i can 'collect' various photographs and other deviations as a resource into my "aztec 3d" folder... sort of a categorized favorites but with more of a purpose than "just really liking a piece of art".

Best of what i had to offer at this time :) and would especially love #1 and #4
xvmprsgrlx's avatar
The descriptions for the artwork is gone... is it supposed to be or am I dealing with a glitch here?

I miss the descriptions ;-;.
juss's avatar
any news about desktop screenshots and send to scraps functions returning please? :)
SeeminglyDepressed91's avatar
for the most part, i've seen that others have noticed and voiced any concerns i've had.
and a lot have been fixed, thanks.
but i noticed today, that when you change the location of a scrap [to make it a deviation] it doesnt leave your scraps....i now have the same piece in both my scraps and my deviations. which is annoying.
not to mention that the scrap i just finished submitting, isnt there at all.
i sure hope you can get all the bugs fixed,
silvericywolf's avatar
Hmm... I dunno if this journal is still alive or not for me to comment on, but I've found something rather distracting in the past few days of the little tiny edits on DA. Whenever I try to full view an image (Well, I have my setting on full view in general) Then the side bar where there's the option to fave/view person's gallery/etc. covers up a rather large chunk of the image I'm viewing. I was hoping that something could be done about this as it's rather annoying. =___=;;
Akina-the-lurker's avatar
For the most part, I have no complaints...

But a few days ago, every deviation in my inbox spontaneously disappeared, and everytime someone I watch submits something, it doesn't know up in my inbox. My friends list is intact, but for some reason all I'm getting are journals and comments, and no art...I don't think I'm getting notes either.

I hope you're able to fix this dilemna soon. Thank-you.
spyed's avatar
that's a known issue due to a two point failure on some database server. really rare stuff. but it should all be back by now. if not, hours.

nothing to do with v5 at all..

-- A
Akina-the-lurker's avatar
Oh, i see...well, it's never happened to me before, so I wasn't sure if it was v5 or not.

Thank-you....everything's back to normal now.
womble-for-rent's avatar
Weird thing - my message centre said i had deviations to view and when i clicked to view them they were all gone. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem.
FallenAngel8's avatar
Yeah, I have the same problem. I used to have around 400, but they're gone now. :cry:
Keeps's avatar
Hey, odd ball event today. I was messing with a possable journal today, I previewed it a few times, and in the end, didnt save it. I just realised, I have posted EIGHT empty journals today :omg:
TLBKlaus's avatar
I'm sure you've had this one, but having the Daily Deviations back on more than just the front page would be very good... if the whole point of them is to give exposure, having it only in one place seems rather counterproductive lol... :D Keep up the great work, I'm sure you'll get everything humming.
FallenAngel8's avatar
Just wondering, but there were a few hundred deviations in my inbox when I got back from camping this past sunday, and yesterday they dissapeared. Do you know where they could've gone? I'm not sure if it's a V5 bug or what, but they're not there anymore.
fatty-666's avatar
full view is working now but the buttons at the side are that of the small view and cover parts of the image, zooming out and back in resolves this but something more long term would be appreciated.

juss's avatar
together we changed art forever? wtf is that suposed to mean, haha thats so lame its unreal.

i like the white ish colours, but what about desktop screenshots and send to scraps are they coming back? they are both kinda important. also i think the avatars looked much better on the right.

an yea the fontsizes seem to large, this font im typing now is massive.
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